Calm Parent Calmer Child

“Become the calm, confident, connected parent you want to be”

Do you feel exhausted and stressed when it comes to parenting your child?

Are you quick to react vs. respond to situations?

Do you want to become a more calm, confident and connected parent?

During this online experience you will…

Understand how your mood and behavior as a parent impacts your child.
Learn the secret language of the body based on neuroscience and sensory processing.
Discover how thoughts, feelings, and emotions affect our internal state.
Build awareness of a growth mindset and language to enhance your relationships.  
Walk away with over 20 tools, you can use immediately, to help you keep your cool during stressful times.

Course Experience

As a parent, how can we stay quiet and in control, so our kids can feel calm and safe? During this four-week experience, parents will learn tools and practice what it feels like to be calm in their own body and mind. This is not about more parenting advice and things you should do for your child. It is a transformative program to become a more calm, confident, and connected parent from the inside out. These tools are lifelong and will translate into a more loving and patient relationship with your children, family, and friends.

Class 1: Co-Regulation
The science of Co-Regulation explains that how you feel affects the people around you. This is why as a parent or caregiver you must become ...

Class 2: Autonomic Nervous System
The Autonomic Nervous System is the system that detects threat and safety. When we are threatened, our nervous system goes into a state of f...

Class 3: Sensory Systems
Sensory Processing is how the brain receives information from the environment, interprets it and produces a response. During this class you ...

Class 4: Emotions and Mindset
Emotions and Mindset affect our internal state and influence how we act and feel about ourselves, as well as how we respond or react to othe...

About Michelle Mintz

Michelle knows your struggles first hand. She is both the mother of a child with SPD and an occupational therapist with over 28 years experience. She struggled silently for years, thinking she should know how to handle her own child and all the emotions she was going through. It wasn’t until she started implementing the tools she had learned in continuing education classes that she felt empowered and a sense of a calm.

About Stacey Beyer

Stacey is a parent of twins and a son that struggles with ADHD, LD and Anxiety. She has been an occupational therapist working with children for the last 27 years in a variety of settings from schools to private practice. Stacey knows how important it is to connect with other parents that understand the challenges of raising a “different” learner.

What Past Participant’s Are Saying

I loved how the class gave me practical and effective tools to hold space and meet my own, and my children, emotional needs from a collected spot. It was about finding and aiding our own physiological wisdom and health, for the sake of our children, ourselves and any relationship really. Michelle and Stacey are compassionate and knowledgeable.

A.L. – Milford, MI

If helping parents to raise children came with a blueprint, the Calm Parent/Calmer Child Experience would be it. No matter the issue or stage of development you are in, Michelle Mintz and Stacy Beyer have a blueprint to help you and/or child in the process. As Occupational Therapists and being parents themselves, they have researched and compiled ways to navigate through various parenting issues, and provide effective tools to use immediately in constructive ways for a positive, supportive outcome.

N.R. – Ann Arbor, MI

This course is a combination of Michelle and Stacey’s best practices for creating peace and inner connection for yourself, your child and family.