Dizzy Disc

What is the Dizzy Disc?

Ingeniously designed with a simplistic functionality, Dizzy Disc with its rotational component and striking colors immediately draws children to take a spin. Originally developed by creative developmental and learning educators, Dizzy Disc peaks the sensory seeker and integrates the senses through movement. All kids’ can approach the Dizzy Disc with an open ended play approach - using the platform to sit, kneel, and/or stand. Dizzy Disc can be played indoors or outdoors; it's portable enough to take on the road with its easy to carry built-in handle.

Moving on a Dizzy Disc can be beneficial for a Child to Perform on a Higher level!!

Many schools nationwide use the “Dizzy Disc” as a therapeutic toy which help teachers and therapists focus on how “Dizzy Disc” is critical for children in order for them to develop the strength, balance, coordination, eye-hand skills and regulation skills their bodies need in order to be happy children that show an inner desire to learn.
Children who don’t get enough play time, especially physical activity, often have a hard time sitting still, focusing on tasks or school work, calming down, falling asleep or managing their own emotions or behaviors. This is where sensory integration therapy and sensory-based toys become extremely beneficial. Dizzy Disc is an excellent sensory stimulating product that activates the vestibular system (the receptors in the inner ear that detect movement) to improve personal balance, posture, attention and awareness of their body in space (so kids are less clumsy and more attentive).
What makes the Dizzy Disc truly unique among the many therapy toys, though, is that all children love to play with it. This allows a crossover when kids with special needs can interact with the others while using the exact same toys, it allows them to experience important feelings of connection and normalcy, it is not simply a “therapy toy”.

Preschool Edition

For children 3 and up. Maximum weight 150 lbs.

Junior Edition

For children 8 and up. Maximum weight 200 lbs.

The Dizzy Disc works indoors and outdoors.

Great for Indoor or Outdoor Play

The Dizzy Disc works indoors and outdoors.

Improves Balance and Coordination

The Dizzy Disc works indoors and outdoors.

Develops Gross and Fine Motor Skills

The Dizzy Disc works indoors and outdoors.

Adjusts to Fit all Skill Levels