Fine Motor Skills & 25+ Fine Motor Activities & Toys For Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder 

What is fine motor?  

Fine motor skills are when children begin to learn how to use their muscles in their hands, wrists, and fingers. Children use their fine motor skills most when they are cutting paper with scissors, doing up buttons on their clothes, playing with blocks, picking up items with their hands, eating and also writing or coloring. 

There's so many fine motor activities for children to practice to develop fine motor skills. The more you have your child work on fine motor activities, the better their fine motor skills will become. 

Fine motor skills are very important for academics, self care and play time too because children need to be able to cut, draw, color and write, cut paper, zippers, buttons, belts, tying shoes, brushing teeth, brushing hair, using cutlery and playing with toys like building blocks too. 

If a child has poor fine motor skills they can always practice fine motor activities to improve their skills. If a child does not practice with fine motor activities they may not be able to accomplish everyday life tasks and may become limited and unable to develop life skills needed for independence. 

Fine motor skills develop when your child is using these small muscles for pressing, holding, grasping or using their finger and thumb to hold something. (pincer grip)

If a child is unable to use their fine motor skills they can get frustrated, get angry, have low self esteem, academic struggles and independence life skills.  

If you are concerned that your child is having fine motor difficulties, please consult with a Pediatric Occupational Therapist or an Occupational Therapist that specialises in Sensory Processing Disorder. 

1. Finger painting fine motor activity. 

2. Puzzles for fine motor activity. 

3. Legos or building blocks fine motor activity. 

4. Playing and squishing sensory dough fine motor activity. 

5. Cutting paper with scissors fine motor activity. 

6. Making bead necklaces fine motor activity. 

7. Stacking and sorting colorful blocks fine motor activity. 

8. Nuts and bolts fine motor activity. 

9. Wooden geo board and rubber bands fine motor activity. 

10. Stacking noodles on sticks in styrofoam fine motor activity. 

11. Glue seeds on paper, making crafts fine motor activity. 

12. Stringing buttons on a string fine motor activity. 

13. Rolling tissue paper and glue it on a picture fine motor activity. 

14. Pushing pegs into a peg board fine motor activity. 

15. Cutting, pressing and making art with clay to make a picture fine motor activity. 

16. Cutting, squishing, playing a creating with Kinetic sand fine motor activity. 

17. Looking for different colored beads in a bowl fine motor activity. 

18. Finding letters in noodles and spelling words fine motor activity. 

19. Looking for objects in sand or sensory bin fine motor activity. 

20. Using a dropper to mix food coloring fine motor activity. 

21. Sorting water beads by color fine motor activity. 

22. Making crafts that require kids tweezers or tongs. Picking up small items like marbles or pom poms with tweezers fine motor activity. 

23. Putting marbles in tubes fine motor activity. 

24. Using clothes pins to pick up and squeeze small items fine motor activity. 

25. Sorting marbles by color or playing sorting games fine motor activity. 

Sensory Processing Disorder Children's Fine Motor Tools & Toys 

Playlearn Nuts and Bolts Playset - 64 Piece
Perfect for workermen/women in-training! 
Match nuts to bolts, and screw in! 
A playful way to practice color/shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.
64 pieces in 4 shapes and 4 colors- plenty to share with friends, too!
Made from lightweight and durable plastic materials.

Super Duper Publications | Photo Fine Motor Activities Fun Deck Flash Cards | Educational Learning Resource for Children
52 double-sided cards (7" x 4") with full-color photos & four dry-erase markers
Includes fine motor game ideas, activities, and exercises
Sturdy Tin can be taken anywhere
Educational - Improves handwriting skills & coordination
Great Addition to our Fine Motor Fun Decks- also featured on Amazon

Therapy Shoppe Honey Bee Tree
Honey Bee Tree is a downright darling game that's marvelous for building eye-hand coordination, pinch grasp, and fine motor skills. After inserting the leaves into the see-thru honey tree (a great visual-motor task in itself), players carefully pull leaves out of the tree, trying not to wake up the little sleeping bumble bees... cause the bees will come tumbling out if you pull the wrong leaf! Honey Bee Tree Game includes: a honey pot oak tree, flower tray base, 32 leaves, and 30 honey bees. The cute little bees are fun for oodles of other fine motor activities too like sorting 'em with our skinny mini squeezers therapy tongs, hiding 'em in therapy putty, translating 'em palm to fingertips, and much more! 

Wikki Stix Every Day Fun!
Eight-page booklet of fun activities from connect-the-dot to making a funny face! Includes 24 Wikki Stix and lightweight playboard.

Discovery Putty™ - Around the World Hide N’ Seek N’ Stretch N’ Strengthen!
Play hide-and-seek with therapy putty! Stretch, mold and pull the putty until you find all the plastic pieces. Then hide the pieces again! Which part of the world is that? Identify the seven continents and strengthen speech and language skills in the process. Variety of colors, shapes and textures provide visual and tactile exploration.
Helps build fine motor skills and support sensory integration
Versatile therapy tool and fidget that provides tactile exploration
Supports speech, color recognition and language activities
Age 3+

Button Pizzazz Learn to Button and Unbutton
An essential early learning tool! Slip the button end of the ribbon through the buttonhole on one of the 12 colorful felt shapes and slide the shape down the ribbon. Practice color and shape recognition while building fine motor skills. For an added challenge, choose one of the pattern cards and see if you can recreate the pattern. Builds independent dressing skills. Portable and lightweight, this tool is perfect for on-the-go therapists.
Helps develop visual motor integration skills, color recognition and patterning skills
Supports kids with fine motor delays, dyspraxia or language delays
Made by Fun and Function
Age 3+

The World of Eric Carle(TM) The Very Hungry Caterpillar(TM) Lacing Cards: (Occupational Therapy Toys, Lacing Cards for Toddlers, Fine Motor Skills Toys, Lacing Cards for Kids)
The beloved caterpillar makes its return in this fun set of lacing cards.
Lacing in and out of pre-punched holes improves hand-eye coordination for small children.
Perfect for tiny hands, this set of lacing cards requires strengthening fine motor skills to complete.
This set comes with 10 lacing cards featuring The Very Hungry Caterpillar and friends.
Sure to keep their attention, these sturdy cards will provide hours of entertainment.

Puzzle Pieces Hoot the fine motor Owl
Hoot the fine motor Owl
Help little hands build strength, coordination, and scissor skills through five busy activities.
Drop the coins, rotate hoot’s eyes, Poke his squeaky nose, or flap his wings with the sliding front buttons!
Your New Fine Motor Friend!
Build hand strength, scissor skills, coordination, and more with this adorable fine motor friend!

Montessori Educational Wooden Lacing Beads Toys for Toddler 2 3 4 5 Year Old, Farm Animals Fruits Vegetables Threading Toys Preschool Stringing Fine Motor Skills Toy
The lacing beads set includes 42 lovely farm animals,vegetables and fruits wooden beads with different shapes and sizes.Each package has 4 laces and a drawstring bag. And another 4 pieces of 3D stickers are provided.
This wooden montessori toy is cute and easy to attract children's attention. Good to develop their fine motor skill and hand-eye coordination. The beads size is perfect for toddler hands. Kids can make lovely wooden necklaces, bracelets, they will feel accomplished and become more confident. This is the best gift for children aged 2 to 5 years.

Therapy Shoppe Fine Motor Stringing Sight Words Kit
This very versatile fine motor alphabet letter kit offers a unique way to practice pre-writing, spelling, and sight word skills that are so important to becoming a successful reader. Splendid for building eye-hand coordination skills, pincer grasps, pre-writing, and visual motor skills, too. This smart teaching set contains: 4 special sturdy plastic letter trays, 277 chunky plastic manuscript alphabet letters with big holes for easy manipulation and stringing, 100 chenille (pipecleaner) stems, 218 color-coded word cards, 54 blank cards, and a resource instruction guide.

Wikki Stix Unplug to Play Kit
Enjoy hands-on creative fun with award-winning Wikki Stix One-of-a-Kind Creatables! Get crafty, get creative…get unplugged!
Easy to use, mistake-free Wikki Stix are ideal for ages 3 to 103. The Kit includes ideas, illustrations, and instructions…to jump-start your imagination. With 180 Wikki Stix and lots of cool components, the Unplug to Play Kit will provide hours of hands-on, screen-free FUN!

Pinch Me Therapy Dough Citrus
Awaken your senses to the tangy zest of fresh, ripe fruit. Clean, crisp and refreshing. And the best part? Our CITRUS is seedless.
Say hello to Pinch Me, a holistic, drug-free, portable stress-reduction tool. This pliable putty was expertly developed to be the ideal texture for perfect pinchability. When you feel a hint of stress, pull out your container. Gently knead away nuisances, or use it while you're relaxing to decompress and get back to center.

The DeveloPLAY box is a monthly subscription box filled with sensory and motor tools and toys geared toward children with Autism, attention deficits, anxiety, emotional and behavioral disorders, and developmental delays but FUN for ALL children! Each box has a variety of toys hand picked by a licensed pediatric Occupational Therapist and is delivered directly to your doorstep. The DeveloPLAY box is more than just a sensory box! It is unique because it includes therapeutic sensory and motor toys that aid with regulating the body and mind, as well as building motor skills needed for dressing, eating, writing, and playing. It's super easy to sign up and discover new tools and toys every month! 

jan box
Locks and Latches Board
Locks and Latches Board
Undo a lock or latch, swing open the numbered door and count on finding fun when the picture beneath is revealed on this wooden play board and educational toy! Build fine motor skills while learning colors, numbers, animals, and more! Ages 3 and up.
Activity play board helps kids build dexterity as they figure out how 6 different latches work
Smooth-sanded, solid-wood board features fun surprises behind the opening doors and windows
Latches hook, snap, click, and slide
Helps build fine and gross motor skills while little ones discover vibrant colors, numbers, animals, and more

Playlearn Therapy Putty Pack
A small pile of putty, but it packs a punch! 
Therapy putty will strengthen fine motor muscles, encourage the pincer grasp and provide great tactile stimulation. It is also a fantastic stress reliever that fits right in your pocket. Fidgeting students love to squeeze and twist the putty as they focus, and sensory-seeking children love the input! Each color represents a different firmness level: the higher the resistance, the more strengthening/stimulating the activity will be.

Therapy Shoppe Super Sale Animal Line Game
*Please note that all super sale items are non-returnable.
6 animals can be threaded on a line (green).
Matching cards to make a game Under 3 line.
Development: fine motor skills, hand-eye-coordination, assignment skills, colour recognition, speech development, memory.

Wikki Stix Early Learning Trio
Wikki Stix provide school readiness with kindergarten learning activities. The fun, colorful, easy way to learn letters, numbers and shapes, Wikki Stix are mistake-proof which helps build self-confidence. Developmentally appropriate for preschoolers, Wikki Stix help with fine motor skills by providing an involved, tactile learning experience. Wikki Stix simply stick onto the cards with fingertip pressure… and are easy to peel up to make changes or corrections! 144 total Wikki Stix in the set!

Playlearn Straws and Connectors
Little builders will love that they can create anything they can think up! The flexibility and durability of these Straws and Connectors make everything possible. A house, a horse, a helicopter! Imaginative children will be busy for hours. Building with these toys promotes lots of at-home learning: STEM, creative thinking, spatial planning, and visual-motor skills.

Apple Picking Toy
What a fun way to work on scissor skills! Our Apple Picking Tree provides a safe, fun way to work on scissor skills and other fine motor skills. Countless ways to grade this activity to meet your child's "just right challenge". Whether you begin with the tree flat on the table or in its cute apple base, this toy can be modified to create a gratifying challenge to youngsters. Bonus!- Bird tweezers  with caterpillars for a game of memory while working on grip strength!

Apple Picking Toy
Hungry Cutters Scissors Kit
Hungry Cutters Scissors Kit
Crocodile Scissor Kit! This cute kit comes complete with tweezers, 20 cute crocodile figurines, 10 hungry cutter scissor magnets, 48 pages of high gloss cutting sheets to go along with the magnets, ergonomic soft thumb grip scissors (select one from 3 styles), place the 2 boxes next to each other to create your crocodile. Use the craft stick (supplied) to wedge his mouth open. 

Magnetic Vehicle Mix-n-Match
Spark your child’s creativity while working on visual scanning and sequencing skills.  With Magnetic Vehicle Mix-n-Match, children will exercise using both hands together for reinforcing bilateral skills.  Additionally, children can develop early positional concepts such as front, middle, and back.
Use the puzzle pieces included to create new vehicle designs. Then using the vehicle pieces, have children attempt to copy and build the puzzle design. 
Included in this toy:
1 Container
5 Colorful Vehicles that can be separated
14 Car Puzzle Pieces

Magnetic Vehicle Mix-n-Match
Pinch Me Therapy Dough Beach
Get mentally swept away to the seaside getaway you've been dreaming about. BEACH exudes the relaxing aroma of the sand, sun, and surf. No sunscreen required.
Say hello to Pinch Me, a holistic, drug-free, portable stress-reduction tool. This pliable putty was expertly developed to be the ideal texture for perfect pinchability. When you feel a hint of stress, pull out your container. Gently knead away nuisances, or use it while you're relaxing to decompress and get back to center.

Discovery Putty™ - Emoji Excitement Hide N’ Seek N’ Stretch N’ Strengthen!
Play hide-and-seek with therapy putty! Stretch, mold and pull the putty until you dig up all 14 emojis. Then hide the pieces again! Identify each expression and strengthen recognition of emotions, speech and language skills. Variety of colors, shapes and textures provide visual and tactile exploration. Helps build fine motor skills and support sensory integration.
Helps build fine motor skills and support sensory integration
Versatile therapy tool and fidget that provides tactile exploration
Supports speech, color recognition and language activities
Age 3+

Giant Nuts and Bolts Let Your Child Go Nuts!
These self-correcting, over-sized, geometrically-shaped nuts and bolts give little ones practice in manipulative skills as well as shape and color matching skills. Made of colorful, durable plastic, this educational toy helps with fine motor skills and provides a creative outlet for imaginative play.
Set of 96 (48 nuts and 48 bolts) provides endless opportunities
Great for hand muscles and coordination
Suitable for individual or interactive play
Age 3+

Welcome to the magic of play with Box of Sensory Toys! 
 Creatively curated by a children's therapist, Box of Sensory Toys delivers monthly, therapeutic fun 
Recommended for kids from 4-10 years and older, our sensory toy boxes include some toys or items that can be enjoyed as a family  
Our sensory tools may be calming, regulating, skill-building and fun
Curated especially for kids with Autism, ADHD, SPD and other sensory needs, our sensory boxes include items that are beloved and beneficial for typically developing kids, as well
Two subscription options are currently available - the Kid's VIP Box Club starting or Kid's Mailer Club

Pinch Me Therapy Dough Surf
You will almost feel like you are hanging ten riding a wave as you enjoy this powdery mix of coconut and a hint of pineapple.
Say hello to Pinch Me, a holistic, drug-free, portable stress-reduction tool. This pliable putty was expertly developed to be the ideal texture for perfect pinchability. When you feel a hint of stress, pull out your container. Gently knead away nuisances, or use it while you're relaxing to decompress and get back to center.

Half Flock (16pcs) Using the half-Flock can be a great mindfulness exercise for adults. The set is small enough to stash in your desk drawer at work or fit in your handbag. Better still, you can always add more Flockmen for more fun and  greater creations!
Your set of 16 Flockmen awaits you: each wooden ‘man’ is 50mm wide, 70mm tall and 14mm thick. Each individual Flockman is designed to be impossible to swallow so it is safe to play with around babies.
Portable storage bag: A practical and reinforced natural linen drawstring storage bag to keep your Flockmen safely stored when not in use.
An inspiration card: with ideas and resources for how to challenge yourself with Flockmen.
Care instructions: to ensure they continue to last.

Sensory Theraplay Monthly Box Subscriptions
*Toys to help develop important sensory motor skills, stimulate the senses & promote sensory integration
*Engage your child in FUN, therapeutic play!
*Items hand-picked by a licensed occupational therapist
*An instruction/ description card will be included in your box
*Boxes ship out the 1st week of each month! 

Learning Resources 1-10 Counting Owls Activity Set, Fine Motor Toy, 25 Piece Set, Ages 3+ Who wants to count? stack these colorful owls to match the numbers (1-10) on the Branch to build early counting skills and one-to-one correspondence. Children become wise as an Owl as they explore color identification, sorting and patterning, number and quantity relationships, and much more! includes 25 stacking owls, 1 Branch, spinner, and 10 activity cards to make early math a hoot. Counting skills, Color Identification and Fine Motor Skills
One-to-one correspondence made Easy with printed numerals and owls to match
Includes 25 stacking owls, 1 branch, spinner, and 10 Activity Cards
The large size of each Owl is Perfect for whole hand or refined pincer grasp

Learning Resources 3 Prong Tong, Pencil Grip Tongs, Sensory Bin, Fine Motor Toy, Set of 6, Ages 4+
Build Pencil Skills! Strengthen pencil grip skills without the need for a pencil with this set of six fine motor tongs!
Fine Motor Fun! These 3-prong tongs' intuitive grip helps kids build hand muscles and fine motor skills!
The Tri-Grip Tongs include 6 three-prong tongs in 6 colors (blue, yellow, purple, green, red, and orange) and a reusable plastic storage bucket.

Hungry Cutters- Left hand Scissor magnets
Left handed hungry cutters. *Please note before purchasing!!!* The left handed version will ONLY work on TRUE left handed scissors. Scissors sold as “right & left” scissors are really right handed scissors. It will not work on these type of scissors.
Scissor Magnet adapter presents a new fun way to teach children how to cut with our patent pending design. Sleek, thin designs allow for cutting without obstructed view.
TEACHERS & THERAPISTS: 1 -sided image motivates children to keep forearm in neutral or "thumbs-up" position.
Set Includes storage box and 10 Hungry Cutter magnets. Fits just about all scissors!

Hungry Cutters- Left hand Scissor magnets

Therapy Shoppe Fun on the Farm Tactile Tongs Play Set
Kids will have fun sorting, counting, matching, patterning, sequencing, and just letting their imaginations soar as they play with this fun farm animals playset! This neat manipulative set features 36 (very detailed) rubbery farm animals in 6 colors that are wonderful for math tasks, learning their colors, building finger grasps, and tactile/shape discrimination; 6 chickens, 6 cows, 6 ducks, 6 horses, 6 pigs, 6 sheep - and 1 jumbo tongs! A wonderfully versatile set , Fun on the Farm Tactile Tongs Playset offers endless fine, visual, and perceptual motor skill developing and learning possibilities – at a nice budget-friendly price. Comes in a sturdy, clear plastic container and we've tucked in free "Teeny Weenie Tongs" so 2 kiddos can engage in tong play together! For ages 3-up. 

Wikki Stix Fun Activity Book
Learning fun for children of all skill levels
Tactile, hands-on and engaging
Helps with focus and concentration
Over 30 activities and 72 Wikki Stix
Perfect for indoor, rainy day fun
Features two fun Wikkiland characters kids respond to!
Perfect for fine motor skills, sensory processing, and special needs.
Developed with a kindergarten teacher (30 years) this delightful book provides school readiness skills like visual discrimination, fine motor development, as well as number and literacy awareness, and active engagement

Shark sampler kit
Shark sampler kit
If you’ve wanted to try our Hungry Cutters scissor magnets now’s the time! Purchase our shark sampler and you’ll receive the following: 1. Shark container  2. 1-pair of Tweezers 3. 12-mini fish erasers 4. Two pair of scissors  5. Eight shark themed hi gloss papers for cutting 6. 2-shark pencil grips 7. 2 shark Hungry Cutters scissor magnets.

Using Wikki Stix as a tactile sensory toy will help create new opportunities for fun learning and the development of fine motor skills. Many children are tactile learners and need this hands-on involvement to become engaged in the learning process.
Soft and pliable, Wikki Stix tactile sensory toys can be used by small fingers for all kinds of fine motor skills and tactile activities…from learning to form letters and numbers to simple grip and finger strengthening exercises.

Pinch Me Therapy Dough Spa
Our best seller, soft and feminine, with just a hint of soothing lavender. All the tranquility of a day at the spa without the hefty price tag. Enjoy the lucid aroma of a restful day of pampering. SPA: Because you deserve it.
We infuse each container with placating, spa-quality oils and soft, subtle hues to act as subliminary calming agents. The elements come together to pack a powerful punch against common, everyday stressors.  When you're done, just drop it back in the container, twist the lid on securely and tuck it away... until next time.

Discovery Putty at the Farm Hide N’ Seek N’ Stretch N’ Strengthen!
Play hide-and-seek with therapy putty! Stretch, mold and pull the putty until you find all 12 farm-themed pieces. Then hide the pieces again! What animal do you find? What sound does it make? Practice speech and language skills as you identify each piece. Variety of colors, shapes and textures provide visual and tactile exploration.
Helps build fine motor skills and support sensory integration
Versatile therapy tool and fidget that provides tactile exploration
Supports speech, color recognition and language activities
Age 3+

Therapy Shoppe Itty Bitty Pom Pom Tongs Set™
NEW!  You'll love this fine motor skill-building play set that includes 500 teeny tiny pom poms plus a plastic 2-in-1 Tiny Treasure Tongs that has tweezers on one end and a scoop on the other.  These colorful little fuzzy 1/8” balls are perfect for refining finger skills, counting, scooping, tweezing, sorting, patterning, and hide 'n find sensory play.  Our exclusive Itty Bitty Pom Pom Tong Set™ is the perfect therapy or classroom set to keep in your toolbox for kiddos who need to refine their fine motor skills.  Awesome!

Therapy Shoppe Fine Motor Marbles & Tongs Set
NEW!  Fine Motor Marbles & Tongs Set is a superb activity kit for sorting, counting, placing, color recognition, tripod finger grasp, visual motor skills, and hand eye coordination development! Kids especially love using our Circle Tip Squeezers™ to place marbles in our bubble pop fidget toys, then taking the marbles back out and popping all the bubbles for double the fun!  This versatile skill-building set includes 30 solid colored marbles and a Circle Tip Squeezer tong. A Therapy Shoppe® kit exclusive for ages 3+. Adult supervision is needed with young children.

Glow Putty Dim the Lights and Watch the Putty Glow!
Squeeze, stretch and shape this fidget putty for heavy hand work, even in the dark. This glow-in-the-dark therapy putty is a fidget, stress ball and therapy tool, all in one. The stimulating glow encourages visual attention. Perfect for de-stressing, strengthening fingers and warming hand muscles before writing. Medium resistance.
Glows in the dark after 30 second exposure to light
Supports kids with low muscle tone, sensory processing disorder or ADD
Made by Fun and Function
Age 3+

Kids Wooden Toy, Children's Toys for 3 Years Old, Montessori Board, Fine Motor Early Education Color Recognition Chopsticks Clip Beads Hands Brain Training
This Montessori 3 year old toy is a wonderful educational toy for toddlers, helping children learn shapes, colors, counting, and hand-eye coordination. Great toddler toys for 3-6 years old kids. In addition, it is also suitable for the elderly, such as your grandfather and grandmother, to help exercise their hand mobility and mental thinking skills.
Start building smart minds with the right educational toys. 

Pinch Me Therapy Dough Bumbleberry
A burst of berries blended with a hint of vanilla to give you an unforgettable aromatic sensation
We infuse each container with placating, spa-quality oils and soft, subtle hues to act as subliminary calming agents. The elements come together to pack a powerful punch against common, everyday stressors.  When you're done, just drop it back in the container, twist the lid on securely and tuck it away... until next time.

138 Pieces Fine Motor Skills Toys for Early Education and Sorting Counting Training Development, Including 8 Sorting Bowls 2 Scissors Clip 8 Tweezers and 120 Colorful Plush Balls for Ages Over 5
Sorting and matching: let your kids to use tweezers and scissor clips to put 120 colored plush balls into sorting bowl of matching colors; Sorting bowls and plush balls have 4 colors, which are red, yellow, green and blue for Age Over 5
Hand-eye coordination: stuffed balls and sorting bowls have bright colors, which can help children distinguish colors, while scissors clips and tweezers can enhance children's hand-eye coordination through motor skills, 

Therapy Shoppe Tongs and Tools Sampler Kit
This money-saving kit includes one of each of our most popular tong-type tools: Teeny Weenie Tongs, Skinny Mini Squeezers, Mighty Teeny Tongs, Skizzor Tongs, Zoo or Fish Sticks, Wooden Tongs, Wire Wizard, Squeezy Finger Dropper... plus an 80-pk of Glitter Pom Poms for sorting and placing fun! Our companion "Tongs and Tools Add-on Kit" is available separately below. Another exclusive Therapy Shoppe® sampler kit!

*Product styles and colors will vary.  Please note that substitutions may occasionally be necessary.

Scissor Magnet adapter presents a new fun way to teach children how to cut with our patent pending design
Children will enjoy the fun animal designs of our magnets for imaginative cutting activities.
DESIGN FEATURES: Sleek, thin designs allow for cutting without obstructed view.
TEACHERS & THERAPISTS: 1 -sided image motivates children to keep forearm in neutral or "thumbs-up" position.
Set Includes storage box and 10 Hungry Cutter magnets. Fits just about all scissors!

Hungry Cutter - Right Hand Scissor Magnets
Therapy Shoppe Mini Alligator Tongs
New!  Little ones will have a blast "chomping up" all kinds of things with these merry little 3-1/2" Mini Alligator Tongs!  These adorable tongs for kids feature a nice and sturdy design with built-in finger grips.  This neat fine motor skills toy come in assorted fun colors.  Fun for building pre-scissor skills, too!

Pegcasso Build & Drill
This drill toy is like no other! Often imitated, but just do a comparison! 331 pieces-includes 8 templates, rubber bands for geoboard designs, and 6 different colored pegs (including orange for those fall themed designs), More importantly we have over 50 pdf templates you can download for free! No other drill toy makes that offer. 

Pegcasso Build & Drill
Learning Resources Fine Motor Peacock Pals, Fine Motor Toddler Toy, Sorting Set, Set of 5, Ages 18 mos+
Your Fine Motor Friends! It's a whole flock of fine motor fun! Build hand strength, coordination, and more with the Peacock Pals' pinchable, pullable feathers!
Tactile Learning Fun! Each peacock comes with five colorful feathers complete with different textures that are ready for tactile play!
Sort, Match, and More! With five peacocks in all, you can build sorting, matching, and early color recognition skills in the classroom or at home!

Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set Toy, Fine Motor and Sensory Toy, Fine Motor Games, Ages 3+
Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Toy Set
The four tools in this set offer a variety of playful, hands-on ways for preschoolers to develop the many small muscles of the hands and fingers.  Twist, scoop, squeeze and build little hand muscles with four of our finest tools! Help students develop fine-motor skills and strengthen hand and finger muscles needed for writing. Includes 1 of each tool: Gator Grabber Tweezers, Handy Scoopers, Twisty Droppers, and Squeezy Tweezers.

Learning Resources Avalanche Fruit Stand, Fine Motor/Grip Game, 42 Piece Set, Ages 3+
Help children develop fine motor skills, especially the all-important pincer grasp that prepares children for handwriting. Also reinforces color and fruit vocabulary. Perfect for teachers, specialists and occupational therapists. Includes 40 fruit counters, 2 tweezers, picture spinner, and adjustable cardboard stand.
Spin the wheel - then use the jumbo tweezers to pick or place fruit

Promotes fine motor skills, especially the pincer grasp

Colored Flockmen Set (27 pcs)Colours make our world beautiful! More alive, more fun! And no doubt that toys are very important tool for learning things by providing basic development. 
You’ll receive 27 carefully crafted and 100% natural Flockmen figurines in 9 different colours (red, purple, orange, yellow, pink, grey, green, dark blue and light blue). 
Now construction will be even more fun! And learning, color recognition more easier. Ask your child to put the red piece on top of the blue piece. Play some stacking games, by asking them to repeat your shape and colors. This is going to help develop an understanding of colours. Make a rainbow. Relate Flockmen colours with things in nature. Let's find your own way of playing!  

Sensory Jungle Looking for educational, engaging activities for your child, students, or clients that are similar to Orbeez products? You can create a tactile Princess experience with our ocean colored water beads. No need to overspend—grab a pack of Sensory Jungle Water Beads! These beads arrive small and hard in the package. But place them in water for at least 18 hours and watch the magic happen as these water-absorbing beads expand to 1000x THEIR ORIGINAL SIZE! A tub or bowl full of these soft, squishy little “water balloons” provides a uniquely CALMING SENSORY EXPERIENCE for the child with autism or sensory processing disorder. 

Pinch Me Therapy Dough Refresh
Rejuvenate and bask in the calmness of our soothing cucumber mint blend.  It’s the perfect way to REFRESH and replenish
We infuse each container with placating, spa-quality oils and soft, subtle hues to act as subliminary calming agents. The elements come together to pack a powerful punch against common, everyday stressors.  When you're done, just drop it back in the container, twist the lid on securely and tuck it away... until next time.

Basic Fun Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic Toy, Gift for Girls and Boys, Ages 4+
Create art with light using Lite-Brite - the fun and nostalgic toy in a new, improved version with a bigger screen and more pegs! Inspired by the classic 1980's Lite-Brite toy, this Ultimate Classic version includes 6 design templates, more than 200 colorful pegs and a bigger, brighter screen that measures 8.125" wide by 6.875 " high. Create beautiful art using templates or your own imagination with new, round pegs designed to shine brighter than ever! This retro-inspired white unit has built-in LED lights, round 1" long pegs, and 6 design templates. Press the button on the front of the unit to be mesmerized by a light show of your artwork with 4 different light modes! Great for developing hand/eye coordination and inspirational for people of all ages. 

Pinch Me Therapy Dough Zen
Allow a feeling of calm to wash over you and evoke your senses using Zen.  This soft arboreous powdery scent is sure to transport you to a place of inner tranquility.
Our sense of smell originates in the same part of the brain that is responsible for storing emotional memories, so, unlike colors, scents evoke a personalized response. When we like a scent, we unconsciously take a full, deep breath, which is relaxing; we want to experience as much of the positive feeling as we can. 

Pegcasso Jr. 5-n-1 227pc Buttons & Gears
Pegcasso Jr. 5-n-1 227pc Buttons & Gears
Pegcasso Jr. 5-n-1 Build & Drill. For smaller hands- this drill set is the perfect toy to develop fine motor skills and develop visual perceptual skills. Created by a pediatric occupational therapist with over 20 years experience. Combine gears and buttons along with 12 activity boards for the ultimate 3D building experience!

Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie, Fine Motor Toy, Early Number, Patterns, 68 Pieces, Grades Pre-K/Ages 3+
Make learning early number skills, including counting, as easy (and fun) as pie. Sorting cards go on the bottom of the pan to provide visual cues that support success. The top crust becomes a bowl to conveniently hold counters. Jumbo Tweezers reinforce fine motor skills. 68-piece set.
Fruity pie teaches early number skills, patterning, problem solving and visual processing and more

Jumbo tweezers reinforce fine motor skills and sorting cards provide visual cues that support success 

10 Pcs Occupational Therapy Toys for Adults/Kids. Can Be Used for Fine Motor Skills, ADHD, ADD, Sensory Stress Relief, Wooden Puzzle, Brain Lacing Beads, Screw Nut, Popping Anxiety Stress Games
3D Fidget popping pinch ball, Stress Relief for Adults and Kids, Colorful Round Anxiety toys.(1) Hand pressure squeeze fidget. Snap and Release sensory silicone pop assorted rainbow colored shapes, Anxiety and Stress Reducers.
1 piece 12’’ x 6.5’’ Dinosaur Wooden T-Rex Letter Puzzle that promotes hand coordination and letter recognition. Brightly colored wood puzzles come in plastic wrapping. 4 pieces Wooden Tangram Puzzles each 4”. Various shapes and patterns. A fun game for people of all ages.

Learning Resources Steggy the Fine Motor Dino, Montessori Toys, Color Recognition, Developmental Toys, Fine Motor Toy, Ages 2+
Your Fine Motor Friend! Discover Steggy the Fine Motor Dino's 3-in-1 learning fun - build fine motor skills, early color matching, and number recognition!
Built-In Storage! Steggy's spikes store inside, making cleanup a snap when playtime's done!
Sized For Little Hands! Steggy helps little ones boost their pincer grasp, hand strength, and more with his pinchable, pullable spikes!
Steggy the Fine Motor Dino Steggy the Fine Motor Dino includes 10 numbered spikes in 5 bright colors, and is made from durable, wipe-clean plastic.

Learning Resources Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog, Sensory, Fine Motor Toy, Hedgehog Toys for Toddler, Easter Gifts for Kids, Ages 18 months+
Meet Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog!
Spike the Hedgehog helps kids build up hand muscles and fine motor skills as they replace the chunky, peg-shaped 'quills' within the holes that dot the smiling hedgehog's back. Once playtime is over, the Hedgehog is a snap to clean up—each piece is made of plastic that can be easily wiped clean, and the quills stow snugly inside the Hedgehog body

Fine Motor Skills Toys - 50 Jumbo Lacing Beads for Toddlers and Kids - Color Sorting Toy
Get back to basics with this classic lacing toy that inspires learning, creativity, & fine motor skill development. The large, chunky plastic beads and easy to handle strings are blazing with color — and just right for curious little hands!

Want to encourage your toddler's learning and development without skimping on the fun? 3 Bees and Me Jumbo Linking Beads is a timeless toy for preschoolers and toddlers that delivers hours of engagement while helping your child cultivate essential skills. 

Water Beads with Fine Motor Skills Toy Set Non-Toxic Water Sensory Toy for Kids- 6 Oz Beads Sensory Bin Kit with 1 Scoop 1 Spoon and 6 Tweezers Jelly Beads for Early Skill Development
We have included 10 sturdy fine motor tool along with these 6 oz beads that in 10 colors to further aid in the sensory experience.Contains 6 different tweezers, 1 spoon, 1 scoop and a will be able to clasp, and clamp beads with the play tweezer/scooping tools.
These jelly beads and tools are great for autism or autistic children and other kids and toddlers that need help with hand eye coordination,counting skills,color recognition,sensory and/or fine motor skills. You can be sure that no matter the child, they will love to feel, see, and play with these beads.Satisfaction guaranteed! Kids LOVE these!

Toddler Fine Motor Skill Toy, Clamp Bee to Hive Matching Game, Montessori Wooden Color Sorting Puzzle, Early Learning Preschool Educational Toy
This educational kids toy for visual motor and fine motor skills practice children hand eye coordination. toddlers learning toys for 3 year old are a great resource for home and kindergarten.
Infants under the age of 3 can use fine motor skills toy set to identify colors and shapes and use them with their parents. Preschool babies improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills development, training small hand strength to learn to count, picking, grip and basic math knowledge.
Great for fine motor skill and imaginative play!

Peg Puzzle for Kids with 10-Challenges - Fun Brain Teaser for Children - Arts and Crafts Creative Educational Learning Toy - Gift Idea for Boys and Girls
Tickle your kiddo’s mind with a puzzle game designed to do more. This mushroom peg puzzle isn’t just a brain teaser, it’s also a platform to channel that simmering creativity. Every set comes with 460 mushroom pegs in a variety of colors to create stunning creations.
As the little ones solve puzzles and create beautiful images, they’ll get to develop hand-eye coordination, improve motor skills, learn about colors, and hone their deduction and special reasoning skills. Get an educational toy for kids that’s also tons of fun.

Learning Resources Mini Muffin Match Up Counting Toy Set, Fine Motor 
Squeeze Play Squeeze in even more early learning fun by picking up the muffins using the included Squeezy Tweezers to build fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
Early Childhood Learning Resources offers a huge selection of early learning toys and games to help children develop key skills through play. We have toys that promote alphabet awareness, shape and color recognition, fine motor skills, imagination, and more! 

Learning Resources Froggy Feeding Fun Activity Set, Fine Motor Toy, 65 Pieces, Ages 3+
Strengthen fine motor muscles with a game. These frogs are hungry, so roll the dice to determine which flies to eat. Reinforces colors, numbers, counting and sorting. Includes 2 durable rubber frogs, 60 flies, 1 number cube, 1 color cube and activity guide.
DEVELOP FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Reinforce numbers, counting, and color recognition while strengthening fingers and hands

IMPROVE: Strengthen fingers, hands and the important pincer grasp 

Learning Resources Take 10! Color Bug Catchers, Fine Motor Skills, For 2-4 Players, Ages 3+
Kids build basic color identification, counting, sorting, and fine motor skills in just 10 minutes. Features multiple game play options for 2-4 players that all take under 10 minutes. Includes colorful bugs, tweezers, dice, and storage bucket.
BUILD fine motor skills and reinforce, counting, color identification, sorting and more
Each Take 10 game has multiple game-play options that all take under 10 minutes to complete

Short game-play cycles and simple instructions are perfect for little attention spans. 

Big Play in a Box Monthly Subscription
Each Month you will receive a box filled with:  Children's Book, 2-3 art/projects with supplies, a sensory medium/experience, a kitchen activity, 1-2 children's toys that fit the themed box .  As well, inserts for recommendations how to make/use everything in the box. 
Big Play in a Box has come from a vision I have had for years! I have been a practicing Occupational Therapist for the past 28+ years, with 16 of those in Pediatrics.  

240pcs C-Clips Hooks Plastic Chain Links - Counting & Linking Activity Kit, Sensory Toys for Toddlers, Develops Kid's Fine Motor and Color Recognition & Sorting Skills,Educational Learning Toys
Ideal STEAM product: Give children a fun-filled way to practice counting & learn to visualize quantities…with cute, numbered elephants kids can’t resist! Hands-on math manipulatives: Flexible plastic chains are designed to easily manipulate to hook together and separate. Plastic links come in 6 colors - blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow to help teach color association and sorting.
Nurture Cognitive Function: Sorting toys develop logic, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. They're a classic resource for every classroom or in-home learning environment.

Cutting paper refill 48 pgs
Cutting paper refill 48 pgs
4 copies of 12 different designs for a total of 48 pages to complement your Hungry Cutters scissor magnets! These cute pages take you through different stages of cutting- from snips to cutting small angles. Some involve folding and pasting. Thick hi-gloss finish and the right size for little hands to manage with greater success! Available in either right or left hand versions.

Flockmen Natural Playdough 
Natural playdough for kids. Hand made from edible ingredients. Perfect tool for sensory play and learning to inspire the imagination and enhance fine motor skills. 
Our playdough set is handmade from edible ingredients by a Mom of 2 daughters. The set includes 8 different nature-inspired colours packed in air-tight tin jars.  It is made to be safe for our kids and the planet. The playdough is compostable and the packaging is recyclable. 

Big Play In A Box Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp This box was highlighted in January 2022.  Included in this box is the book Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp, 2 crafts, Dinosaur crayons, ingredients to make kinetic sand, Safari Ltd. Dinosaurs, Dinosaur puzzle, balloons to create an ice age dino egg, squirt bottles to work on 2 various extension activities that encourage your budding archaeologist, and activity cards that will give you and your child directions and ability to level up or down the activities.

Personalisation Sticker Set Take your Flockmen to the next level with these custom-designed stickers, perfectly fitted to transform your Flockmen into firemen, astronauts and artists. Each sticker set contains 16 different characters.
Check out a list of the different types of characters below.
Doctor, Policemen, Olympic athlete, Fireman, Pirate, Cool’ guy, Office worker, Construction worker, Astronaut, Artist, Tuxedo man, Alien, Knight, Ninja, Chef, Princess
Not sure you want the stickers on forever? No worries! All the stickers are fully adhesive, yet designed not to damage or mark the wood when peeled off, so they can be removed at any time.

Play Putty Therapy Putty for Kids with Charms Deep Blue Sea Theraputty Soft Resistance, Increase Fine Motor Skills and Finger Strength, Physical and Occupational Therapy Toy
Contains 3.5oz silicone therapy putty and a set of 10 beautifully hand painted charms (seahorse, octopus, dolphin, fish, whale, penguin, starfish, walrus, crab, and a snail) in a 4" metal tin that can withstand years of use
Play for hours, kneading, squeezing, bouncing, tearing, and stretching; searching for animals gives kneading regular, boring putty more fun, develop fine motor skills, intrinsic hand muscles and coordination, increases finger strength and in-hand manipulation skills, Sensory tool for tactile input. 

Fun and Function - Discovery Putty - Occupational & Physical Therapy Putty - Fine Motor Skills, Hand Exerciser, Grip Strengthener - Fidget Putty for Kids (Transportation Station & School Tools)
Stretch it, mold it or pull the putty until you find all the hidden objects - and then hide the pieces all over again! With our hand putty children can work on grip strength & hand strength all while having fun!
Roll, squeeze and stretch to provide tactile exploration, help reduce stress & encourage fine motor skill development. Our thera putty kit for kids integrates a variety of skills that your child can develop all in one sensory tool
This fidget putty is a great teaching and therapy tool and can be used to support speech, color recognition, math & language activities. This amazing putty is truly both fun AND functional!

Learning Resources Wriggleworms! Fine Motor Activity Set, Toddler Fine Motor Skills, Ages 3+ Pull up new fine motor skills one wiggly worm at a time! With the Wriggleworms! Fine Motor Activity Set from Learning Resources, kids can grow a garden full of new skills with none of the mess! With the help of the set's specially designed Tri-Grip Tong, kids catch and pull worms from the soft foam activity board, building hand strength, pencil grip, coordination, and other essential fine motor skills as they go! These worms build more than just fine motor skills—the Wriggleworms! Fine Motor Activity Set is packed with 5-in-1 preschool learning fun! With the included spinner and activity cards, kids can turn learning into a game as they master color identification, sorting, critical thinking, and early math skills! Best of all, the Wriggleworms! 

Our fire truck busy board is a perfect toy for your baby who likes anything that buckles. It is carefully handmade without any sharp edges and durable enough to hold up to toddlers' use. Designed in varying difficulty levels, so it is suitable for toddlers 2 3 4 years old. It can help them develop essential life skills early when using this amazing educational toy.
Busy board items develop toddlers' basic skills. Toddlers will learn how to open/close a zipper, button their clothes, tie their shoelaces, buckle their belts, play with gears, and other learning activities that they will pretty much enjoy.

Learning Resources Noodle Knockout! Fine Motor Game, Toddler Fine Motor Skills, 67 Pieces, Ages 4+
BUILD fine motor skills as you snag oodles of noodles for knock-out bowls of ramen!
3-IN-1 LEARNING: preschool fine motor, counting, and color skills!
SOLO or group play—test fine motor skills on your own or with up to three friends!
ALL-IN-ONE reusable packaging acts as game board and storage!
GIVE THE GIFT OF LEARNING: Whether you’re shopping for holidays, birthdays, or just because, toys from Learning Resources help you discover new learning fun every time you give a gift!

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