For Special Parents On Tough Days      

1. However tough today was, tomorrow is a new day and we'll all pick ourselves up and try again. You're a great parent or you wouldn't be in this group.

2. Breathe. You are invested parents who truly love your kiddos exactly as they were designed and created! Today will be over before you know and detox will begin. You are not alone!! This coming year is gonna rock for us all!!

3. You are a great parent and things will get better. Hugs to you all! 

4. Remember how much you love them, remember that you are their biggest supporter, and they will always be your biggest fan.

5. No matter what, you are doing your best and if you worry that you are then you are doing even better than that. Hugs, hang in there and focus on one thing at a time.

6. Sending hugs, sleep and a glass of wine to everyone who needs it. Give it your best, you are an amazing person and your kids are blessed to have you!!

7. Our kids love and appreciate everything we do for them. Relax and breathe. This gets better.

8. We handle IEP meetings, we got this!

9. Tomorrow is a new day!

10. God bless all of you who have made it through today. It was not easy for us, I think it's harder for me than for my son, because I hate watching him struggle. We are all amazing parents and we should be proud of ourselves and our kids.

Some encouraging words from other parents  

11. Take one moment at a time and appreciate your child for who they are!! Easier said than done I know. But the more you try to make them hurry up and calm down, the worse it seems to get! At least that is how it is for my son and I.

12. Being there for your kids and supporting them through overwhelming times is more important than anything. It will get better, it does get better. Take care of yourself, too!

13. Chin up! It will get better. Tomorrow is a new day! Each day we wake up, not knowing if if it will be a positive or negative experience for our son but we try to make the most of it. Our kids love us as much as we love them and we are blessed to be alive and the parents of wonderful, talented, complex children.

14. Take one day at a time. Think positive and tomorrow will be another chance for a better day. We think it is the end of the world at times. It will be OK. We can do this!

15. No matter how you are struggling today.....this day has a finite number of hours, and will eventually end. Tomorrow is always a chance for a "do over".

16. You are all super hero parents to kids with super powers! Even though it may seem hopless nothing is too much, no situation is to difficult! You are a super hero you can do anything! Chin up! Soldier on! Breathe!

17. No matter what the day holds, remember how many yesterday's you made it through. Tomorrow, today will be yesterday and you will have made it.

18. Our precious SPD babies might give us a tough time but with each hurdle, they make us stronger people. Look how they have transformed us already...we are SUPER STARS, they just make us shine. We will never lose our sparkle!

19. I like to remind myself what a blessing my child is! I have learned so much from him!

20. Worry about today and tomorrow will take care of itself! You've got this!

21. Hang in there... tomorrow's a new day. Let the good days out weigh the tough ones. U got this!! It gets easier.

22. It's one day... its nearly over. It will get better.

23. We are awesome make it happeners!!! We are superheroes in our children's eyes!

24. Only a couple hours until bedtime!

25. We can do it!

26. You are loved and appreciated.

27. You are a fabulous mum / dad. We all have moments where we want to give up, cry, scream, hide......We all wish life was different and less hard for our sensory kiddies, but remember their differences make them truly unique. As difficult as it to parent them, they are amazing!! Between us and them together, we accomplish more amazing things than any completely neurotypical family could dream of.

28. it may seem like no one else will or could understand how you feel right at that moment but we have all had those moments. all anyone can do is put one foot in front of the other no matter how small that step is always keep going forward.

29. Believe in yourselves, kiddos, your uniqueness, your strengths, your power. Parents, one day at time!

30. You're not alone, we will fight this battle together!

Just in case you need to hear this today

You are NOT a failure.

You are LOVED.

You are WANTED.

You are NEEDED.


I believe in YOU.

YOU can do it!   

 31. You are Strong! You are amazing! You are and always will be someone's role model that person calls you mom or dad! Stay strong life might be hard but we are here for you!

32. We are our children's path to understanding their world. Stay strong and calm, tomorrow is another day and it might be you posting and sharing a success story! xx

33. We are all the best or else we wouldn't be parenting theses wonderful special kids!

34. You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.