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Welcome to Home Therapy Solutions!  I'm Lori Frommer, an Occupational Therapist specializing in pediatric therapy.  My practice focuses on using developmental, psycho-social, and sensory integrative techniques to facilitate motor skills, learning abilities, and social-emotional well-being. This includes a supportive process of parent training, shaping behaviors, and home programming.  I work closely with child and parent to promote growth and harmony for the family unit.


 Pediatric Occupational Therapy


Home Therapy Solutions provides private pediatric occupational therapy in a sensory enriched clinic setting. Diagnoses include Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, Specific/General Learning Disability, Visual and Auditory Processing Disorder, Fine Motor Delay, Developmental Delay, Sensory Dysfunction. Treatment addresses pediatric motor coordination, handwriting, visual perception, visual motor, sensory development, reflex integration, self-care. Therapy is a direct child treatment approach, as well as an indirect approach for providing family education to ensure successful outcomes for the child.  When you call you speak with occupational therapist, Lori Frommer.  Lori provides initial phone consultations, is a resource for parent and child to get the appropriate professional help needed, as well as availing herself between treatment sessions for any concerns the parent has in order to facilitate carryover of therapeutic recommendations to the home.   
Comprehensive Evaluation and Intervention
Evaluation reports contribute to diagnostic evaluation, therapeutic intervention, educational planning, and home based strategies for improved performance.
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Getting Started:
Following initial phone consultation you will receive a Welcome Packet email consisting of recommendations to maximize out-of-network reimbursement and a developmental history for your child to be brought to the initial session.
To get started with your initial phone consultation, contact Lori Frommer at 973.464.2197 or 

 Occupational Therapy Parent Group Course:
"Putting the Sensation into Regulation"

*10% discount offered for Parenting Foundations classes to former or current
occupational therapy clients of Home Therapy Solutions.

Course & Schedule ​​

Parenting Foundations

Home Therapy Solutions provides adult based parenting support and coaching classes in order to help parents establish and maintain healthy connections with their children that will lead to thriving family environments and better management of child behaviors. The programming consists of a series of classes that are offered in a small group format.  The format of these classes is presentation driven with frequent opportunities for parent interaction.  The parenting classes are educational and are not intended to take the place of therapy.


 Building Blocks for Positive Parenting

 Intended for parents of children newborn to age 6.
A three-session course that will help parents build the foundation for respectful, loving and enriching relationships.  Included are sections on the social and emotional development of children, the qualities that contribute to healthy relationships between parent and child, a critical rethinking of the sources of children’s behaviors along with management strategies to support healthy child development. 

​Course runs on the same night/day for 75 minutes for 3 consecutive weeks. 
​Cost per participant: $155

 Building Blocks Parenting Support Groups

 Home therapy Solutions will offer support group series to parents who have taken the ‘Building Blocks for Positive Parenting’ course. The small group format will be an open forum to share frustrations, as well as ask specific questions to the group and facilitator.  Concepts and terminology will be used from the Building Blocks for Positive Parenting course to analyze the source of difficult behaviors and provide strategies to try at home.  Weekly meetings will allow for follow- up, refinement of a parenting plan with supporting strategies, and peer support. 

​This group meets on the same night/day for 75 minutes over 3 consecutive weeks. 
Cost per participant:  $135


There is a 10% discount offered for Parenting Foundations classes:
· To former or current occupational therapy clients of Home Therapy   Solutions

·  If you register with your spouse or friend
·  If you register for 2 or more classes

If eligible for discount, all you have to do is complete the contact form with course choice(s) and state your payment preference; either by credit card or check, and submit form.  You will receive a PayPal credit card invoice or the amount to be paid by check to your email reflecting the discount.  After payment is received you will get course confirmation from Home Therapy Solutions.

 Facility Hosting

Home Therapy Solutions provides on-site parent education classes to complement your current programming or to promote your facility within the community.  Please call or email for more information.

 Temper the Tantrum

 Intended for parents of children newborn to age 6.
A one session class expanding upon the concepts and strategies from the Building Blocks for Positive Parenting. Temper the Tantrum which help parents manage undesirable behaviors and reduce their child’s tantrums. 
​By discussing the reasons that tantrums typically occur in children under the age of six and sharing insights into the child’s thinking, parents will become better equipped to minimize tantrums, manage them when they do occur, and deal with the after effects so they occur far less frequently.  Strategies will be shared to help parents maintain control of the situation while teaching the child how to gain control of their emotions.

This is a 1 session course for 90 minutes.
Cost per participant is $65

 Putting the Sensation into Regulation

 Intended for parents of children newborn to age 6.  
​A one session class introducing key concepts and terminology for parents to help them understand sensory processing, levels of regulation, and sensory dysregulated behaviors.  By understanding the sensory factor in emotional regulation, parents will begin to view their children from a new and informed perspective. Typical and atypical sensory processing as well as associated behaviors will be addressed.   The parent will see that they are not alone with sensory-behavior frustration.  Taking the Building Blocks for Positive Parenting first is recommended as a foundation from which to build on.  

​​This is a 1 session course for 90 minutes.
Cost per participant is $65


Special Programs

Check here periodically for special topics, presenters, and scheduling.  Fees may vary.

If you have a specialty area you think would fit in with the mission and philosophy of Home Therapy Solutions and would like to be a presenter, please call or email to discuss details.


Lori Frommer, OTR/L
Lori is a graduate of the occupational therapy program at SUNY Buffalo, maintaining a New Jersey State license as well as a national certification in the field for over twenty-five years.  In addition to having a private pediatric and parenting education practice, Lori works at a school for students with special needs, as well as servicing children along with their families in the home through the New Jersey Early Intervention program.  
Lori takes pride in her current pediatric therapy area of focus using developmental, psycho-social, and sensory integrative techniques to facilitate motor skills, learning abilities, and social-emotional well-being. This includes a supportive process of parent training, shaping behaviors, and home programming.  Lori works closely with child and parent to promote growth and harmony for the family unit.  Both locally and nationally Lori is available for occupational therapy consultative support via video chat or phone.  


During the course of Lori’s career, she has understood that no matter how powerful therapy may be, her interactions with parents have provided the foundation for the greatest long term therapeutic victories for the child.  She has helped parents introduce significant changes within their families that had profound impact on child development, child behavior, and parent child relationships.  Lori is excited to add to her already established occupational therapy practice, professional parent coaching and support classes adapted from the former Take My Hand Parenting, LLC (June 2015) for which she was co-founder, co-developer, and co-facilitator.  As an OT she is trained to deliver a program which includes parent/child communication, behavioral, as well as sensory strategies that can be used to help parents recognize the issues that cause stress between parent and child and train parents to establish the positive and loving strategies that will make them more informed, calmer, and effective parents. She looks forward to sharing experiences from the heart so families can develop loving, respectful, and positive relationships.   

It is the mission of Home Therapy Solutions to promote healthy development, family harmony, and productive participation in life’s daily activities.

Home Therapy Solutions believes that when a child is experiencing healthy family connections and is functioning in a state of optimal developmental performance that child will thrive in his or her learning and social environments.    



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