Sensory Processing Disorder Courses For Parents

Calm Parent Calmer Child

“Become the calm, confident, connected parent you want to be”

Do you feel exhausted and stressed when it comes to parenting your child?

Are you quick to react vs. respond to situations?

Do you want to become a more calm, confident and connected parent?

During this online experience you will…

Understand how your mood and behavior as a parent impacts your child.
Learn the secret language of the body based on neuroscience and sensory processing.
Discover how thoughts, feelings, and emotions affect our internal state.
Build awareness of a growth mindset and language to enhance your relationships.  
Walk away with over 20 tools, you can use immediately, to help you keep your cool during stressful times.

Course Experience

As a parent, how can we stay quiet and in control, so our kids can feel calm and safe? During this four-week experience, parents will learn tools and practice what it feels like to be calm in their own body and mind. This is not about more parenting advice and things you should do for your child. It is a transformative program to become a more calm, confident, and connected parent from the inside out. These tools are lifelong and will translate into a more loving and patient relationship with your children, family, and friends.

About Michelle Mintz

Michelle knows your struggles first hand. She is both the mother of a child with SPD and an occupational therapist with over 28 years experience. She struggled silently for years, thinking she should know how to handle her own child and all the emotions she was going through. It wasn’t until she started implementing the tools she had learned in continuing education classes that she felt empowered and a sense of a calm.

About Stacey Beyer

Stacey is a parent of twins and a son that struggles with ADHD, LD and Anxiety. She has been an occupational therapist working with children for the last 27 years in a variety of settings from schools to private practice. Stacey knows how important it is to connect with other parents that understand the challenges of raising a “different” learner.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not an Occupational Therapist. I am an adult who has Sensory Processing Disorder, a sensory parent and a Grandma. The information on this website is not medical advice and does not replace the information that your child's therapists gives you. These are just ideas and information that I have learned myself over the years of being a parent and an adult living with SPD. If you are concerned for your child, please always seek medical attention through a family doctor, pediatrician or therapist. This website is for suggestions and informational purposes only. Each child is different and what works for one child may not for another because all children have different needs. Please always consult with a professional.

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