Sensory Slimes & Recipes 

Slime is not only fun to make but also a really awesome tactile sensory activity. There's so many sensory slime recipes to make and try for all ages, sensory diet needs and interests but here are a few recipes and ideas to get you started! 

Slime Recipe Books For Kids

Slime Making Kits For Kids 

Please only make and play with slimes under adult supervision. These are not my products or recipes but some resources I wanted to share with you. Check to see if each slime is safe for your child before making it or playing with it. I encourage you to research what is best for your family and use caution should any activities be potentially harmful. Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support disclaim liability for any damage, accident or injury that may occur from engaging in any of these activities or products on my website. These amazon links are from the Amazon Affiliate Program and are not my products so also please use caution. There's many types of slimes and ingredients that can be harmful.