The Kiley Project Sponsorship  

The Kiley project is going to work very hard to send out as many weighted blankets and compression bed sheets to children with special needs as we can. We understand that many children need a weighted blanket/sheet so please have patience with us while we fill orders. Please make sure you fill out the form accurately so we are able to contact you. If you are requesting blankets/sheets for more than one child please fill out one form per child. Your information submitted will be kept confidential.

Weighted blankets are custom made to child's weight. Weighted blankets are to be 10% of child's body weight plus one pound or less. If your child weighs 40 pounds than you would need a 5 pound weighted blanket.

Once you have contacted us to be sponsored, we will contact you back by email. You will then be required to email us a photo and short paragraph that will be posted on The Kiley Project's Facebook page. You will be required to share that post of your child and have others share the post until your child is sponsored for a weighted blanket/sheet.  

The Kiley Project is open to USA & Canada at this time.

Apply For Weighted Blanket Sponsorship

 The Kiley Project is partnering up with Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support

Weighted blankets are intended only for the use of those individuals that are able to remove the blanket off themselves. NEVER use a weighted blanket on an infant! NEVER roll a child up in a blanket, covering their face or pinning their arm. Recipient of this blanket understands that there is a suffocation risk involved with the use of a weighted blanket if used in a manner not intended and neither The Kiley Project. Polly Peppers, Sensory Stretchyz or Sensory Processing Parent Support is not responsible for any liabilities due to the misuse of this blanket. Recipient also understands that this blanket was ordered based on the information (weight of child) provided for the person this blanket is intended for, therefore recipient assumes any risk if the blanket being ordered is too heavy. Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support, Polly Peppers, Sensory Stretchyz or The Kiley project are not responsible for any liabilities due to the abuse of misinformation provided before making this blanket.