Tics are common in children with Sensory Processing Disorder
I have researched the different kinds of tics and some of them I had no idea!  There are simple tics and more complex ones, and they can be either motor-related or vocal-related too.

Here are some simple tics

Vocal tics: throat clearing, barking, sniffing, belching, coughing, hiccuping, yelling, coughing, making unusual sounds such as hissing, clicking teeth, animal sounds

Motor tics: blinking, kicking, arms flailing, head jerking, shoulder shrugging, tongue thrusting, jerking any part of the body, banging on a table, nose twitching

And here are some of the complex tics 

Vocal tics: repeating words or sentences, changing the pronunciation of words or tones of voice over and over, talking to oneself, cursing

Motor tics: flapping arms, grimacing, kissing, poking or pinching, shaking feet, jumping, adjusting clothing, gesturing with hands

This list is incomplete because even the experts can’t be sure what is truly a tic and what isn’t. What may be for one person may not be for another.   

Please see a professional if you are concerned about your child having tics.