Possible Causes For Sensory Processing Disorder

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It is not known what causes Sensory Processing Disorder. 

Possible causes for SPD

Genetics: SPD appears to have a genetic component as other family members often show sensory processing problems.
Trauma: SPD often appears in response to Prenatal insult from drugs, illness, and maternal stress, Birth complications, such as
asphyxia, post-birth trauma, or prematurity , Head trauma , Physical, sexual, or psychological abuse , Chemical abuse , Post-traumatic
stress disorder

Allergies: Virtually all people with sensory processing problems appear to suffer allergies and food sensitivities, linking the two.

Toxins: Exposure to environmental toxins, such as air contaminants, destructive viruses, and other chemicals often cause oversensitivity

2004-- 1 in 20 children’s daily lives is affected by SPD

2009-- suggests that 1 in 6 children experiences sensory challenges
sufficient to disrupt their academic, social, and/or emotional development