Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support
Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support 

Tools & Toys For Sensory Processing Disorder 

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Tools & Toys For Sensory Processing Disorder 

Jeanette Loftus 

Tools & Toys For Sensory Processing Disorder  Sensory Processing Disorder
Sensory tools and toys are for stimulating our senses and enhancing sensory experiences for children. These tools are usually used by parents, caregivers, occupational therapists and teachers to help children with sensory processing disorder with learning and development.

Sensory toys have come a long way since I first heard about sensory processing disorder. There are so many new products available to help our kids cope with their sensory processing disorder. There are so many different options now for fidgets, sensory bins and weighted blankets. These tools have a range of benefits and are designed to help your child's sensory differences.

Sensory tools encourage the brain to process sensory input. This can improve a child's ability to regulate their emotions, focus and take part in activities. A benefit of for using sensory tools is their ability to soothe children because they are calming. 

Many sensory tools provide deep pressure or tactile stimulation and that can have a calming effect on our nervous systems. This can be helpful for children who can become easily overwhelmed by sensory input or have difficulty regulating their emotions. A child may find comfort and calm with a weighted blanket because these tools can also be used for self-regulation for children when they are feeling sensory overload or anxiety.

Many sensory toys are open-ended and that means that they can be used in many different ways and they encourage children to use their imagination while playing. This will teach children to explore and discover new ways of using different sensory toys and tools which will help them to be creative and learn new problem solving skills.

Sensory tools can be great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. There are many sensory toys that require a child to use their fine motor skills like squeezing, twisting, or manipulating objects. When children use these sensory tools they strengthen their hand muscles and improve their hand-eye coordination, which is so important for writing, drawing, and self-care activities too.

Sensory tools have social benefits too because they can be used in group settings like in a classroom to encourage social interaction and cooperation. A sensory bin in the classroom can help children develop their social skills, such as turn-taking, sharing, and communication too.

Sensory tools and toys offer a very big range of benefits for children of all ages. They can help children who have sensory processing disorder with sensory integration, feel calm, stimulate their creativity and imagination, improve fine motor skills, and enhance social skills. The possibilities with sensory toys are endless and have so many benefits.

Tools and toys for sensory processing disorder can be used in schools, therapy and at home. If you have a child who struggles with sensory processing disorder and want to provide them with a fun and engaging sensory experience, start adding sensory tools and toys into their routine.
CozyPhones  Toddler Headphones Wireless Kids Headband Headphones

Headphones Wireless Headband Headphones

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Comfort On The Spectrum Super Soft Sensory Jumpsuit
Comfort On The Spectrum 

Super Soft Sensory Jumpsuit

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Smoosh Co. Matcha Squishable Scrunchie Our Squishy Scrunchies are a fashionable fidget accessory you can wear in your hair, or on your wrist, like a wearable squishy!  Offering a soothing “squish-ability” helps ease anxiety, boost focus, & support sensory regulation. Best of all, they are discrete, portable and perfect for school, work, traveling, & moments dedicated to personal wellness.
Smoosh Co. 

Matcha Squishable Sensory Fidget Scrunchie

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SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks Truly Seamless Sensory Friendly Socks

Truly Seamless Sensory Friendly Socks 

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Hawkins The Hedgehog Needs Head Squeezes is a book designed to help teach the head squeezing sensory strategy as well as equip support teams with how to foster language growth related to sensory needs
Sensory Books By Lizzy 

Hawkins The Hedgehog Needs Head Squeezes

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Munchables Chewelry Unicorn Chew Pendant Necklace
Munchables Chewelry 

Unicorn Chew Pendant Necklace 

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SENSE-ATIONAL YOU Sensory-Friendly Hoodie
Sense-ational YOU Clothing

SENSE-ATIONAL YOU Sensory-Friendly Hoodie

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WunderUndies briefs are children’s underwear that are sensory friendly!

Children's Sensory Bamboo Briefs Underwear

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Special Supplies Bumble Bee Sensory Vibrating Pillow, Pressure Activated for Kids and Adults, Plush Minky Soft with Textured Therapy Stimulation Bumps

Bumble Bee Sensory Vibrating Pillow

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SOUNDSORY® headphones, a multi-sensory home based program

Headphones Multi-Sensory Home Program

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Boys Slim Fit 6.5

Boys Slim Fit Anti Chafe Swim Trunks

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FORBRAIN® is a revolutionary brain training headset empowering people with speech, language, and attention challenges.

Headset for speech, language, and attention

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DreamGYM Doorway Sensory Therapy Net Swing - Rainbow

Doorway Sensory Therapy Net Swing Rainbow

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Lucky & Me Sophie Girls Sensory Friendly Briefs
Lucky & Me 

Sophie Girls Sensory Friendly Briefs

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Outerspace Flat Socks for Kids No Slip
Flat Socks 

Outerspace No Slip Flat Socks for Kids

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Parker & Talia Customizable Sensory Friendly The Everyday Tee
Parker & Talia 

Customizable Sensory The Everyday Tee

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Mazi + Mom Cozy Pink Sensory Processing Disorder Super Soft Sensory Freidnly Dress
Mazi + Mom 

Cozy Pink Sensory Friendly Dress 

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Gaiam Kids Balance Ball - Exercise Stability Yoga Ball, Kids Alternative Flexible Seating for Active Children in Home or Classroom

Kids Balance Exercise Stability Yoga Ball 

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Kozie Clothes Long Sleeve Plain And Simple Kozie Compression Shirt - Kid’s Therapeutic Compression Shirt
Kozie Clothes 

Long Sleeve Plain Kozie Compression Shirt

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JettProof Tie Dye - Calming Sensory Compression Sheet

Tie Dye Calming Sensory Compression Sheet

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The revolutionary KidsErgo is the safe and healthy way to sit. Children are happier and learn better when they can sit actively.
ErgoErgo Kids Ergo

The revolutionary Children's KidsErgo 

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Bumblito Buttery Soft Sensory Friendly Hoodie Superbolt

Buttery Soft Sensory Friendly Hoodie 

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Box Of Sensory Toys Sensory toy boxes curated for children approximately 4-9 years with Autism, ADHD, SPD or other needs.
Box Of Sensory Toys 

Sensory Toy Boxes Curated for Children 

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Electronic Auditory Stimulation effect (EASe) audio CD products
Vision Play EASe 

Electronic Auditory Stimulation effect CD's

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Theray Shoppe Spiky Tactile Glove Ultra silky-soft and stretchy, this neat multisensory glove
Therapy Shoppe

Spiky Tactile Stretchy Multisensory Glove

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Our Bleum Bra, which has been called the best bra ever

Bleum Sensory Friendly Bra

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Wikki Stix Fidgit Stix A fun, simple and colorful presentation just for those who need some hands-on fidget therapy
Wikki Stix 

Fidgit Stix  Hands-on fidget therapy

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