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Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support 

30 Things NOT To Say To A Sensory Parent (or any parent)

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30 Things NOT To Say To A Sensory Parent

 (or any parent)

Jeanette Loftus 

parent of a child who has sensory processing disorder talking to another parent 30 Things NOT To Say To A Sensory Parent  (or any parent)
We have all been there right? That moment when someone says something so extremely rude to us about our children and how they have acted or what they just said or did? I sure have! Many times.

Over the years, I think I have heard it all and that's why I decided to create a list.

I asked 30 sensory parents what they have been asked or told that they wished that others wouldn't have said.
These are statements and questions that shouldn't ever be said to sensory parents or any parents ever at all.

1. "What's WRONG with your child???"
2. "My child does that, too."
3. "he just needs more discipline"
4. You don't discipline your child very well
5. You just need to discipline him more. He'll straighten up.
6. Your child is spoiled...
7. I don't know how you do it!
8. They'll grow out of it.
9. "Your child is just naughty"
10. "He seems perfectly normal to me!"
11. Your child is just attention seeking
12. If u raised him in a strict Christian home he wouldn't have these problems.
13. It's just a phase!
14. "he's a spoiled brat!!!"
15. That's normal (when it obviously isn't.)
16. Just whoop em'/let em' cry it out.
17. Its your fault for not making her listen
18. He needs a good slap.
19. "my kid does the same thing, so it probably normal age thing"
20. "He's so out of control! You need to do something about that."
21. "My child would NEVER behave like that in public!"
22. Give me one weekend with him, I'd straighten him right out!
23. I wouldn't allow that behavior in my house
24. I don't want my children around your because they are a bad influence!
25. "Just make him stop- your the parent"
26. We were never like that!
27. Can't you keep control of your child? Maybe you shouldn't be a parent
28. Your kids just needs more spankings!
29. You need to stop letting your child run you, you are the parent!
30. It's just a temper tantrum!
Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support 

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