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Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support 

Can A Child Outgrow Sensory Issues?    

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Can A Child Outgrow Sensory Issues?    

Jeanette Loftus 

frustrated child who has sensory processing disorder Can A Child Outgrow Sensory Issues?
Sensory issues, also known as sensory processing disorder is when our brains have trouble receiving and responding to sensory information that comes through our senses. This can cause a child to have difficulty with everyday activities.

Sensory processing disorder can lead to behavioral issues and can affect a child’s development. The question that parents often ask me is whether their child will outgrow their sensory issues or if it is a lifelong condition.
It could be possible for a child to outgrow some of their sensory issues but it is not always the case. Every child is different and their sensory issues may

 be more severe or mild than others. I am 45 and I still struggle significantly with my sensory differences.
Some children may have mild sensory processing disorder symptoms that they are able to overcome with time, while others may have more severe sensory issues that require ongoing therapy and support. It is important to understand that sensory processing disorder is not something that a child can simply grow out of but with proper support and therapy they can learn to cope with there sensory differences.

A reasons why some children may appear to outgrow some sensory processing disorder symptoms is because their brains are still developing. Sensory processing disorder is often linked to a delay in the development of the central nervous system. As a child grows and their brain continues to develop, they may become better at processing sensory input. This can result in a decrease in their sensitivities.

If a child is constantly exposed to their sensory triggers it can make their sensory issues more pronounced but if they are in an environment where these triggers are minimized than it can help them learn to cope and decrease their sensitivities.

Early intervention is very important to help a child with their sensory processing differences. The earlier a child is diagnosed and receives therapy, the better their chances are of them being able to cope with their sensory issues or finding better ways to manage it.

Occupational therapy focuses on sensory integration, helping a child learn to process sensory input and develop coping strategies. If a child has consistent therapy and support than a child can learn to cope with their sensory issues.

It is important to understand that not all children will outgrow their sensory processing disorder. Some children will continue to experience sensory processing disorder symptoms throughout their lives. This is why it is important for parents to understand their child’s sensory needs and provide them with the necessary support and accommodations to help them. 
Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support 

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