Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support
Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support 

Benefits of Children Using Sensory Calming Tools

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Benefits of Children Using Sensory Calming Tools

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child with sensory differences blowing on a pinwheel Benefits of Children Using Sensory Calming Tools
Sensory calming tools can be very beneficial for children for a lot of different reasons. These sensory tools can help children with sensory processing disorders regulate their sensory input.  Using calming sensory tools can improve behavior, self regulation and attention. 

There are many different types of sensory calming tools and toys available for children. These tools and toys have their unique benefits. Some of the most popular types of sensory calming tools include:

Weighted blankets provide deep pressure input which can be very calming for children who struggle with sensory processing disorder.

Sensory fidget toys provide tactile input and can help children to focus and reduce their anxiety.

Chew toys provide oral stimulation and can be calming for children who need to chew.

Sensory bottles provide visual and auditory stimulation. They can be very calming for children who are overstimulated.

Children with sensory processing disorder require the use of sensory calming tools to help them regulate their sensory input. When a child is feeling overwhelmed and overstimulated they may become anxious, withdrawn or have a sensory meltdown. Sensory calming toys can help children with sensory differences to calm down. 

A sensory diet is a personalized plan that is created by your child occupational therapist (OT) that provides your child with the sensory input they need. A sensory diet may include different sensory calming tools and toys. Sensory calming tools can be beneficial for children with sensory processing disorder. These sensory tools can help children regulate their sensory input. 
Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support 

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