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Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support

Sensory Processing Sensory Diet Toys & Tools

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Sensory Processing Sensory Diet Toys & Tools

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Boy with sensory processing disorder playing with sensory toys Sensory Processing Sensory Diet Toys & Tools
Sometimes it can be very overwhelming as a parent who has a child with Sensory Processing Disorder especially when you're trying to find the right sensory toys and tools. 
There's so many products out there today and several stores that it can get confusing where to buy sensory diet tools and equipment. Using sensory tools and toys can be so helpful for children who have sensory processing disorder.

Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet Toys & Tools. Finding the right sensory tools for your child can be overwhelming and confusing.

Sensory tools are an important part of therapy when helping children with sensory differences. These sensory tools provide sensory input that children need to regulate their responses to sensory input and improve their sensory processing. Sensory toys and tools can help children with their fine motor and gross motor skills and with sensory regulation.

Sensory toys and tools can be used both at home and in therapy, making it easier for children to receive the sensory input they need regularly. Children with sensory processing disorder can experience a wide range of sensory differences and difficulties.

Some may be hypersensitive, meaning they are easily overwhelmed by sensory input, while others may be hyposensitive, meaning they seek out intense sensory input.

There are several specialty sensory stores that sell sensory tools specifically designed for children with sensory processing disorder. These stores often have a lot of sensory products to choose from and their staff may have knowledge in sensory processing disorder. 

Online sensory stores like the ones listed below on this page offer a wide variety of sensory tools and toys. You can browse through their products from the comfort of your own home and have the products conveniently delivered right to your doorstep.

Your child’s therapist or pediatrician may also have recommendations for specific sensory tools and toys that they have found to be effective and may be best for your child's sensory needs.

There are also many DIY sensory tool ideas available online. These can be a fun way to create sensory tools with your child and cost a lot less too. Ask your child's occupational therapist for some ideas.

Some of these businesses are run by parents of children who also have sensory differences, while others are started by occupational therapists or special educators.

These businesses offer a lot of different sensory products like fidgets, compression clothing and sensory bins too. They are sensory tools and toys are designed to help children with sensory challenges. 

Munchables photos of chewelry Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet Toys Equipment Tools
Munchables Chewelry: For Kids Who ChewMunchables sensory chew necklaces are recognized by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists for their ability to divert chewing. Our chewelry is the top selling brand of chewable jewelry because of its exceptional quality, durability and attractiveness. Try our chews risk free - satisfaction is guaranteed. Diverts chewing from fingers, clothing, hair, and other items.Recommended by OTs for children who tend to chew on items when seeking increased oral sensory input.Helps children to filter out excess stimulus in their environments and divert extra energy which can result in improved behavior and attention. Supports children with ADHD, anxiety, autism and sensory processing disorder. 
cozyphones 3 photos Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet Toys Equipment Tools
Introducing CozyPhones 3.0Toddler Headphones Wireless Kids Headband HeadphonesVolume Safe Soft Earphones with Wired Plug Adapter & Travel Bag for School Home Car AirplaneSince 2015, CozyPhones has sold over one million headband headphones. We've listened to our customers and made CozyPhones 3.0 the best CozyPhones yet by incorporating five major improvements in features. Read on to learn more about the features and benefits of CozyPhones 3.0.The auxiliary cable comes with in-line controls for volume and audio control functions. This allows you to easily control volume and other functions without having to remove the headset.

Kozie Clothes provides specialized apparel and products for children with special needs. The line features adorable, kid friendly products that offer therapeutic benefits, safety and ease of use. It is the combination of neuroscience principles methodically woven into trendy and relevant products that truly make the clothing applicable to your child's daily life. 

Sensory Friendly Clothing Due to difficulty processing sensory information, Children may have difficulty succeeding in school, home, and in social situations. Kozie’s sensory products can help your child calm, attend, and focus, and therefore experience more success across their daily activities.
kozie clothes sensory clothing body sock Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet Toys Equipment Tools
comfort on the spectrum sensory clothing Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet Toys Equipment Tools
Hey! I'm Kelly, the Owner and Creator of Comfort on the Spectrum, where all of our products are crafted with love and care for comfort lovers!We take the body's senses into careful consideration by using the softest bamboo fabric, flat seam stitching, and avoiding all the annoying things like tags, buttons, zips, and plastic graphics. This makes our products perfect for everyone, including those who experience discomfort from clothing due to sensitivities from Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, or Sensitive Skin.Our brand prides itself on being inclusive, and our mission is to make dressing a comfortable and enjoyable experience while looking amazing all at the same time!
Monthly kid’s subscription box of sensory toys curated by a children’s therapist. Our sensory box is packed with unique toys for therapeutic play, calming, regulation. Develop sensory skills the fun way! 
Beautifully curated by a former teacher and therapist, our specialty toy boxes provide a magical "learning through play" experience for both child and family alike. These carefully chosen sensory tools, fidgets and skill-building toys bring a sense of calm, focus and positive therapeutic aid to your child’s therapy or playtime sessions.
three photos of different monthly boxes from box of sensory toys
savoiz sensory swings Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet Toys Equipment Tools
SAVOIZ is a Canadian family run company. Family is at it's core in everything that we create. We provide solutions for families to help their kids regulate, gain confidence and thrive. It's more than products we create experiences that create positive lasting effects in development.Our product line ranges from sensory swings, compression sheets and weighted blankets.
SAVOIZ was established in 2020 when Adriana the founder was laid off from her job. The inspiration and desire was always there but there was never the time to pursue this before so we can say that everything has a silver lining. 
Make getting dressed fun again!Clothing for little girls who can’t stand clothing!Sensory processing disorder clothing, sensitive kids, soft clothing…
call it whatever you want....but end the morning tears!After years of not being able to find comfortable soft clothes that Mazi could wear, we set out to create our own.
End the tears when getting dressed, and look cute at the same time!
mazi and mom sensory dresses Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet Toys Equipment Tools
Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet Toys & Tools Forbrain
Forbrain is a revolutionary brain training device that empowers everyone to harness their voice to boost their brain. Forbrain maximizes abilities in speech, attention, and memory with a sensory workout. Harness your voice and experience real improvements at school, therapy, or work.
Forbrain modulates the voice to make it sound clearer and stimulates the brain, thus retraining your abilities. Using the device is easy and intuitive: simply wear the headphones, switch them on, and speak for a few minutes every day to boost your brain. You'll soon grow your abilities in communication, concentration, and learning.
The headset helps individuals with sensory processing difficulties, speech and language delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, Auditory Processing Disorder and more. 
Smush Co. is on a mission to inspire confidence & joy in growing kids & adults.We are a neuroinclusive shop dedicated to providing beautifully designed, functional and fashionable wellness accessories for those seeking thoughtful sensory support, relief & play!Smush Co. are a 2-in-1 hair & sensory accessory lovingly made to provide discrete sensory companionship at home or on the go with unmatched hold & lift for your hair. Pinch, smoosh, fidget & squeeze to your heart's content. Smush Co. are designed with your wellness in mind providing an easy go-to for self-soothing and sensory processing. We strive to curate luscious and soothing textures, colors, and patterns that deliver a sensory experience with just the right squish and give for tingle-worthy feels.Smush Co. offer all the benefits of your regular scrunchie or hair tie and more!Our patent-pending squishy interior delivers an unexpected added lift & support keeping your hair way up and out of your way effortlessly.
three photos of sensory fidget scrunchies  smush co
sensory friendly underwear three photos sensory friendly wunderundies
WunderUndies are the newest brand of children's underwear ideal for sensory sensitive kids! They are made of an incredibly soft and stretchy blend of bamboo and cotton fabric, are elastic free, tag free, gender neutral, and have super fun prints! They come in both brief and boxer brief styles in sizes 2T-12.
Does your kid come home and immediately strip down to their underwear? Or … maybe they never put clothes on in the first place? If they insist, best that they be in some super soft, super cute, super durable underwear with a super fit that cover everything you want them to.
Maybe you’ve got a kid who just isn’t comfortable in the cheap big name brands and fidgets in their underwear all day long. WunderUndies is fidget free. No itchy elastic anywhere and made with super soft and stretchy bamboo and cotton fabric. 
Parker & Talia is a clothing brand committed to creating clothing that is inclusive for all children. Founded by Valerie Bernal, who has children with sensory sensitivities, the brand is designed to address the challenges that come with finding comfortable clothing for children with sensory challenges. Parker & Talia uses eco-friendly bamboo-based fabric that is soft and hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for children's clothing for children with sensory sensitivities. This brand aims to empower children and their families by providing clothing options that work for them, specific to their individual needs.  
sensory friendly shirts parker and talia
books by lizzy three photos of different books Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet Toys Equipment Tools
Books by Lizzy, a series curated by passionate speech pathologists dedicated to empowering individuals with sensory and communication needs.Our "Living In The Land of Sensory" series offers effective, immediate strategies for both kids and adults, teaching calming techniques and emphasizing the power of sensory-communication pairing. Crafted by speech pathologists, these books use high-frequency words to build sensory vocabulary while portraying relatable characters facing sensory challenges, including those with autism and children using AAC devices like in "Hawkins The Hedgehog Needs Head Squeezes" and "Morgan The Monkey Needs To Swing." These books equip children with techniques they can apply independently, fostering inclusivity by depicting diverse characters and the tools they use.
We are a small, friendly and playful company with the wonderful task of producing a unique and amazing product to delight, inspire and entertain children, while bringing peace, quiet and joy to parents and grandparents!And, we have been doing this, now, for over thirty years! Wikki Stix One-of-a-Kind Creatables are the award winning original waxed yarn creativity toy — made in the USA!Not only are Wikki Stix a wonderful creative activity toy…they are also a “Really Cool Tool for Teaching School.” So, if you’re a teacher, you may have seen us at your national conference, as we are there every year with new and innovative ways Wikki Stix can be helpful in your classroom.
three photos of wikki stix and wikki stix activities crafts Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet Toys Equipment Tools
three photos of flat socks sensory friendly sock options
When your child won’t wear socks and the long screaming fits that follow start to get old, FLAT SOCKS Kids are a tantrum-free solution to keeping kids’ socks on their feet. They don’t slip around or fall off and the moisture wicking material pulls sweat away for always fresh, never stinky feet. Plus, the layer of soft, cushy foam provides comfortable padding that regular socks don’t. With FLAT SOCKS Kids, your child will love the cool designs and comfy fit while you’ll love the hassle-free experience! The perfect non-slip, no-show sock for kids, FLAT SOCKS Kids have a slim profile that fits easily into children’s and toddler’s shoes. And the best part? You can toss them in the washer and dryer, just like socks. 
picture of bleuet bras sensory friendly clothing
Bleuet offers apparel designed for growing tween and teen girls, giving them confidence in their bodies and the freedom to do what they love. Designed by a mom of a daughter who is sensory sensitive, Bleuet apparel is itch-free, tag-free and made with minimal seams for comfort in ultra-soft performance, moisture-wicking fabric.  The company's mission is to help girls feel more comfortable and confident as they grow; to support parents in raising kind, confident daughters; and to give to girls in need as well as investing in young female tween and teen entrepreneurs. Bleuet is proud to partner with manufacturers who provide safe working conditions and ensure living wages for its workers.
Therapy Shoppe is a charming little occupational therapist-operated specialty shop that features innovative sensory products, fidget tools, therapy toys, oral motor chewies, wiggle seats, handwriting specialties, weighted and deep pressure specialties, and other hard-to-find sensorimotor favorites for families, therapists, teachers, and special needs kids. Voted the #1 "Favorite Vendor for Pediatric Therapy Products" – this friendly one-stop-shop is well-known for their very personal customer service, quality products, great prices, fast shipping, and fun little bright pink catalog! 
therapy shoppe therapy store Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet Toys Equipment
bumblito sensory friendly clothing photos dress hoodie shirt
Bumblito was started as a sister company to our organic cloth diapering brand, Smart Bottoms. Our goal is to provide USA-made products that are affordable, sustainable, and high-quality. Our signature fabric is made of a polyester blend that is silky soft, super stretchy, and temperature controlling. While it feels much like bamboo, it is 10X more durable, no holes after just a few washes! Because we use eco-conscious, sublimation printing our vibrant prints won't fade. Our stretchy fabric and grow-with-me designs allow families to get years of wear out of a single piece of clothing, no more sizing up every 3 months. Most of our apparel utilizes the natural stretch of the fabric and it's ability to retain it's shape and elasticity rather using elastic, making it great for kids with sensory sensitivities. 
Sense-ational You is an inclusive clothing brand specifically designed to meet the needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder. Our mission is to make fashion inclusive of all children and to celebrate the unique beauty every child has to offer. We do this through sensory-friendly and fine motor friendly clothing that all kids can enjoy but make clothing accessible to those with sensory needs. We also offer clothing with added hidden functionality from sound reduction to compression. 
sense-sational sensory clothing shirt hoodies Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet Toys
Phoros of ergo sensory active seating for children
Active sitting on ErgoErgo allows your body vitality and ease. With two feet flat on the ground, you can move gently through a wide range of positions. Engage your core, relieve your lower back, and enjoy greater abdominal spaciousness with deeper breathing
ErgoErgo is a great option as an office desk chair, flexible classroom furniture, a gaming chair, and innovative seating for everyone from office workers to pregnant moms to seniors, artists, and computer engineers. Micro-movements send more vital blood and oxygen to the brain, keeping the mind alert, aware and awake.
DreamGYM brings the fun of the outdoors into your home.  Our product line includes a variety of doorway gyms and sensory swings that allow children to self-regulate and have fun in the comforts of their own homes.Children will have a blast climbing ladders, swinging on trapeze bars, doing flips on gym rings or relaxing in sensory hammocks. Parents love the ability our swings have to calm down overwhelmed youngsters on the verge of a meltdown.DreamGYM's unique design installs right into your doorway and ready for play in minutes.DreamGYM is a family-owned business founded in 2007 in Canada. Our mission is to keep families regulated and in motion.
Dreamgym sensory swings Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet swings
sensory calming wands Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet Toys
Have you heard of the Sensory Calming Wands (handheld vibrations) for kids? They are helping parents/children w/transitions, re-regulation, and just times when caregiver needs a break but sensory input is needed. Age 3-6ish is ideal.
Sensory Regulation Toy
Proprioceptive, tactile and vestibular sensory input
Calms and relaxes central nervous system
Sensory Regulation Support 
Soothing Calming Toy Vibrating Relaxation Toy
SmartKnitKIDS® patented seamless products are perfect for children experiencing sensory processing differences, hypersensitivity or who simply can’t stand annoying seams! Our super soft socks, undies, compresso-ts and bralettes for sensitive skin will not wrinkle or bunch and are proven to reduce irritation. ShopThuasne is your source for information on your sensory kids’ needs. While at ShopThuasne, you can read our educational blogs to learn tips and advice on helping your children navigate their sensory challenges, explore how our products can provide solutions to challenges your children may face, and shop our collection of high-quality kids products. 
smartknitkids sensory friendsly clothing socks undies Sensory Processing Disorder
lucky and me childrens sensory friendly clothing underwear for girls and boys
Does your child: Have Sensitive Skin?They hate the feel of scratchy fabrics and tight elastic.Refuse to Put on Clothing?You’d do anything to put an end to the dress-time tantrums.Quality Clothing Your Child DeservesSofter. Comfier. Greener.Soft Premium MaterialsWe source the highest quality materials, from organic cotton and performance fabrics to plush elastics and eco-friendly dyes.Made to LastWhether it’s playground shenanigans or multiple machine washes, our clothes retain shape and color through it all.Free US Shipping & ReturnsAs parents, we know shopping for kids isn’t exactly easy. That’s why we cover your shipping and returns—so your experience is risk-free.
With over 20 years of extensive clothing manufacturing, design, export and marketing background, Jett’s mother decided to provide a solution to help Jett and other families throughout the world. JettProof was born!Customers purchase JettProof clothing and undergarments for individual's living with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Rett Syndrome and Anxiety.JettProof undergarments are made from Calmtex, a lightweight, breathable, high quality sensory fabric which was designed for sensory care.JettProof can be worn comfortably under clothing all year round. JettProof undergarments enable children to wear their favourite clothing (or school uniform) and benefit from this unique calming undergarment.
jettproof sensory friendly clothing for children sensory children wearing clothing
My son, Chris, told me he wanted to study music at college. I thought "Why do people fail at doing things they love?" Maybe they don't understand the business around it.
Together, we realized how many people are actually uncomfortable in their clothing. So, we started to design for the texture sensitive (flat seams, no tags, no-cling fabrics) to ensure everyone is comfortable.
During this journey, we have seen how hard the textile industry is on the environment. Clothing/textile manufacturing is the second largest global polluter behind oil.
As a result, our fabrics contain recycled post consumer content, as well as highly sustainable threads made from saw dust and corn waste. 
EASE listening therapy young girl doing listening therapy
Electronic Auditory Stimulation effect (EASe) audio CD products were the original evidence based, auditory stimulation program, developed in 1994 and used by tens of thousands of parents, therapists, teachers, non profit organizations, and school systems to treat hundreds of thousands of children in listening therapy programs all over the world. 
EASe music products have been studied by researchers at Brenau University since 2012 and found to be effective at reducing Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) in children on the autism spectrum, and in 2021 found to be useful in reducing distress in those with Misophonia.


Our Star Essence sensory goods are designed to help teachers and parents create an environment where children can quickly and naturally take care of their sensory needs. The Star Essence sensory goods come in four different essential oil blends Awesome Blend,  Energy Blend, Focus Blend, and Relax Blend. SAFE, NON TOXIC RAW MATERIALS We have carefully researched the raw materials used in our products to ensure we are providing safe, non-toxic, all natural sensory tools that children will enjoy while helping to self-regulate throughout the day.Each product uses the power of aromatherapy and pure essential oils that are a powerful and quick way to affect memory, hormones and emotions.
wellnessed boutique little girl playing with sensory putty essential oil putty aromatherapy
CalmCare is proud to manufacture and supply high-quality, sensory-style compression garments which are fast gaining a reputation for helping to calm the sensory system of Autistic children and adults.Our products can also greatly benefit people who have ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, PTSD and Anxiety.Developed by a caring parent of an Autistic child, CalmCare has vastly improved the day to day lives of this family, and thousands more.After a frustrating and exhausting search could not produce a sensory garment that was suitable for special needs children, one that would enable them to self-regulate and could be worn discreetly all day, every day….CalmCare was born!
Soundsory's program consists of specially-designed music processed through neuro-acoustic modifications combined with a series of movement-based exercises.
Soundsory utilizes specific auditory inputs to stimulate multiple parts of the brain through music and movement, thereby integrating and improving motor, emotional and cognitive skills.
The main purpose of Soundsory is to establish strong cognitive foundations, from the fundamentals of sensory integration to more complex cognitive functions. It is based on a concept known as neuroplasticity, i.e. the brain can change itself and create new connections through specific and repeated stimulation. It is a 40 day program with 30 minutes of simulataneous rhythmic music listening and body movement exercises.
Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Diet Toys & Tools soundsory
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