28 Ways To Spread SPD Awareness

1. Learn as much as you can about Sensory Processing Disorder.

2. Any way that you can spread SPD awareness it will help increase public understanding about SPD.

3. Remember Knowledge is power!

4. Share everything that you can on Facebook.

5. Tweet about SPD on Twitter.

6. Pin links on Pinterest.

7. Post about SPD on Instagram.

8. Start a blog about SPD.

9. Take every opportunity to share your SPD journey with everyone.

10. Be a guest blogger on a blog.

11. Help others understand more about Sensory Processing Disorder.

12. Spread the word when you learn about new sensory tools to help sensory kiddos!

13. Become an advocate.

14. Start local walks/runs or sensory days.

15. Talk to local businesses to host sensory days such as theater, museum, children's gym or play place.

16. Participate in events.

17. Start local a sensory support group.

18. Start a sensory play date group.

19. Wear awareness clothing. Click here

20. Contact your local newspaper and write an article about SPD.

21. Call your local news to talk about SPD, provide your story.

22. Host an educational event to educate others locally.

23. Distribute brochures, stickers or cards.

24. Suggest friends and family "LIKE" our page on Facebook to learn more about SPD and understand your family. 

25. Send out a mass email to everyone on your contacts list.

26. At your place of employment or your kiddos school request a "wear orange and blue" day!

Change your Facebook cover photo and profile photo to something with SPD. 

28. Start a sensory campaign. 


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