Autism & Sensory Processing Disorder Movies 

Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder are two neurodivergent conditions. They can affect millions of people all over the world and can have a significant impact on a person's life.  

While there are many resources available to help educate and raise awareness about these conditions movies can also play an important role in spreading understanding. 

Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder Movies? Yes! I had no idea there are so many movies about Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. 

Watching movies as a family or parents, we can learn a lot. It feels great to be able to watch a movie and be able to relate to the story and understand what that person or family is experiencing in their lives.  It can help us feel less alone too. 
Autistic child with Sensory Processing Disorder watching autism and sensory SPD movies shows Autism & Sensory Processing Disorder Movies

Movies have the power to bring us into the lives of others and give us a glimpse into their struggles, triumphs, and unique perspectives. When it comes to autism and sensory processing disorder, movies can provide a window into the sensory experiences and challenges that individuals with these conditions experience every day.

A popular movie that showcases Autism is 'Temple Grandin.' This biographical drama tells the story of Temple Grandin, a renowned animal behaviorist and autism advocate. The movie depicts Grandin's struggles and successes as she navigates the world as an autistic person. It also highlights her unique perspective and how it helps her excel in her field of study. 'Temple Grandin' not only gives viewers a better understanding of autism but also shows the potential and talents of autistic individuals. I had the privilege of meeting Temple Grandin a few years ago, I really enjoyed her movie. 

There have also been more movies that focus on sensory processing disorder. 'A Boy Called Po' is a heartwarming film that portrays a father's journey to understand and connect with his son, who has sensory differences. The movie not only shows the challenges of living with sensory issues but also the power of a parent's love and determination to support their child. It also sheds light on the impact of parenting on a child with sensory processing difficulties and the need for acceptance and accommodation.

'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' is another movie that features a character with sensory processing disorder. In this film, Oskar Schell, a young boy with SPD, tries to solve a mystery left behind by his late father. The movie not only raises awareness about sensory difficulties  but also explores the grief and coping mechanisms of a child who has lost a loved one. It also shows the importance of understanding and accommodating individuals with sensory challenges in their grieving process.

Movies about autism and sensory processing disorder not only educate the general public but also provide a sense of representation and validation for individuals with these conditions. These movies offer a chance for those who may not have personal experience with Autism or sensory differences to gain insight into the daily challenges and unique perspectives of individuals with these two conditions.

When it comes to portraying autism and sensory processing disorder on screen, it is important  to ensure accuracy and sensitivity. Filmmakers should consult with individuals who have lived experience with autism, sensory processing disorder and incorporate their input to create a more authentic representation. Including autistic individuals or people who struggle with sensory processing disorder in the production of these movies can also provide valuable insights and perspectives.

Movies about autism and sensory processing disorder have the potential to be powerful tools for education, awareness and understanding. They provide an opportunity for individuals to see the world through a different lens and to develop empathy and compassion for those with these conditions. With more accurate and sensitive portrayals, these movies can continue to break down stigmas and increase awareness and acceptance for individuals with Autism and sensory differences.

Here is a list of Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder movies. Most can be found on Netflix, Crave or Amazon Prime. 

1. Adam

2. After Thomas

3. Autism Every Day

4. Autism Is a World

5. Autism: The Musical

6. Bless the Child

7. Children of the Stars

8. Cries from the Heart

9. Dad's in Heaven with Nixon

10. Dark Floors

11. Dear John

12. Killer Diller

13. Marathon

14. Mary and Max

15. Mercury Rising

16. Miracle Run

17. Mozart and the Whale

18. My Name Is Khan

19. Normal People Scare Me

20. Rain Man

21. Recovered: Journeys Through the Autism

22. Spectrum and Back

23. Refrigerator Mothers

24. Season of Miracles

25. Silent Fall

26. Snow Cake

27. Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love

28. Temple Grandin

29. The Black Balloon

30. The Boy Who Could Fly

31. The Horse Boy

32. The Story of Luke

33. The Transporters

34. Too Sane for This World

35. What's Eating Gilbert Grape

36. Wretches & Jabberers

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