Firework Ideas For Sensory Kiddos


1. Prepare your kiddos ahead of time what to expect.

3. IPod/Mp3 player with favorite music. 

4. Take some kids Ear plugs

5. Reading books about fireworks to prepare them.

6. Sunglasses.

7. Being held and hugged tightly. 

8. Practice with a couple small fireworks at home. 

9. Don't watch them too close, watch them from a  distance. 

10. Watch fireworks on Youtube before you go. 

11. Watch them in a spot not crowded with too many people. 

12. Only stay as long as they are enjoying the fireworks. 

13. Have your kiddos pick out a comfortable chair for seating. 

14. Bring a weighted blanket/lap pad.  

15. Bring a favorite  toy for comfort. You could try a weighted animal too. 

16. Have an escape plan when they are ready to leave.  

17. Check locally for sensory friendly fireworks. 

18. Reassure your kiddo that they are safe. 

19. Let your kiddo choose where to watch them and sit. 

20. Give your kiddo tasks such as handing out snacks to have some control. 

21. Give your kiddo a camera to take pictures.  

22. Take glow sticks.  

23. Essential oils for calming. 

24. Post a visual schedule of the big day to prepare them ahead of time. 

25. Take a children's tablet with games to keep them busy.