Mindfulness Activities For Children    

Teaching our children to be mindful, is teaching them long term life skills that will help them as they grow. These life skills will minimize their anxiety and stress, improve their focus, increase their happiness and improve their ability to cope when they find life getting too overwhelming or overstimulating.  

Mindful activities are not just for adults, being mindful is for children too. Being mindful is for everybody! 

When teaching your children mindful activities, you want to choose the right place, the right time and you want them to be calm and ready to engage. If your child is hyper, running around, bouncing off the walls and not focused then I would wait for a quieter time. (I know how difficult that is) 

says mindful activities for children little blond haired girl being mindful and meditating

Explain to your child what mindfulness means and how you could show them how to do mindful activities together. Make mindful activities a positive part of their day. This includes familiar activities that they enjoy, especially when they are just beginning to learn how to be mindful. Include mindful activities in your child's visual schedule. This will help them to expect and understand that this will become a part of their routine. After a while, you will notice that your child is practicing being mindful on their own naturally. 

There are several categories of mindful activities for children. Mindful breathing, mindful eating, mindful movement, and mindful coloring and crafts are a few examples of mindful activities.

Benefits for teaching children mindful activities

- increases emotional regulation
- decreased depression
- better memory
- cognitive improvements
- stronger relationships
- better physical health
- reduces anxiety and stress
- better focus and attention
- improve sleep
- better moods
- increased self esteem
- better decision making
- improved social skills
- increased feeling of calm
- improved academic performance
- increase compassion and kindness
diagram benefits for mindful activities little boy in yellow shirt being mindful

Being mindful is about being in the moment. Being here in your thoughts. Being engaged in a place where you are not worried about yesterday, and you are not worried about tomorrow. You are here, observing details and paying attention to what is happening now. Noticing how things taste and how they feel, or what you see with the things that are around you. When your child is being mindful, they have control.  This allows them to manage their feelings, emotions, thoughts, and the sensations coming from their bodies. Being mindful means taking our time, being calm and relaxed while doing our daily activities. Being mindful will help your child develop self-awareness and self-regulation skills. 
STOP. Stop, Take a breath, Observe, and Proceed.

Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing can be done in so many different ways. You want your child to be comfortable. Practice breathing slowly, closing or opening their eyes and asking them to take notice when their chest moves when they breathe. 

There is a wide variety of mindful breathing activities for children that you can practice. Here are a few ideas. Some breathing techniques your child will absolutely love, others not so much. Try a few to see which what works for your child. 

1. Feather Breathing

2. Triangle Breathing 

3. Bunny Breathing 

4. Mountain Breathing

5. Teddy Bear Breathing

6. Square Breathing

7. Star Breathing 

8. Blow Out The Candle Breathing 

9. Eight (8) Breathing 

10. Whale Breathing 

11. Snake Breathing 

12. Bumblebee Breathing 
13. Five Finger Breathing 

14. Pinwheel Breathing 

15. Rainbow Breathing

16. Volcano Breathing 

17. Elephant Breathing 

18. Dragon Breathing 

19. Balloon Breathing 

20. Bubble Breathing 

21. Flower Breathing 

22. Shoulder Roll Breathing 

23. Fall Leaf Breathing 

24. Soup Breathing

Feather Breathing 

You will need feathers for feather breathing. You can use the colorful craft feathers from the dollar store or you can order from Amazon. Ask your child to hold a feather in their hand, taking a deep breath in while you count to 3. 1-2-3. Then ask your child to breathe out slowly down one side of the feather and down the other side of the feather. Your child can also take a deep breath in while they move their finger up the feather and down the other side too. 

Feather breathing young boy holding feather being mindful mindful activities for children

Triangle Breathing 

You or your child can draw a picture of a triangle as a visual for your child to do triangle breathing.  Once they are familiar with the exercise they can just visualize the triangle to do it. 
Starting at the bottom left point of the triangle, have your child trace their finger on the line going up one side of the triangle, taking a deep breath and holding it for 3 seconds as they slide down the triangle. Then as they slide across the bottom of the triangle exhaling. Repeat this until they are feeling calm.  

little boy in red shirt triangle breathing mindful activities for children

Bunny Breathing 

Bunny breathing can be fun for smaller children. To start, ask your child to pretend to be a bunny while holding a pretend carrot or a real one. Sniffing in air in their nose 3 times to smell the carrot. (1 sniff, 2 sniffs and 3 sniffs) Then ask your child to breath out the air slowly through their nose. (1 slow breath) Repeat until feeling calm. 

little girl with bunny mindful activities for children

Mountain Breathing 

Your child can do mountain breathing while standing up or sitting down. To start, ask your child to inhale through their nose and raise their arms high above their head trying to reach the sky. Then get your child to bring their hands together above their head and ask your child to imagine they are as tall as the biggest mountain. Keeping their feet together ask them to imagine their feet are roots and they are so tall and strong. Then ask your child to exhale through their mouth while bringing their hands down. Repeat a few times until they are feeling calmer.    

little both next to a mountain mountain breathing mindful activities for children

Teddy Bear Breathing 

Teddy bear breathing is an easy and fun breathing technique for children. Ask your child to lay down on their back and get comfortable. Ask them to take their teddy bear and place it on their belly. Inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Ask your child to focus on their teddy bear, watching it go up and down as they breathe. Repeat several times until they are focused and calm.  

small child a girl holding a teddy bear teddy bear breathing activity mindful activities for children

Square Breathing 

Square breathing is also known as box breathing. It is quite similar to the triangle breathing technique. Use a picture of a square box as a visual for your child. After they are familiar with this breathing technique they will visualize without the picture. Ask your child to slide their finger up the left side of the square getting them to inhale while you count to 4. Holding their breath as they slide across the top of the square and exhaling as they slide their finger down the right ride of the square and then holding their breath as they slide their finger across the bottom of the square. Repeat a few times until your child is feeling calm and relaxed.  

little child a boy in green shirt meditating doing yoga or mindful activity square breathing mindful activities for children

Star Breathing 

Star breathing is a lot like square and triangle breathing. Use a picture as a visual for your child of a star and after they are familiar with the star they will be able to visualize the star and do the breathing activity on their own. Ask your child to breathe in along the line of the star, holding for 3 seconds at the point and then breathing out along the next line. Repeating this for the full star pattern. Your child can repeat this a couple of times until they are feeling calm. 

child holding a star star breathing mindful activities for children

Blow Out The Candle Breathing 

Ask your child to pretend they are blowing out the candles on their birthday cake. Taking a deep breath through their nose and breathing out through their mouth blowing out the candles. 

little girl with blond hair and pink short being mindful candle breathing mindful activities for children

Eight (8) Breathing 

Draw an 8 on a piece of paper, ask your child to turn it sideways. Start in the center of the lazy 8, ask your child to trace their finger around the right side of the 8 as they are taking in a deep breath. When they get back to the center of the 8 again, breath out a deep breath while they are tracing their finger back to the center of the lazy 8. 

boy child sitting doing yoga and being mindful eight 8 breathing mindful activities for children

Whale Breathing 

Ask your child to sit up tall and take a deep breath in, holding it in while counting to 5 with their finger over their mouth. Ask them to tilt their head back and blow their breath out of the blow hole. 

a blue whale for whale breathing mindful activities for children

Snake Breathing 

Snake breathing can be fun for kids. Ask your child to take a deep breath in and then letting their breath out while hissing quietly like a snake. 

green snake for snake mindful breathing activity mindful activities for children

Bumblebee Breathing 

Get your child to sit comfortably. Ask them to carefully put a finger in each of their ears and close their eyes. Ask them to breathe in through their nose watching their belly get full of air and then ask them to buzz softly like a bumble bee as they breathe out the air. Repeat a few times until your child is feeling calm.  

beautiful big bumblebee yellow and brown bumblebee breathing mindful activities for children

Five Finger Breathing 

Have your child stretch one of their hands open and hold up their pointer finger on their other hand. Starting at the bottom of their thumb, get them to trace each finger and they breathe in. When they reach the top of the finger breathing out. Repeat for all fingers and a few times until they are feeling calm. 

child with blond hair and blue shirt five finger breathing mindful activities for children

Pinwheel Breathing 

Pinwheel breathing is a great mindful breathing activity for children.  It can be done while sitting down or standing up, although you will need a pinwheel for your child to do this activity. Get your child to take a deep breath through their nose and then slowly breathe out blowing on the pinwheel watching the pinwheel spin. They can repeat this a few times until they are calm. Pinwheels can be found at some dollar stores and also available on Amazon

a toddler child blowing on pinwheel for pinwheel breathing mindful activities for children

Volcano Breathing 

Ask your child to put their hands together. Breathe in and pushing their hands above their head holding their breath for a moment. Ask them to then breathe out as they bring their arms down to their sides like an exploding volcano. Ask them to repeat this a few times until they are feeling calm. 

boy creating volcano wearing teal shirt and happy mindful activities for children

Elephant Breathing 

Ask your child to stand with their feet apart and their arms dangling in front of them like the trunk of an elephant. As they breathe in deeply through their nose get them to raise their arms up high above their head. Then slowly swinging their arms down again as they breathe out through their mouth. Your child can repeat this several times until they are feeling calm.  

blue elephant pink ears elephant breathing mindful activities for children

Dragon Breathing 

Dragon breathing can be a fun breathing activity for children. Your child can be seated or standing while doing dragon breathing. Ask your child to take a deep breath in and when they breathe out ask them to roar like a dragon. They can do this a few times until feeling relaxed and calm. 

child riding on a dragon dragon breathing mindful activities for children

Balloon Breathing 

Ask your child to imagine they have a balloon in their belly. As they breathe through their nose, their balloon gets bigger. When they breathe out of their mouth, their balloon deflates. They can repeat balloon breathing several times watching their balloon inflate and deflate. 

little girl blowing up a balloon balloon breathing mindful activities for children

Bubble Breathing 

Ask your child to sit down and pretend to be blowing bubbles through a bubble wand. Inhaling deeply through their nose and blowing out slowly as they are blowing bubbles through the bubble wand trying to blow the biggest bubbles they can blow. They can repeat this several times. For fun, you can try this breathing activity with real bubbles

girl blow up a huge bubble for bubble breathing mindful activities for children

Flower Breathing 

Ask your child to pretend that they are holding a big flower in their hand. As they breathe in to smell the flower, hold for a second and as they breathe out blow the petals off of the flower. This is also a great breathing activity for kids to try while they are outside with a real flower. 

happy young boy holding a sunflower flower breathing mindful activities for children

Shoulder Roll Breathing 

Ask your child to sit and get in a comfortable position. As they take a deep breath in through their nose, raise their shoulders up towards their ears. Breath slowly out through their mouth lowering their shoulders while they are exhaling. They can repeat this breathing activity a few times until they are feeling calmer. 

boy doing yoga and mindful shoulder roll mindful activities for children

Fall Leaf Breathing 

For this fall leaf breathing activity you can draw a fall leaf or you can use a real leaf that has fallen off of the tree in the fall. Ask your child to hold the leaf in one hand and using their pointer finger from their other hand to slide up and down the leaf as they are breathing. Sliding up one point of the leaf while breathing in, then hold at the point and breathe out sliding their finger down and then hold at the point. Repeat this all around the leaf and a few times until your child is feeling calm. 

child holding a paper with different leaves on it fall leaf breathing mindful activities for children

Rainbow Breathing 

Rainbow breathing is a great visual deep breathing exercise for kids. Draw, paint or color a rainbow. You can also print one off from online too. Your rainbow can be four colors or six colors, that's up to you. Ask your child to put their finger at the bottom of the rainbow and trace across the first color taking a deep breath through their nose. When they can to the top of the color ask them the finish sliding their finger down breathing out slowly through their mouth. Repeat with each color of the rainbow. Your child can do this until they are feeling calm and relaxed. Your child may want to try using a rainbow breathing board.

child pointing to rainbow rainbow breathing mindful activities for children

Soup Breathing 

Ask your child to pretend they are holding a warm bowl of soup in their hands. Slowly breathing in through their nose to smell the yummy soup. Slowly breathing out through their mouth to cool off the yummy soup. Your child can do this a few times as necessary until they are feeling calm.  

boy eating soup for soup breathing mindful activities for children

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating can be done during your child's snack time or their meal times too. Mindful eating can be a great way to introduce new foods to your child. I have seen people use mindful eating activities with oranges, strawberries, apples and raisins too! You can choose which foods your child is most comfortable eating. 

Using the 5 senses will help your child develop new healthy eating habits. 

Hear: Does it make noise? Can you hear anything when you bite it? 

See: What do you see? What color or shape it is? 

Feel: What does it feel like? Is it rough, squishy or soft? Is it sticky? Is it dry or wet? 

Smell: Can you smell it? What does it smell like? Does it smell like any other foods? 

Taste: How does it taste? Is it sweet or sour? Does it taste like any other foods you like? 

Mindful eating can also help our children learn to slow down and enjoy eating especially for children who eat their food fast and a lot at once. 

Mindful Sensory 

Sensory calm down bottles are great tool for sensory input.  These bottles work with your child's senses including auditory input, vestibular input, bodily awareness, visual awareness and are a great mindful activity. 

Sensory calm down bottles is a quick way to calm down children. They help avoid meltdowns and assist children when managing emotions. Pass it to your child and ask them to give it a shake. Shaking the bottle in itself is a sensory proprioceptive input.  When done they will be absolutely mesmerized, watching the glitter or items in the jar move and fall to the bottom. 

Sensory calm down bottles encourages mindfulness, focus and calm for when children or adults are feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Watching them can be a perfect reset because they can be so captivating to watch. 

Also known as Zen jar, mindful jar, relaxation jar, or sensory bottles. There are many themes you could use for your child's sensory bottle or you could just add some glitter to it. To make your own sensory bottle, fill it will water, dish soap, baby oil, food coloring, clear glue, hair gel or some use liquid hand soap too. 

Sensory Calming Bottle Themes 

1. Eye spy Sensory Bottle

2. Nature Sensory Bottle

3. Glitter Sensory Bottle

4. Birthday Sensory Bottle 

5. Alphabet (learning letters) Sensory Bottle

6. Colors Sensory Bottle

7. Beach Sensory Bottle

8. Christmas Sensory Bottle

9. Numbers (learning to count) Sensory Bottle

10. Dinosaurs Sensory Bottle

11. Halloween Sensory Bottle

12. Water Beads Sensory Bottle
13. Glow in the dark Sensory Bottle
14. Bugs Sensory Bottle
15. Animals Sensory Bottle

16. Buttons Sensory Bottle

17. Butterflies Sensory Bottle

18. Winter Sensory Bottle

19. Valentine's hearts Sensory Bottle 

20. Rainbow loom Sensory Bottle 

5-4-3-2-1 mindful list

1. Five things they can see 

2. Four things they can touch

3. three things they can hear 

4. two things they can smell

5. One thing they can taste 

Mindful Tools, Toys & Books For Children 

Listen Like an Elephant (Mindfulness) Mindfulness Moments for Kids 
Part of the Mindfulness Moments for Kids series, this mindful meditation exercise featuring a colorful elephant helps kids feel focused, wherever they are.
Listen Like an Elephant, kids learn to slow down, listen to the world around them, and focus their minds--no matter how messy life becomes. Best of all, the exercise can be performed anywhere: in the backseat of a car, at home, or even at their desk at school. Written by Kira Willey, winner of a Parents' Choice Gold Award, this board book series (also including Breathe Like a Bear and the upcoming Bunny Breaths) is the first of its kind and is the perfect tool to help children and parents develop a fun and consistent mindfulness practice.

Great Big Breath: Mindfulness for kids made simple by teaching an easy mindful breathing technique
Does your child ever feel anxious, sad, irate or mad, and doesn't know what to do?
If your answer is 'yes', then Great Big Breath has the answer for you!
Great Big Breath, developed by respected psychotherapist DW Long, teaches both children and parents a simple and easy-to-learn mindful breathing technique to help kids find a moment of calm.
Once the Great Big Breath is applied, children instantly feel better and connect more deeply to their parent/caregiver all while hanging out with Quinn, the lovely main character in this wonderfully illustrated children’s book.

Hand2mind Mindful Maze Boards, 3 Double Sided Breathing Boards with Finger Paths, Mindfulness for Kids, Social Emotional Learning, Sensory Board, Anxiety Relief Items, Occupational Therapy Toys
A screen free way to teach kids how to sooth themselves with hands-on resources that help build social-emotional skills for children by providing cues and physical objects to guide kids through breathing exercises. Mindful Maze Boards would make a great addition to your therapy toys.
Each set of our Mindful Mazes comes with three double-sided mindful maze boards. Mindful Maze Boards would be a great addition to your calm down toys for your classroom, daycare or home calming corner!
Our calming sensory toys are perfect for occupational therapy activities for kids. 

Kaplan Early Learning Hand2Mind Mindful Mazes - 6 Double-Sided Boards | Calming Sensory Toy for Kids | Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning
Help kids build social-emotional skills by providing cues and physical objects to guide kids through breathing exercises
Includes 6 double-sided mindful maze boards that offer a unique experience
Calming sensory toys are a perfect occupational therapy activity
The finger tracing element helps kids pace out their breathing
Age 3 years and up

The Little Yogi Yoga Cards for Kids 3+ Years – Games for Practicing Mindfulness / Children’s Meditation / Introduction to Yoga – 45-Piece Card Deck 
Introduce the concept of mindfulness to kids in a fun and engaging way so that they’ll reap the lifelong benefits! This practice helps children manage their emotions, cultivate self-awareness, and show more empathy and kindness.
Little ones will feel immersed in a meaningful poem as they follow the poses demonstrated on the coinciding kids yoga flashcards. These calming and captivating mindfulness activities are perfect for the home, classroom, or therapy session.

8oz Calming Glitter Bottle - Lavender Dreams
Calming Bottles from The Calm Mom are an original away to gain some calm back in your life. The uses are endless - we’ve had customers use them at doctor’s or dentist’s visits, for dementia patients, as a meditative focus - the uses are endless. *** Attention-grabbing sparkles swirl in the bottle when shaken, then settle towards the bottom when put down. The settling time is about three minutes. Bottles also contain an auditory factor that allows the contents to mix more easily - no more clumped, stuck glitter at the bottom. Bottles are plastic, with caps firmly fused. *** They’re also known as Hush-Bottles, Glitter Bottles, and Sensory Bottles. One bottle is included - 6.9” x 1.75”, 8oz. Item is for Theraputic purposes only. Please do not allow bottle to be dropped or thrown. For ages 8+

Therapy Shoppe Mindful Kids: 50 Mindfulness Activities for Kindness , Focus and Calm
This boxed card deck includes 50 creative mindfulness games, visualizations and exercises divided into 5 categories to help children feel grounded, find calm, improve focus, practice loving-kindness and relax. Whimsical full-color illustrations on both sides of the cards break down each practice into easy-to-follow steps. Tips on individual cards plus an 8-page instructional booklet show modifications that make these activities inclusive for children of all abilities.

Mindful Games For Kids: 50 Fun Activities to Stay Present, Improve Concentration, and Understand Emotions Calm feelings, peaceful thoughts―mindful games for kids ages 4 to 8 to play. Dealing with big feelings can be hard, but it’s easier when you practice listening to your body and staying in the present moment. With Mindful Games for Kids, children ages 4-8 can start learning those skills and feeling more in control. Engaging activities help teach kids to calm themselves, focus more easily, and even be kinder to others―all using the principles of mindfulness. 50 colorfully illustrated, imaginative exercises keep the fun coming while showing kids helpful techniques like deep breathing, visualization, meditation, and more. Many of these off-the-page games take 10 minutes or less, making it easy to practice the magic of mindfulness anytime, anywhere.

Happy: A Beginner's Book of Mindfulness
A perfect bedtime read, this picture book gently encourages children to explore the senses and discover their path to mindfulness.
"Mindfulness is all about connetion with ourselves and the world around us."
This poetically-written introduction to mindfulness touches upon the most important aspects of life--feeling, discovering, smelling, listening, and all the things that bring the world to life. With every soothing read and practice, children are better equipped to understand and control their own emotions...and diiscover an appreciation for the beautiful world around them.

Mindful Buddiez - Luna the Nighttime Sheep - Stuffed Animal to Promote Healthy Sleep & Mindfulness for Kids - Features Night Light, Calming Music, and Guided Meditation - Interactive Zen Toy
Meet Luna, a cuddly & interactive stuffed toy to help kids feel calm before bed. Our breathing toy uses mindfulness techniques to help kids fall asleep undistracted, peaceful, and happy.
Instead of counting sheep, Luna guides children to count their breaths. Featuring calming music and a night light, this plush meditation animal shuts off automatically at 3 minutes, helping kids drift off gently.
Most sleep aids and soothers are designed for infants and toddlers. Luna the Nighttime Sheep was created to be a meditation and mindfulness aid for kids ages 4-11 years old and no longer in the infant/toddler phase.

Calm with The Very Hungry Caterpillar
This beautiful little gift book featuring The Very Hungry Caterpillar provides an easy-to-follow journey to relaxation and mindfulness, perfect for teaching kids and their families about self-care.
Just stop and breathe . . . How do you feel?
Join The Very Hungry Caterpillar for a soothing story featuring classic art from the World of Eric Carle. Simple coping mechanisms and peaceful illustrations offer an introduction to processing emotions, all through the power of mindful breathing. Little ones can learn how to handle confusing feelings, regain focus, and be happy. This book is an excellent reminder to take a moment, breathe deep, and smile!

Mindfulness for Little Ones: Playful Activities to Foster Empathy, Self-Awareness, and Joy in Kids  Help kids ages 2 to 5 feel comfortable in new environments and challenging moments through mindfulness
Your toddler or preschooler lives in the moment, but they can still feel overwhelmed. Mindfulness for Little Ones helps children ages 2 through 5 move toward healthy coping skills and behaviors with playful, developmentally appropriate activities. Designed to tap into your child’s innate curiosity and boundless energy, these fun activities promote the repetition, sensory play, and positive emotions that develop mindfulness for kids.

Mindful Maze Boards, Calming Toys for Kids, Finger Path Breathing Boards, Calming Corner Items Kids Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness Sensory Toys
 Mindful maze boards is a great partner for kids to relax and stress relief. Breathing exercises for kids is a technique used to teach your child how to slow down their breathing to calm down and lower stress. This mindfulness set is a great screen free way for kids to sooth themselves by finger tracing the elements while doing breathing exercises, well improve the behavior and emotional well-being of all kids
 Comes with 8 different mindfulness breathing boards with 8 kinds of funny designs with bright colors, printed with detailed breathing exercise steps, to help kids exercise their mindfulness breathing skills. 

Breathe With Me When you're mad or worried or can't wake up in the morning, what can you do? Use the amazing superpower that you already have―breathing.
Our newest offering from the bestselling creators of Good Night Yoga teaches kids fun and easy breathing practices based on the proven methods of yoga and mindfulness meditation.

Therapy Shoppe Little Renegades Mindful Kids Cards - Daytime Affirmation and Mindfulness for Kids  Daytime Deck for Mindful Mornings: Help your child get centered for the day. These affirmation cards for kids teach fun mindfulness activities such as gratitude and awareness. Use them at the breakfast table or in self-esteem games for kids. Make them your own.  Thoughtful Prompts, Inspiring Illustrations: Each deck comes with 40 two-sided cards featuring mindfulness prompts and beautiful watercolor art for your children. Each card also provides detailed instructions for parents, teachers, and caregivers.  For Kids Ages 3 and Up 

Crafting Calm: Art and Activities for Mindful Kids
Mindfulness is a powerful practice to help kids find calm in the midst of everyday stress--but how to make it accessible and fun?
In Crafting Calm: Art and Activities for Mindful Kids, kids engage in and practice mindfulness through fun and easy exercises, quizzes, crafts, and activities, with the goal of learning a deeper sense of calm, peace, joy, and connection to the world around them, all while improving emotional intelligence, boosting self-esteem, and reducing anxiety. Perfect for kids to do alone or with the help of an adult, the activities in Crafting Calm will have kids playing, tinkering, creating, and doodling their way to peaceful, balanced minds.

The Mindful Dragon: A Dragon Book about Mindfulness. Teach Your Dragon To Be Mindful. A Cute Children Story to Teach Kids about Mindfulness, Focus and Peace. (My Dragon Books) 
Having a pet dragon is very fun.
You can teach your dragon to sit, stand, roll over, and you can even potty train him...
But what if your dragon is worried about so many things?
He worries about the past, and about the future....
What do you do?
You teach him about mindfulness - You teach him to be mindful!
How do you do it?
Get this book now and find out how!
Fun, cute and entertaining with beautiful illustrations, this playful book will teach kids about mindfulness. 

Be Mindful of Monsters: A Book for Helping Children Accept Their Emotions
We all have those feelings at times … the overwhelming ones, the uncomfortable ones, the ones we just want to get away from. For kids in particular, experiencing big feelings can be a major challenge. Written by practicing play therapist Lauren Stockly, Be Mindful of Monsters is a story about the importance of accepting our emotions—even the icky ones—and learning what those feelings are trying to tell us.
Be Mindful of Monsters follows Ezzy, a relatable and gender-neutral nine-year-old whose emotions have grown into monsters. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Explores Outdoors: 52 Very Mindful Activities for Kids (Big Cards for Little Hands) 
Get outside with the help of The Very Hungry Caterpillar! The 52 cards in this deck are packed with prompts encouraging outdoor exploring, mindfulness, and curiosity.
This deck of cards offers creative ideas for kids to discover the natural wonders of their backyard, local park, or city block. Each of the fifty-two cards in this deck features artwork from Eric Carle’s beloved bestseller The Very Hungry Caterpillar alongside an activity prompt to spark curiosity in young learners, like:
• Can you find three different kinds of leaves outside? Try drawing them! Do you know which trees they came from?
• Can you find something in nature that seems patient? Maybe it’s a sunflower that takes a long time to grow. When do you need to be patient?

Whoosh! A Mindful Breathing Book
What if there was an incredibly simple way you could teach your child emotional regulation? What if it could improve their overall mental and physical health? All it takes is paying attention to something you already do all day: breathing!
This book teaches mindful breathing - a proven and scientifically backed method - with simple exercises and beautiful illustrations.
Published by Picture This Publishing.
Recommended for ages 4-8.

Find Your Calm: A Mindful Approach To Relieve Anxiety and Grow Your Bravery
"Anxiety can feel big and powerful. It can show up suddenly, without warning."
For many kids, it can be overwhelming.
Anxiety is not just a cognitive experience. When children feel anxious, their bodies respond physically to a perceived threat. They need to feel a sense of safety before being able to figure out what to do next.
Your child can follow along as the young narrator practices what helps her so that anxiety doesn't take over.
Find Your Calm is a wonderfully accessible book that teaches children how to tap into their sense of safety when anxiety sends a false alarm, so they can find their calm. Includes simple activities for them to practice.

Mindsight 'Breathing Buddha' Guided Visual Meditation Tool for Mindfulness | Slow Your Breathing & Calm Your Mind for Stress & Anxiety Relief | Perfect for Adults & Kids
daily guided breathing can reduce stress & anxiety, improve sleep & overall well-being, and ultimately help you live in the moment by building moment to moment awareness
Easy to follow fade-in, fade-out color prompts that simulate the popular 4/7/8 'calming breath'. Green Buddha - Inhale , Purple Buddha – Hold, Blue Buddha – Exhale
Adults & kids who might benefit from a gentle daily reminder to 'pause & reset'; visual learners who might prefer guided open-eyed meditation (those who find closing eyes harder to focus); beginning to advanced Meditation practicioners; those interested in Mindfulness (living in the moment); Teachers & Counselors

Alphabreaths: The ABCs of Mindful Breathing
In Alphabreaths, children will learn their ABCs and the basics of mindfulness through playful breathing exercises. Breaths like Mountain Breath and Redwood Breath will connect them with nature, while breaths like Heart Breath and Wish Breath will help them remember to fill their heart with gratitude and send good wishes to others.

Simple, playful, and with delightful illustrations, Alphabreaths is the perfect introduction to mindfulness and breath awareness.

Mindful Moves: Kid-Friendly Yoga and Peaceful Activities for a Happy, Healthy You
Mindfulness is proven to boost children’s physical, mental, and socio-emotional development, but establishing the practice requires making it a part of daily life. With delightful illustrations and kid-friendly language, Mindful Moves introduces kids to simple mindfulness activities that are fun, easy to remember, and available for kids to turn to any time the need arises, no matter where they are. Check Your Inner Weather encourages children to tune into how they feel in the moment and accept their feelings without judgement. Pose like a Superhero helps fill kids with inner strength and confidence, while Breathe like a Walrus helps them channel frustration or anger through breath and facial relaxation. Each of the meditation, mindfulness, yoga, and movement activities is designed to help kids stay calm, be present, and feel focused and happy. 

Mindful Land Therapy Cards Game for Kids - Meditation and Mindfulness Kit for Stress Reduction - A Calming Therapy Tool for Developing Anger Management - Great For Counselors, Families and Therapists
Helps Develop Anger Management and Self Awareness.
Practice Guided Meditation and Mindfulness In a Fun and Educational Way.
Calming Bedtime Activity with Benefits of Emotional Development.
Play at Home, School, Traveling, Group Activities and More.
Great Gift for Counselors, Teachers, Parents and Therapists.

Expandable Breathing Ball Toy Sphere for Kids & Adults, Expands from 5.6" to 12" - Kids Fidgets Toys ADHD, Yoga Relaxation Meditation Accessories
Relax and calm your mind & body with this expandable breathing ball techniques that is designed to bring the body into a state of deep relaxation
Expands from 5.5" to 12" Hold in front of your belly, take deep breath in while Expanding the ball, exhale slowly while contracting the sphere.
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Breathing Makes It Better: A Book for Sad Days, Mad Days, Glad Days, and All the Feelings In-Between
An engaging and interactive story showing children ages 3-6 the power of breath when dealing with new and difficult emotions.
Read aloud and breathe along with this sweet story teaching children how to navigate powerful emotions like anger, fear, sadness, confusion, anxiety, and loneliness. With rhythmic writing and engaging illustrations, Breathing Makes It Better guides children to breathe through their feelings and find calm with recurring cues to stop and take a breath. Simple guided practices, like imagining you are a tree blowing in the wind, follow each story to teach children how to apply mindfulness techniques when they need them the most.

Peaceful Like a Panda: 30 Mindful Moments for Playtime, Mealtime, Bedtime-or Anytime!
From the author of BREATHE LIKE A BEAR comes a new collection of Mindful Moments!
These easy-to-follow exercises help kids calmly and mindfully navigate their day, from sunrise to sunset. With sections dedicated to key activities in a child's routine--waking up, traveling, learning, playing, eating, and bedtime--kids can learn techniques for managing their bodies, breath, and emotions anywhere, anytime.
Wake up bright and sunny, no matter the weather!
Explore the world around you during travel.
Boost your brain before learning.
Make the most of your imagination at playtime, and so much more!

Mindfulness Activities Book For Kids Ages 4-8: 60+ Activities Workbook, Affirmations, and Journal Prompts to Teach Calmness, Emotion Management, and Self-Confidence
Our Mindfulness Activities Book provides hours of thought-provoking activities that increase self-esteem, reduce anxiety, and increase problem-solving. It is one of the best ways to educate kids, but at the same time entertain them. Your children will have the opportunity to practice fundamental skills like emotional awareness, open-mindedness, and enhancing creativity, all while developing a love for learning.
Produced and created by professional writers native in the English language.
Large activities made easy to see with simple, cute picture themes.

Bunny Breaths This mindful meditation moment teaches kids to think like a bunny and find their own focused energy! With Bunny Breaths, kids learn to how to replenish their energy with quick, focused breaths...no matter how blah they feel. Best of all, it can be performed anywhere: in the backseat of a car, at home, or even at a child's desk at school. This book offers easy-to-follow exercises that kids can use to manage their bodies, breathing, and emotions.

Just Breathe This book is full of specific exercises to help deal with day-to-day challenges and tips to lead a healthier, happier, and more connected life. The book includes practical advice on breathing techniques and guided meditations for a number of topics and scenarios, including: Dealing with stress Getting to sleep Building self-confidence Focusing on school/tests/other work Ridding oneself of anxiety Beginners will learn the basics of meditation and how to get started, and those more experienced will learn how to improve their practice. This book will also teach kids how to prepare their own meditation spaces. This is the go-to book for kids who want to learn more about mindfulness and meditation. Ages 8-12

Mindfulness for Kids in 10 Minutes a Day: Simple Exercises to Feel Calm, Focused, and Happy
Feel calm, happy, and focused with 10-minute exercises for kids ages 8 to 12
Just like baseball, dancing, and math, mindfulness is a skill that kids can build with practice. Mindfulness for Kids in 10 Minutes a Day is full of simple meditations, breathing exercises, and more to help kids make mindfulness a habit. With just a few minutes of practice each day, kids will discover how mindfulness can boost their mood, improve their focus, and empower them to let go of their worries—so they can thrive no matter what life throws their way!
This standout among mindfulness books for kids encourages them to:

Breathing is My Superpower: Mindfulness Book for Kids to Feel Calm and Peaceful
Do you want to help your child learn healthy ways to deal with angry feelings?
For most parents, helping their child deal with anger is at the top of the list. Breathing is my Superpower teaches children to regulate their emotions, especially if they are feeling upset, angry, or stressed.
Sofia will show your little ones how to control their breathing in various situations, whether at school, at home, or on the playground. Breathing Techniques presented in the book, will help calm your children and show them a fun way of managing their own body, breath, and emotions.

Mindful Affirmations and Activities: A Kid’s guide with 50 Positive Mantras and Activities to Manage Emotions, Grow Mindful, Strong and Confident
Help your child embrace mindfulness and build their confidence with this gorgeous and empowering journal.
Combining a stunning minimalist format and adorable coloring pages with thought-provoking mindfulness exercises, this wonderful journal will help children of all ages explore their deepest feelings and foster personal growth with a selection of loving affirmations.
Growing up can be a difficult time for kids, especially when they need to deal with emotions like anxiety, sadness, and stress, but this inspiring book seeks to help them on their journey of self-discovery, providing them a safe and enjoyable place to doodle, color, journal, vent, and let go of their worries.

My Magic Breath: Finding Calm Through Mindful Breathing
From New York Times bestselling author Nick Ortner comes a beautiful picture book that will help children discover calm through the magic of mindful breathing:
Do YOU have the magic breath?
Let’s see…Take a deeeeeep breath in…and BLOW it out…
…and like magic, you can feel better just by breathing! Sometimes it’s hard to feel happy. But with this interactive picture book, children breathe along as they learn how to make angry or sad thoughts disappear.
In a world that is sometimes too busy, with too many things going on, My Magic Breath will help steer children into a serene space of mindfulness, self-awareness, and balance.

Calm and Peaceful Mindful Me: A Mindfulness How-To Guide for Toddlers and Kids
The mindfulness how-to book you need to help your child have a calm and peaceful body and mind. In this fun and delightfully charming book, your child will follow a gender-neutral character through an easy-to-understand, step-by-step mindfulness practice. Written and illustrated by a therapist (and mother), Andrea Dorn, MSW, this simple yet very intentionally written book introduces the concept of mindfulness with a first-person, mantra-like narrative that will help your child build greater awareness of their body and emotions.

Breathe Up, Wonder Pup: A Kid's Guide to Mindful Breathing (Self-Regulation Series) 
Do you know that EVERYONE experiences anxiety? It is a normal part of our everyday lives!  Mindful breathing can be an amazing tool to slow down the brain and body. After reading this book, children will be able to recognize their own physiological signs of anxiety and will learn 4 simple steps to calm anxious energy.  There are many ways to breathe mindfully, and in Breathe Up, Wonder Pup - the second book of the Self-Regulation Series

Meditation Is An Open Sky Mindfulness for Kids Feeling mindful is feeling good! You know when you're having a bad day, you have that wobbly feeling inside and nothing seems to go right? Find a quiet place, sit down, and meditate! In this daily companion, kids of any age will learn simple exercises to help manage stress and emotions, find focus, and face challenges. They'll discover how to feel safe when scared, relax when anxious, spread kindness, and calm anger when frustrated. Simple, secular, and mainstream, this mindfulness book is an excellent tool for helping kids deal with the stresses of everyday life.

Sitting Still Like A Frog Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Their Parents) Simple mindfulness practices to help your child (ages 5-12) deal with anxiety, improve concentration, and handle difficult emotions. This little book is a very appealing introduction to mindfulness meditation for children and their parents. In a simple and accessible way, it describes what mindfulness is and how mindfulness-based practices can help children calm down, become more focused, fall asleep more easily, alleviate worry, manage anger, and generally become more patient and aware. Included is a 60 minute audio CD with guided meditations. This book can also be used with special needs groups including ASD, FASD, those with Sensory Processing Disorders, Learning and Behavior Disorders to help them learn self-soothing and calming.

Miniland Mindful Kids Giant Spinning Top Game, ages 2 – 7 Years, 1 – 30 Players, Cooperative Play, Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation, Teaching Guide, Exercise, Active Play, Movement
A giant mindfulness spinning top! The best way to conduct relaxation and self-awareness exercises within a game. Includes interchangeable discs to try out different techniques and games geared to improving children's mental and physical health. Comes with additional digital content.
36 mindfulness activities based on nature, culture, animals, habits and everyday situations. Available in 4 major themes: conscious breathing, muscle relaxation, yoga and meditation. 

Listening to My Body: A guide to helping kids understand the connection between their sensations (what the heck are those?) and feelings so that they can get better at figuring out what they need. Big emotions can be overwhelming!  Help your child build on their capacity to engage more mindfully, self-regulate, and develop emotional resilience.
Listening to my Body is an engaging and interactive book that guides children through the practice of naming their feelings and the physical sensations that accompany them. Learning to tune into their bodies and do this, is a foundation for self-regulation.
From wiggly and squirmy to rested and still, Listening to My Body helps children develop a sensations vocabulary so that they can express what they are experiencing. 

Zen Ninja: A Children's Book About Mindful Star Breathing (Ninja Life Hacks)
What do you do when it seems the world is crashing down on you? Zen Ninja shares the Five Star Breathing to overcome worry, stress, and anxiety to find your calm and zen.
Find out what happens in this comedic book about developing your zen.
Life is tough. But so are you!
The new children's book series, Ninja Life Hacks, was developed to help children learn valuable life skills. Fun, pint-size characters in comedic books easy enough for young readers, yet witty enough for adults.
The Ninja Life Hacks book series is geared to kids 3-11. Perfect for boys, girls, early readers, primary school students, or toddlers. Excellent resource for counselors, parents, and teachers alike.

Liquid Motion Bubbler for Sensory Play, Fidget Toy, Children Activity, Desk Top, Assorted Colors
The descending bubbles have a soothing and mesmerizing effect that will keep kids entertained for hours. Gravity will guide the colored droplets travel down at slow motion pace. These sensory toys can help improve visual tracking skills.
Its slow and rhythmic drops have a very appeasing effect and actually help kids with sensory or hyperactivity issues. Makes perfect autism sensory toys to sooth and remain focused.
Endless hours of calming entertainment. Great as therapy toys and even stress relief toys. Never runs out of energy. Just flip over and start again.

Gazillion Bubbles 1 Liter Bubble Solution
This top-secret “super solution” has been formulated to create the biggest, brightest, most colorful bubbles on earth! Each 1 Liter bottle of Gazillion Bubbles solution comes with a specially designed 7-in-1 bubble wand and works with any Gazillion Bubbles product. This premium solution is safe, non-toxic, and will not stain clothing or furniture. Appropriate for ages 3 years and up.
TONS OF BUBBLES: Gazillion Premium Bubble Solution makes tons of long lasting colorful bubbles. You'll run out of breath before you run out of bubbles!
LONG LASTING BUBBLES: Gazillion Premium Bubble Solution makes colorful and long lasting bubbles
INCLUDES 7 IN 1 BUBBLE WAND: Create tons of bubbles with the multi bubble wand

Mindful Moments at BedtimeIt only takes a Moment.... This beautiful book is full of ways to take just a Moment or two to wind down and think about the day that was - and the day that will dawn tomorrow.   
Share a Moment at the end of the day with your child.   Listening and talking with your child sends a wonderful message of caring and love.  And the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment can help minimize anxiety and increase happiness.   Inside this peaceful bedtime book are 12 Mindful Moments to share in a quiet and thoughtful way, before sailing away on the dreamship.

Belly Breathe A simple relaxation and calming technique, belly breathing is a tool everyone can use! Studies have found that belly breathing improves concentration and relieves tension. This mindfulness board book showcases the easy skill that is a great way to teach kids how to manage stress and emotions.

Calm Ninja: A Children’s Book About Calming Your Anxiety Featuring the Calm Ninja Yoga Flow (Ninja Life Hacks)
Calm Ninja experiences frustration and anxiety, but then learns how to find inner peace through breathing and practicing the Ninja Yoga Flow.
Children will learn with Calm Ninja how to calm worries and stay peaceful under extreme circumstances. Find out what happens in this comedic book about stress relief.
Life is tough. But so are you!
The new children's book series, Ninja Life Hacks, was developed to help children learn valuable life skills. 

B is for Breathe: The ABCs of Coping with Fussy & Frustrating Feelings
From the letter A to the letter Z, B is for Breathe celebrates the many ways children can express their feelings and develop coping skills at an early age. Fun, cute, and exciting illustrations, this colorful book teaches kids simple ways to cope with fussy and frustrating emotions. This book will inspire kids to discuss their feelings, show positive behaviors, and practice calm down strategies.

Here are some more helpful Sensory Processing Disorder Resources

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