Sensory Processing Disorder & Autism Monthly Subscription Boxes & Apps 

Remember when you were a child and you recieved something in the mail? Can you remember how exciting that was for you? That's why I absolutely love this idea for subscription boxes for kids. 

Sensory subscription boxes are not only fun for children who have Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Autism and other special needs but they are filled with surprise sensory therapeutic tools for your child's sensory diet. 

Most sensory boxes are curated by Occupational Therapists and professionals. They are created just for children and their sensory needs. 

Some sensory subscription boxes are sent out monthly while some are sent out seasonally. It's easy to order a monthly sensory box. When ordering a sensory subscription box, all orders must be ordered by a date to ensure orders are mailed out on time. 

Most boxes contain 4-6 sensory products for children. These toys will help your child develop motor skills, stimulate their senses and engage in fun sensory play. 

Sensory toys will help your child with focus, learning, development, self regulation, relaxation, fidgeting  and stimulat their brain while having fun. 

Sensory Theraplay Box 
Subscripton Sensory Boxes

Toys that bring a smile to your child's face, delivered to your door monthly. Wonderful items to help your child self regulate... or simply for fun therapeutic play!
Each box will contain 5-6 sensory items
Boxes ship out the 1st week of each monthToys to help develop important sensory motor skills & stimulate the senses. Engage your child in fun, silly sensory play!
Boxes ship out the first week of each month
Items are therapeutic & can be calming or help manage anxiety
Curated for children with autism/ sensory needs in mind, but suitable for children of all abilities
Each month's box is carefully curated by a licensed occupational therapist and includes a description card inside

Box Of Sensory Toys 
Subscripton Sensory Boxes

Welcome to the magic of play with Box of Sensory Toys! 
 Creatively curated by a children's therapist, Box of Sensory Toys delivers monthly, therapeutic fun 
Recommended for kids from 4-10 years and older, our sensory toy boxes include some toys or items that can be enjoyed as a family  
Our sensory tools may be calming, regulating, skill-building and fun
Curated especially for kids with Autism, ADHD, SPD and other sensory needs, our sensory boxes include items that are beloved and beneficial for typically developing kids, as well
Two subscription options are currently available - the Kid's VIP Box Club starting or Kid's Mailer Club
One-time boxes include the 1st birthday box created for kids with Autism & Sensory Needs - The Happy Birthday Fiesta Box! 
Give the gift of play with Box of Sensory Toys!

DeveloPLAY Box Subscripton Sensory Boxes

The DeveloPLAY box is a monthly subscription box filled with sensory and motor tools and toys geared toward children with Autism, attention deficits, anxiety, emotional and behavioral disorders, and developmental delays but FUN for ALL children! Each box has a variety of toys hand picked by a licensed pediatric Occupational Therapist and is delivered directly to your doorstep. The DeveloPLAY box is more than just a sensory box! It is unique because it includes therapeutic sensory and motor toys that aid with regulating the body and mind, as well as building motor skills needed for dressing, eating, writing, and playing. It's super easy to sign up and discover new tools and toys every month! 

Puzzle Pieces Subscripton Sensory Boxes

Sensory Box Subscription Month to Month
Toys to help develop important sensory motor skills & stimulate the senses. Engage your child in fun, silly sensory play!
Boxes ship out the first week of each month
Items are therapeutic & can be calming or help manage anxiety
Each month you will receive 5 to 6 items that are sensory in nature and fun!

Konnect Kraze Subscripton Sensory Boxes

Our Konnect Kraze Box is curated by speech language pathologists and an autism mom!! We are not just another sensory toy box, we also provide tips and resources to help improve your child's quality of life. We want you to have fun while gaining knowledge at home to help you take care of your child and enjoy your family!!! 
Each quarterly subscription box consists of 7-9 curated items:
Sensory friendly clothing
Speech & Language Tips
Sensory toy 
Sensory tool
Self care item / Inspirational item 
Guest Expert Training

Big Play In A Box Subscripton Sensory Boxes

Big Play in a Box is a monthly Subscription Box curated by a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Our focus is encouraging interactive play through engaging toys and activities centered around a thoughtfully chosen children’s book. Your child will be delighted to read a book with their loved ones and then challenged by using multi developmental skills that are FUN!
Why Should You Subscribe?
-Are you a caregiver of a 3-6 year old that feels overwhelmed?
- Do you feel frustrated that your child is spending too much time with electronics?
-Do you spend hours making boards on Pinterest thinking that you will eventually get “all of the things” to create these items?
-Have you spent the time and money on gathering materials all to find out it was just another Pinterest fail? You are at the right place!

The Pampered Parent Subscripton Boxes For Parents

The Pampered Parent is a self-care subscription box and supportive online community for special needs moms. With every subscription, moms receive monthly self-care boxes, curated by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), as well as lifetime access to our exclusive online community. Our boxes and community provide subscribers with the self-care, encouragement, and inspiration they deserve, while also offering connection, support, and a sense of community. Each box includes one item from a company that is run by and/or employs individuals with special needs, an item with a special saying or quote that promotes disability inclusion and acceptance, and various self-care products that encourage rest, relaxation, positivity, and self-love! In our online community, there are inspirational posts, expert-led meditations, guest speakers, book clubs, self-care tips, and more. Treat yourself with a subscription to The Pampered Parent - you deserve it!

Subscription Apps ADHD & Sensory Processing Disorder 

Brili Routines For Kids 
Helping you and your children get things done, daily. Say hello to healthy habits and structured days based on routines with Brili. An app that has helped thousands of families with ADHD discover and initiate on the power of routines!
Is your child struggling with daily routines and time management? Brili Routines is an app solution developed mainly for families facing neurodiversity challenges like ADHD. It supports parent and child routine management, teamwork and habit tracking.
Brili has served the ADHD community for many years now and incorporated expert advice, user feedback and latest research in this app for teenagers and adults to reach one goal: Help you to start your day with less stress and lift the weight of daily chaos off your shoulders.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an Occupational Therapist. I am an adult who has Sensory Processing Disorder, a sensory parent and a Grandma. The information on this website is not medical advice and does not replace the information that your child's therapists give you. These are just ideas and information that I have learned myself over the years of being a parent and an adult living with SPD. If you are concerned for your child, please always seek medical attention through a family doctor, pediatrician or therapist. This website is for suggestions and informational purposes only. Each child is different and what works for one child may not for another because all children have different needs. Please always consult with a professional.

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