Sensory Bins & Sensory Play 

What is a sensory bin?

A sensory bin is a container filled with items that stimulate your child's senses. Sensory bins are a great tactile play activity for children with Sensory Processing Disorder and they can also be beneficial for your child's fine motor development. 

A sensory bin is designed to assist your child with their sensory diet. The possiblities are absolutley endless. 

Sensory bins do not need to be expensive. They can be made with most safe items around your home. Sensory bins are a way for your child to explore their senses and  learn. Sensory bins don't require a lot of contents or much space. 

Sensory bins can help your child with fine motor, gross motor development, fidgeting, exploring their senses, self regulation, language development, learning to tolerate new textures, hand and eye coordination and build self confidence. 

Using a sensory bin can stimulate all of your child's senses including tactile, olfactory, auditory, visual  and gustation. 

Sensory bin contents can be put in a rubbermaid type of storange container but you can also use a sensory table too. Any inexpensive container from your local dollar store will work. You want to choose a container that is large enough so that your child will have space to play. 

No one knows your child's sensory needs better than you. Some parents use only edible items in a sensory bin because their child may have pica and eat non food items and some parents will use non edible items. What you choose to do is completely your choice based on your child's sensory needs. You can also ask your child's Occupational Therapist what they would recommend for your child too. 

Sensory bins should have tools that will help your child play with the sensory bin contents. Children's play tweezers, scoops, cups, spoons, droppers and grabbers. This will also assist your child with fine motor development. 

A sensory bin is a sensory tactile activity. There's many other sensory tactile activities that you could include in your child's sensory diet. Here are some examples. 

-brushing varied brushes, textures, drawing with chalk on the body

-massage- varied oils, powders

-sensory play- water, sand, corn meal, finger paint, play doh, clay

-tactile discrim
ination activities- retrieving objects from closed box or hidden in rice, beans etc. (sensory bins) 

-face and body painting

-bubble baths

-body tattoos- tattoo/stickers on body parts

What can you put in a sensory bin?

kinetic sand
moon sand
colored craft sand
modeling clay
play dough
fake snow
wood chips
cut pieces of tree branches
pine cones
fresh cut grass or fake grass
cedar chips
pebbles or rocks
wood scraps
aquarium pebbles
corn starch
corn meal
baking soda

used coffee grounds
flowers (real or fake)
fish aquarium gravel
leaves (real or fake)
water beads
water polymers
shaving cream
sponges (various sizes and shapes)
bird seed
slime (store bought or home made)
silly putty (store bought or home made)
Easter grass
ball pit balls
sensory balls
packing peanuts
sea glass
glass plant gems
plastic gems
crepe paper
tissue paper
wrapping paper
plastic fishing worms (no hooks of course)
plastic animals
plastic people
floating toys

uncooked pasta (colored or plain)
cooked pasta (colored or plain)
corn kernels
dried beans
cooked beans
coffee beans
ice (cubes, chipped, shaved, - dyed or plain)
uncooked rice (colored or plain)
cooked rice (colored or plain)
shredded coconut
oranges (some sliced and some whole)
lemons (some sliced and some whole)
grapefruit (some sliced and some whole)
potatoes (some sliced and some whole)
green beans
sweet peppers
dry oatmeal or steel cut oats
dry cereal (cheerios, fruit loops, other dry cereals)
cool whip or whipped cream
loose tea
potato flakes
pumpkin guts

bath toys
foam bits or foam toys
tri-beads, pony beads, seed beads
fabric scraps
play silks
pom poms
craft feathers
feather boas (cut into sections or whole)squeegee
aluminum pie pans
squeeze bottles
cupcake liners (paper, aluminum, or silicone)
Popsicle sticks
chop sticks
small containers with lids
recycled food or juice containers
magnifying glass
spray bottles
safety scissors
cookie cutters
plastic bowls and cups
nets / netting
potato masher

nuts in their shells (for those not allergic)
gum balls
mardi gras beads
Hawaiian lei's (cut and whole)
bubble wrap
cotton balls
bubble wrap
finger paint or tempera/activity paint
watermelon (half and slices)
poker chips
fake fruit and vegetables
plastic Easter eggs
balloons (fill with air, water, water beads, sand, spices or rice
hair gel
bingo chips
shredded paper
cellophane paper
construction paper
small paper squares or tissue paper squares
coins (plastic or fake)
tapioca pearls
Indian corn
led tea lights
led finger lights
bubble solution and wands
baby cereal (dry or with water)
tea bags and a child's tea set or plastic cups
glow sticks
flower or vegetable seeds
bath beads

bucket and pail
small plastic containers with lids
dolls and doll clothing
scraps cut from old clothes
small stuffed animals
small unbreakable mirrors
empty spice jars/containers
gel window clings
potatoes (cut in half, slices, and whole)
dried herbs
play dishes
play money/plastic or wooden cooking utensils
canning funnels
measuring cups and spoons
foam letters and numbers
plastic letters and numbers
old costume/cheap jewelry
garden tools
turkey baster
spools of thread (empty or with thread still on them)
ice cube trays
muffin tins
tongs/magazines (whole, pages. or pieces cut)
hard boiled eggs
dish soap
body wash
hand soap
frozen veggies

Sensory Bin Themes

Airplanes and cars 
Ocean and Beach
Digging for bugs 
Canada Day 
Water beads 
Lego or blocks
Letters and numbers
Scooping and pouring 
Colorful rice 
Colorful cooked noodles 
Colorful dry noodles 
Treasure hunt 
I spy
Color themes 
St. Patrick's Day
Pirate treasures 
Forth Of July 
Pom pom colors 
Rubber ducks 

How Do You Make Colored Rice For A Sensory Rice Bin?

5 cups of rice ( for each color you want)

 2 TBSP of vinegar
 and food coloring (how much depends on how light or dark you want it)

 Place all contents in a big gallon baggie (I left the air in it) to give it a way for me to combine evenly. and let dry overnight

Sensory Bin Noodles 

Cook your pasta (full box) 

Seperate your pasta into different bowls for each color you would like to make with a tiny amount of water in each bowl

Add a few drops of food coloring in each bowl of pasta

Stir the color in, strain and let it cool off

Very easy and so much fun for your little ones too! 

Sensory Bin Tools & Supplies 

Sensory Bin Kits  & Toys 

Farm Sand Play Set - Sensory Toys for Kids with 2 lbs of Sand, Farm Animals, Signs, Fences, Trucks and Farm Tools - 28 Farm Toy Figures with Container Storage for 3, 4, 5 Year Old Toddlers
This Farm Sand Playset exclusive by Dazmers Toys is the perfect combination of farm toys and sensory sand. It’s an excellent sensory toy that will also promote the creativity of your little one while providing hours of entertain and pretend play. Let them dig, discovery, build, mold, and explore to their hearts content in this self-contained sand box. Enjoy with your kiddo a day on the beach from the comfort of your home!

Dazmers Monster Truck Sand Play Set, Sensory Toys for Kids W/ 2 Lbs of Sand, for 3, 4, 5 Year Old Toddlers
Hours of sensory sand entertainment without the mess! This Monster Truck Sand Playset exclusive by Dazmers Toys is the perfect combination of 2 toys kids love most - monster trucks toys and sand. It’s an excellent sensory toy that will also promote the creativity of your little one while providing hours of entertain and pretend play. Enjoy with your kiddo a day on the beach from the comfort of your home!

MAGICLUB Water Beads Play Set -24 Pcs Ocean Sea Animals Tactile Sensory Play Toys for Kids with Water Beads Tools,Animal Cards,Water Mat-Great Fine Motor Skills Toy with Container Storage for Kids 3+
24 pieces of water beads playset comes with 9 oz of sea water beads for hours of entertainment and sensory play. The playset includes 1 water beads picker, 1 fishnet,12 animal cards,1 inflatable water mat,1 ocean animals introduction handbook. 
The playset of toddler sensory toys for kids feels soft, wet, and smooth.It's important to provide opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore their world through sensory play, which is crucial to brain development.

Mermaid Water Beads Sensory Bin Kit Toys for Girls-Include 20000pcs Sea Water Beads/Beach/Shell/Starfish/Mermaid/Sailing/Coconut Tree
AINOLWAY mermaid sensory bin kit comes with kinds of beach accessories for entertainment and sensory play. This kit includes 1 inflatable container, 4 mermaids, 8 Starfishs,8 shells, 2 Sailboats, 3 trees and 5 bags of blue sand.

Mermaid Sand Beach Sensory bins allow kids to discover, imagine and learn while engaging their senses. Place the sensory bin on a table cloth or towel and scoop, sort, dig and build for easy clean up and endless hours of hands-on play!

70000Pcs Water Beads Sensory Toys Kit Non Toxic Water Gel Beads,Sensory Bin Kit with 20 Ocean Animals,5 Dinosaur Eggs,15 Balloons,4 Tweezers,Water Beads Tools for Early Skill Development
Add some water, and you can witness and experience a whole new world!
Enjoy amazing fun with your kids
MAGICLUB has always dedicated to develop high-quality products and focus on igniting imagination and wonder for children to discover, express, and create.
Good sensory toys and great stress reliever
DIY anti-stress balls or water beads squishable toys let you squeeze, pull, and press.

Play Construction Moving Sand for Kids
Studies have shown that chirldren play sand with construction vehicles can develop thinking and develop hand-eye coordination.Kenlaimi Construction Moving Sand Kit combines 6 mini construction trucks with 2lbs magic sand which will surely give your boys or girls a never ending fun time .
When kids play the sand kit,they will grasp, pinch,knead and mould the sand which help develop eye-hand coordination, gain strength and improve finger flexibility. Making various construction scenes with various tools to stimulate their imagination and creativity. By playing a different role to drive different car toy with friends or parents to develop their social and communication skills.

Dinosaur Play Sand Kit - 2 Bags of Sand and 34 Pieces - Feels Like Wet Sand Without The Mess - Comes with Bin, Lid, Dinosaur Figures, Dino Molds, Trees, Fences - Safe, Sensory Experience for Kids
Less Stress, Less Mess and Lots of Dinosaurs!
The Dazmers Sand Kit is the perfect combination of 2 toys kids love the most - dinosaurs and sand.
This 34-piece sand kit comes with everything your child will need for hours of creative and pretend play.
The play kit is a great tactile experience for kids. The eco-friendly sand and toys provide a safe environment for creative play. Makes a great gift. Recommended for ages 3+.

Kenlaimi Dinosaur Play Sand Kit,3lbs Moving Sand with 3 Large Dinosaur Figures and Dinosaur Bone Molds,18 Small Dinosaurs Figures and Dinosaur Skeletons,Foldable Sandbox for Boys Girls Indoor Outdoor
Are you a dinosaur fan? Then what could be more fun than playing with our dinosaur play sand kit? This is a complete set of 4 large realistic dinosaur 
Moving Sand has the texture and fluidity of ordinary sand, has plasticity, and is also shaped and engravable. It is of great durability, Non-sticky and never dries out!Made of 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic materials and won't fade if soaked in water.

ALPHAFUN Water Beads Play Set, Includes 78 Alphabet Letters, Inflatable Bin, Water Beads Tools
Discover the power of play with the Waterbeedz Alphabet Learning Set from Alphafun. This imaginative teaching tool delivers hours and hours of collaborative and solo learning, stimulating kids in a way that’s safe, affordable, and oh-so fun. Unlike the typical autism spectrum toys that target a specific gender or age group, our open-ended activity set is 100% modifiable, making it easy to adapt for kids of different ages, abilities, interests, social skills, and levels of language comprehension. Not sure how to unlock Waterbeedz’ magical teaching powers? Let The Alphafun Book be your guide! It contains tons of ideas for making study or play time an educational success.

Tractor Sand Play Set, Sensory Toys for Kids W/ 2 Lbs of Sand, Construction Signs & Cones, Working Figures, 4 Mold Set and Road Roller, Dump Truck, Excavator & Bulldozer
Your little one will have a blast molding, slicing, and shaping the soft, formable play sand, it is truly a sensory and tactile experience your children will love playing with it for hours.
Feels like wet beach sand without any of the mess,doesn’t stick to hands, clothes, or molds. This 20-piece sand kit comes with everything your child will need for hours of creative and pretend play.

SENSORY4U Water Beads Sensory Bin Therapy Kits - 4 Dew Drop Sets Included - Ocean Sharks, Jungle Excursion, African Safari, Dinosaur Discovery.
Try all four of our amazing vibrant Dew Drop Sensory Bin Kits. This bundle includes all 4 sets: Swiming with Sharks, Dinosaur Discovery, African Safari, and Jungle Excursion. Each set has a unique bead color theme, as well as 15 unique toys animals specific to each theme. Buy all 4 therapy Sensory Kits and SAVE. Satisfaction guaranteed!Also a Great Therapy Toy for autistic and special needed children and kids.

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin: Ocean and Sand - Fine Motor and Sensory Toys for Kids
Dive into an ocean and sand adventure with a self-contained beach environment filled with fascinating water beads, 2 lbs of easy to mold play sand, ocean toys and more! This self-contained play bin is the ultimate sensory experience! Creativity for Kids Sensory Bins allow children to discover, imagine, learn and create, while engaging their senses and having FUN! Materials are carefully selected (and safety-tested!) to provide the best hands-on play experience. Scoop, sort and explore in this self-contained sensory bin. Sensory Bins provide many learning benefits and resources for children to build find motor skills, promote sensory development and encourage imaginative play. 

SENSORY4U Dew Drops Water Beads Ocean Explorers Tactile Sensory Kit - 26 Sea Animal Creatures Included - Great Fine Motor Skills Toy for Kids  4 ounces of dew drops ocean colored water beads will provide thousands and thousands of marble-sized beads for decoration or play and sensory fun. These colors were specifically selected to provide an ocean deep Sea adventure! Can also be used as stress balls, sensory bins, wedding decor, vase fillers, orbeez refilled, special needs. Whatever you want! Enjoy! Instructions: add 1 tbsp dry beads to 1/2 gallon of water, This yields about 8 cups once fully hydrated. May take up to 8 hrs to reach full size. With one bag of beads There is enough to repeat this process about 8 times. Store indoors in room temperature. Avoid storing in extreme temps hot or cold this may reduce integrity of the beads.

Polar Animal Sensory Bin Kit, Include 20000 pcs Ocean Sea Water Beads-Emperor Penguin Family Figures and Polar Bear Figurines-Frozen Island-Inflatable Container
AINOLWAY polar animal sensory bin kit comes with kinds of accessories for entertainment and sensory play. This kit includes 1 inflatable container, 6 penguins, 4 polar bear, 2 seal cub, 1 iceberg and 5 bags of snow powder.
These polar bear and penguin toys are great for education purposes, providing an new access to teaching knowledge of polar animals. The combination of ocean and polar animals allows children to better learn and explore the mysteries of animals and ocean.

Water Beads Sensory Toys Set for Kids with 40000 PCS of Water Beads, Sensory Bin Kit Include - Large Water Gel Beads, Ocean Toy, 2 Inflatable Water Mat, Cups, Funnel, Scoop, Spoons, Tweezers

Our Tweezers and spoons are made of high-class material(expensive cost ).Our tweezers can be used over and over compared with the inferior disposable tweezers.They are wider and the appropriate width is specially designed to be suitable for playing with water beads.If you are a careful person, you can easily find many poor quality tweezers that will break after one use.

GirlZone Mermaid Treasures Play Sand for Kids, 3lbs of Magic Sand for Kids with PlayMat, Accessories and Carry Case Storage Box - a Sensory Sand Activity
Everything Included!Have hours of fun with the Mermaid Treasures Play Sand Kit. With everything you need to make and mould the magic sand including Mermaid glitter!
Storytime Play Mat The kit comes with a cute machine washable play mat which measures 28 x 33 inches. Create Mermaid adventure stories for your little girl and bury the gems in the treasure box!

Theefun Play Sand for Kids, 46 Pieces Sand Toys Included 3lbs Magic Sand, 1 Foldable Sand Box, 6 Castle Molds, 10 Dinosaurs Figures and 10 Dino Molds
Playing in the sand is a total blast, but what if you can’t make it to the beach?
Your child will love molding, cutting and shaping this super sand in their Theefun foldable sandbox, a deluxe kit that includes countless accessories to create scenes, shape the sand and open new avenues of creativity.
3 Lb Magic Sand Our sand kit are made of safe materials, which is safe for your children.
The 3 colors play sand are easily moldable, and don’t make your hands dirty like normal sand. Foldable Sandbox There’s no mess to worry about because of the foldable sandbox.

Water Beads Kit Toddler Motor Sensory Toys Sensory Bin Kit with 8.8 Oz Beads, Wishing Bottle, Scoops and Ocean Animals, Age 3+ Children's Non-Toxic Water Drop Toys
These magical water beads will gradually become soft, smooth and extremely elastic rainbow beads after 4 hours that children can also observe the growth process of these beads and discover the joy of watching them grow.  The beads are made of Non-toxic hydrophilic resin material, which is very suitable for children and adults, and the kit has passed third-party testing; these beads will be very smooth and soft after absorbing water. Adults also like these beads very much and can use them again after losing moisture.

MONT PLEASANT Montessori Toys Sensory Bin Toys for 1 Year Old Toddlers, 11pcs Wooden Waldorf Toys Wooden Scoops and Tongs for Transfer Work and Fine Motor Skills Development
These simple toys used for imaginative play or sensory bin play would leave a deep satisfaction on your children’s minds and meet every stage of your child’s growth from 36 months to 4+ years. All the wooden toys made of premium beech and sanded smooth ensure the safety when your children play with them. It is the perfect wooden toy gift for toddlers. The toys set made from premium natural beech.  Best sensory bin tools gift for toddlers to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

AINOLWAY Space Water Beads Kit Non-Toxic Sensory Toy for Kids, Sensory Ball Toys for Autistic Children, Outer Space Exploration Toys Set with 11 Spaceballs and 2 Astronauts. An Exploration of Planets, Moons, Asteroids, and Other Mysteries of Space. Children actively use their senses as they explore outer space through sensory play of water bead apace set, Which is crucial to brain development. Perfect for space themed party, best gifts for kids birthday or Chirstmas. AINOLWAY water beads and these space accessories are 100% non-toxic, totally safe for toddlers and kids. The water beads can be recycled, the space foam balls and bouncy balls are high quality which can be used many times.

SENSORY4U Water Beads with Fine Motor Sensory Toys Set, Water Bead Sensory Bin Kit, Kids Learning Educational Toys
Great fine motor skills sensory toys for autistic children. Children on the spectrum or with ADD ADHD and sensory processing disorder SPD often benefit from sensory activities because they can help soothe and train kids to process sensory information in a non-overwhelming way. Providing fun sensory activities for kids with disabilities is essential. Neurotypicals are generally able to disregard unnecessary sensory activity while individuals who struggle to process information taken in through the senses. That is why we created Fiddle Fingers Dew Drops. 

Dew Drops Water Beads Insect Spider Party Activity for Kids Includes 12 Spider Insect Toys and Purple White Black and Orange Color Aqua Balls
Makes Perfect Addition to your Halloween Decoration party event activity for kids. Halloween water beads. Our Dew Drops Water Beads (compare to Orbeez) can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Here are just some of the fun ways it can be used for: *Use it to fill your kiddie pool *Fill your bathtub for fun bath time *Use it as a candle holder or vase filler *Use with your water beads gun *Best of all, use your imagination and creativity for hours of fun. 

Puzzle Pieces Sensory Bin Critters
PLAY AND PRETEND - Create your own pretend play flower garden in an ultimate sensory play experience! Engage the senses with a unique play space bin filled with easy to mold sensory sand in 2 colors, faux flowers and critters, shovel, tongs and more!
SENSORY BIN - Sensory bins allow children to discover, imagine and learn while engaging their senses. Place the self-contained sensory bin on a table cloth or towel and scoop, sort, dig and build for easy clean up and endless hours of hands-on play!

Water Beads Play Set - Sensory Toys for Kids with 16 oz of Water Beads, Sea Animals, Water Beads Tools - 20 Pieces Ocean Toy Figures with Container Storage for 3, 4, 5 Year Old Toddlers  These 20 pieces of water beads playset comes with 16 oz of sea water beads for hours of entertainment and sensory play.  SOFT AND SENSORY: the playset of toddler sensory toys for kids feels soft, wet, and smooth. It’s a great toy to enhance fine motor skills and creativity while stimulating your young child's senses. The water beads are an amazing match to the sea animal toy figures to form all kinds of ocean shapes and designs. The water beads can be used over and over.

Puzzle Pieces Sensory bin Dino
Foster imaginative play with the Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin. This self-contained play bin is the ultimate sensory experience.
Develop and practice fine motor movement with scooping, sifting and brushing fossils in this self-contained dinosaur dig environment.
Includes magnifying glass, foam volcano, fossil brush, play sand, faux plant, sand sifter, dinosaurs, skeletons and more!
Conveniently packed in a bin with lid for easy storage. Bin measures approximately 14 ½ w " x 10 ¼ l " X 4 ¾" h.

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin: Ice Cream Shop Playset - Pretend Play, Early Learning for Girls and Boys
SCOOP AND LEARN - Create your own play and pretend cool treats with the ultimate sensory experience! Engage the senses with a play space that's packed with easy to mold sensory sand in 3 colors, pom poms, rainbow beads, ice cream cones, bowl and more
SENSORY BIN - Sensory bins allow children to discover, imagine and learn while engaging their senses. Place the self-contained sensory bin on a table cloth or towel and scoop, sort, dig and build for easy clean up and endless hours of hands-on play!

Sensory Bin Containers & Sensory Bin Tables 

Kidoozie Sand ‘n Splash Activity Table with Storage Compartment and Lid
If you don’t live near the beach, or maybe you just can’t get there enough, the Sand ‘n Splash table is the perfect toy to bring the beach to your back yard. Your kids can play in the sand and in the water with all kinds of beach toys, just like if they were there. When playtime is over just pack everything into the sand and water wells and place the lid on top eliminating it from taking up space in your yard and losing any pieces. It’s also perfect for taking on the go with you so you can have the beach anywhere, anytime. One of the beautiful things about trips to the beach is getting in touch with nature and getting creative with your activities. 

The double-basin 24″ Children’s Factory blue Neptune Table is a great way to let children explore the properties of water and sand without making a big mess. The two basins in the table are divided by a waterfall to allow for observation of water flow. Each basin has a drain and a bottom textured with fish crabs and starfish. This sand and water sensory table promotes fine motor skills development, self-esteem, confidence and social interaction. Rain or shine, winter or spring, kids will always be excited to play at the water and sand table. The large table has four casters for easy movement with two casters locking for stability providing for hours of fun both indoors and outdoors. The possibilities are endless for engaging sensory activities. 

Little Tikes Frog Pond Water Table
Flip into fun with the Little Tikes Leaping Frog Water Table! Launch colorful frogs onto the lily pads on the center leaf tower. Turn the spinner to activate the "lazy river." Perfect for outdoor fun on a hot day, water activity tables are great for sensory activities and group play. Kids can splash and play with this large water table alone or with friends. Plus, it comes with an easy-drain plug for easy clean-up. 
Launch the frogs onto lily pads and center tower
Turn the spinner that powers the "lazy river"
Accessories include: five frogs; two floating lily pads; one fill cup
Holds seven gallons of water

These sturdy plastic 3-inch deep storage trays are designed for anywhere you need efficient storage. Use the standard letter-sized trays to neatly organize all your 8.5 x 11 inch handouts, booklets and papers. Trays are stackable with included lids, or nestable when not in use. The bright colors are ideal for STEM or STEAM color-coding for classroom organization. The easy-to-grip comfort edges are perfectly sized for big and small hands.
Bright colors are perfect for STEAM or STEM color coding
Measures 10" long x 13" wide x 3" deep

This 5 in 1 Kids Activity Table Set was designed to inspire creativity and grow with your child. The inside makes a great water table for hours of fun and doubles as a storage space for building bricks and other toys. The Building Brick side provides a surface on which your child can build fun, imaginative worlds. And the smooth side is the perfect place to make crafts, draw masterpieces, and more!
5 IN 1 TABLE will entertain kids for hours as a water table, building block table, drawing and crafts table, sensory (sand, rice, slime) table, and storage unit. Inspires imaginative play as your kids splash, build, and create!

Sensory Bin Toys & Sensory Bin Tools 

Animals Figure,54 Piece Mini Jungle Animals Toys Set with Gift Box,ValeforToy Realistic Wild Animal Learning Party Favors Toys for Boys Girls Kids Toddlers Forest Small Farm Animals Toys Playset
"Whether you roam alone like tigers, preferring a solitary safari, or in a herd like gazelles and elephants with friends this set provides plenty of imaginative play possibilities Big Bucket of Jungle Animals - 54 Piece Set,including 32 no repeats wild animals,16 fence,4 grass,1 coconut tree,1 rockery: Your child will LOVE this set of Jungle Animals,includes the most popular animals -cheetah, elephant, gazelle, giraffe, gnu, gorilla, hippo, lion, rhinoceros, tiger and zebra etc."

Learning Resources Sand & Water Fine Motor Set, Scissor Skills, Construction Toy, Sensory Toy, Toys for Sensory Bin, 4 Pieces, Ages 3+
Add even more fun to your splash-filled adventures! With the Sand & Water Fine Motor Set from Learning Resources, kids discover four new ways to learn in the sand and surf. This set of four toddler-sized tools includes a squeezy bottle, spinner, wavy dropper, and scooper, each of which demonstrates a different physical concept through fun, easy-to-understand interactive play. Made of durable plastic, these tools are tough enough to accompany kids wherever water is found. 

36 Pieces Ocean Sea Animals Assorted Mini Vinyl Plastic Animal Set Realistic Under The Sea Life Figure for Child Educational
Ultimate collection: including assorted styles of sea animals like seahorse, Octopus, whales, fish, crab, sea Turtles and more (individual style random)
Size: 1.5 to 2.5 inches long, easy to use and absolutely amazing sea animals toys product
Party favors: realistically detailed sea animal figurines inspire imaginative play and curiosity as learning toy, and make the perfect novelty gift for kids toddler boy and girl

Learning Resources Mix And Measure Activity Set, Experiment Mixing Tools, 22 Pieces, Ages 3+,Multi-color
These durable, colorful mixing tools are contoured for little hands
Great for exploring and comparing measurements
Includes: scale, 3 self-standing spoons, and 6 uniquely designed measuring cups
Activity cards guide children in making mystery goo, puffy paint, slime, and more
For ages 3+

45 Pcs Fake Bugs Toy Mini Realistic Insects Toys for Kids, with Plastic Tweezers,Educational Toy Kids
With our Insects Set, we aim to engage kids with nature, bugs textures and imagination , our tweezers promote kids hand-eye coordination, while the attention-grabbing colors encourage counting and sorting.
FansArriche Insects Set promote:
Sorting and Counting
Imaginary and Representative Play
Color Recognition
Hand-Eye Coordination

Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set Toy, Fine Motor and Sensory Toy, Fine Motor Games, Ages 3+
GREAT FOR SENSORY BINS: 4 of our finest tools packaged together
KIDS FINE MOTOR TOOLS: Builds fine-motor skills
STRENGTHEN HANDS: Strengthens hand muscles needed for writing
GREAT VALUE: Includes 1 of each tool: Gator Grabber Tweezers, Handy Scoopers, Twisty Droppers, Squeezy Tweezers
Ideal for ages 3+

82 Piece Animal Toy, Assorted Mini Dinosaur Insect Ocean Sea Animal Farm Animal Jungle Animal Dog Figure, Realistic Vinyl Plastic Zoo Play Set, Small Toys for Sensory Bin
82 pack natural world animal bulk includes:16 Insect Bugs toys, 12 Dinosaur Figurines, 12 Ocean Sea animal, 12 Farm&12 Wild animal, 12 Dog figure, in each specific kind bucket
All these Realistic Safari animals packed neatly into 6 separate reusable tubes, exquisite animal model on the top of each lid, making them easy to store and carry-along. Collect them all!

Li’l Gen Water Beads with Fine Motor Skills Toy Set, Non-Toxic Water Sensory Toy for Kids - 20,000 Beads with 2 Scoops and Tweezers for Early Skill Development
All toys manufactured by Lil Gen are specifically created for fun and learning! Made with non-toxic and BPA free materials that are not only 100% safe but also of high quality. Our water bead set has a myriad of uses, from using it to fill your kiddie pool to creating a makeshift bean bag, you can always be assured that you’re having fun. Pretend play has always been an important aspect to a child’s growth. Develop your child’s creativity and imagination with this amazing water bead set.
This water bead set is an amazing way to teach your child the fundamental early childhood skills. It’s the perfect toy to develop their hand-eye coordination, sensory and fine motor skills, and color recognition.

Skoolzy Fine Motor Skills Toys - Rainbow Color Sorting for Toddlers Scissor Tongs - Bug Catcher Sensory Learning Tools
Brightly colored fine motor tools scissor with clear tops help children develop observation skills as they improve their fine motor coordination and finger dexterity.
6 Rainbow scoops allow for sharing and collaborative play in both home and school or daycare setting. The bright colors lend themselves to sorting and matching activities. The educational manipulative works both indoors for sorting activities and color matching outdoors for exploration and bug catching.
Set includes 6 scoops; each measuring 7".
Great for Toddlers, Preschool and Kindergarten.  Children ages 3 yrs - 5 years.

Learning Resources Handy Scoopers, Kids Tweezers for Fine Motor, Scissor Skills
FINE MOTOR TOOL: These uniquely designed scoopers allow children to use their thumb, index, and middle fingers to open. Build the muscles needed for scissor cutting and writing
SENSORY TOY: Holes in scoops allow for catch-and-release fun during water play, or use in a sensory bin!
Set of 4 Handy Scoopers in assorted colors
Ideal for ages 3+                                     

Therapy Shoppe Squeezy Bubble Tweezers
Build pre-writing and pre-scissor skills with our newest occupational therapy finger tool! Kids will love these sturdy, loop-design 4-1/2" tweezer tongs that feature a bubble scooper picker-upper.  Fun for sorting, counting, building finger strength, developing eye-hand coordination, and tons of other pre-writing 
and pre-scissor skill activities! Come in dazzling bright assorted colors.

Therapy Shoppe 2-in-1 Tiny Treasure Tongs
New!  The most versatile kids' tongs ever!  Our sensational new 2-in-1 Tiny Treasure Tongs are the first OT finger tool you can use as tongs AND as a scooper!  Tiny Treasure Tongs feature an easy-grasp curved handle and non-sharp pointy tips that have a contoured design that's perfect for picking up small beads and other roundish little things – plus they have a scooper on the other end!  These neat tweezer tong-scoopers are GREAT for building fine motor skills, tripod grasps, and for counting / placing / sorting activities.  Fun for practicing in-hand manipulation too (twirl it around with your fingers to switch using the tweezer end to the scooper end). You'll love em!

Therapy Shoppe Jumbo Tweezers
Jumbo 6” tweezers with built-in thumb and finger grips that naturally facilitate a proper grasp and open web space.  These sturdy, hard plastic tweezers come in assorted, beautifully-bright colors!  A fun occupational therapy tool for developing and refining finger fine motor skills!  These therapy tongs can be used with preschoolers to adults.

The Sensory Kids Store Mad Mattr Super-Soft, Stretchy Modeling Dough that Never Dries Out!
The smartest doh to ever flow!
Pick up this vibrant doh and you won't be able to put it down. You can shape it, mold it, pack it, crumble it, mix it, strrrrrretch it and watch as it flows from your hands like an other-worldly rainbow waterfall.
It's a brilliantly diverse sensory experience that's both thrilling for the senses and calming for the mind!
Gluten-free, casein-free, toxin-free, and specially designed to NEVER dry out, Mad Mattr Doh is an amazing and baffling adventure for your hands, brain, and imagination.

Sensory Jungle Sensory Water Beads - Rainbow - 16,000ct  Looking for educational, engaging activities for your child, students, or clients that are similar to Orbeez products? No need to overspend—grab a pack of Sensory Jungle Water Beads!  CALMING SENSORY EXPERIENCE for the child with autism or sensory processing disorder. Kids can scoop them, sort them, count them, or simply play and explore their imagination and tactile sense. Use these colorful water beads in a sensory box or over a light table. You can even combine them with other materials (like shaving cream) to create a variety of fun sensory integration activities.

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