Sensory Break Ideas
Sensory Breaks

2-3 minute movement break every 10-15 minutes.
Have a timer and visual schedule so the child knows when and for how long
Give the child warnings that the break is soon ending

Using a weighted blanket

Running around

Ball Pit


Jumping on a crash pad

Climbing Stairs

Sensory bottles/Calm down jars

Drinking with a straw

Tossing a weighted ball


Jumping on a trampoline

Bear walks

Jumping on bubble wrap

Using a scooter board

Obstacle course

Blow up balloons

Wearing a
weighted or pressure vest

Use a hopping jumping ball

Glow sticks bath tub

Sliding down the slide

Balancing games

Big hugs

Eat sour and spicy flavours

Heavy Work activities


Stringing beads (fine motor)

Roller blades

Wagon ride

Sliding down the slides

Teeter totter





Ball hockey


Drawing with chalk on the body

Crawling through boxes or lycra tunnel

Pulling apart resistant toys/objects

Squishing between pillows

Push ups and sit ups

Push furniture around

Sit in a big comfy bean bag chair

Using a peanut ball

Using a yoga ball


Tug of war

Wheelbarrow walk

Have a bath with bath paint

Squeezing fidgets

Playing on playground equipment

Gentle play wrestling

Jumping Jacks

Water play

Tickle over there skin softly

Sand play

Carrying backpack with books

Turn on bubble column

Play catch

Eating crunchy foods

Chewing on some chew toys



Blanket Burito

Using a paintbrush and paint trace over your hands on paper

Blowing whistles

Chew gum

Play music (drums,flute)

Listen to music

build a blanket tent 

Spinning on a Dizzy Disc



Joint compressions

Blowing bubbles

Playing with play-doh

Playing in shaving cream

Discovering sensory bins


Crab walk

Cuddle a house pet


Spinning on chair with wheels

Rocking on a rocking horse or rocking chair

Hanging upside down off couch

Climbing on playground equipment

Stretching out in a Lycra Body Sac

Play with clayPlay with clay

Retrieving objects hidden in rice or beans

Face and body painting

Whip cream painting

Pudding play

Bubble baths

Tattoo/stickers on body

Hitting punching bag

Vibration cushion