Sensory Christmas Play Activities 

A sensory bin is a container filled with items that stimulate your child's senses. Sensory bins are a great tactile play activity for children with Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD & Autism. They can also be beneficial for your child's fine motor development. 

A sensory bin is designed to assist your child with their sensory diet. The possibilities are absolutely endless. 

Sensory bins do not need to be expensive. They can be made with most safe items around your home. Sensory bins are a way for your child to explore their senses and learn. Sensory bins don't require a lot of contents or much space. 

Sensory bins can help your child with fine motor, gross motor development, fidgeting, exploring their senses, self-regulation, language development, learning to tolerate new textures, hand and eye coordination and build self-confidence. 
children on snow hill sleighing Sensory Christmas Play Activities

Using a sensory bin can stimulate all of your child's senses including tactile, olfactory, auditory, visual and gustation. 

Sensory calm down bottles are great for several different sensory needs including auditory input, vestibular input, bodily awareness, visual awareness and also a great mindful activity for your children too. 

Sensory calm down bottles are a quick way to calm down children, avoid meltdowns and assist children when managing emotions. 

Pass it to your child and ask them to give it a shake. Shaking the sensory bottle is sensory proprioceptive input too. They will be absolutely mesmerized watching the glitter or items in the jar move and fall to the bottom or looking for items in the rice or beans. 

Chrietmas Sensory Play & Sensory Craft Products 

Crayola Relaxation Aroma Putty, Silly Putty Alternative, Gift, 6Count
CRAYOLA AROMA PUTTY: Bring home the 6ct Relaxation putty collection featuring Lavender, Frankincense, clove, coconut, tea tree, and chamomile.
Portable and fun Relaxation gifts for women, men, and teens.
Specially designed containers add texture to putty and fit n
icely in a purse or pocket.
SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Aroma putty doesn't leave residue on hands, and is safe and nontoxic.

Every Thing You Need To Make Your Own Special Snowman Friend. Set Includes Mold Able Foam Putty, 2 Eyes, 2 Arms, 1 Carrot Nose And 1 Smile Mouth. How this works? Simple. Mold And Remold Your White Snow Putty Into A Snowman. Then Attach Eyes, Arms, Carrot Nose & Mouth. But Don't Wait Too Long Unless Your Sure You Love Your New Friend. Why ?? Simply Because After A Few Hours Your New Snowman Will Harden Forever And Not Be Mold Able Again. Three Units Of "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" Are Included Per Order So Each Child Can Have Hours Of Fun And Make Different Looking Snowmen Friends. Completely Non Toxic, However, It's Not A Good Idea To Eat Anyway. Fantastic Make Believe Toy. 

Toysmith Melting Snowman
Build a snowman from the comfort of the indoors with the Toysmith Melting Snowman. This entertaining kit uses soft putty to shape and decorate a snowman. At room temperature the snowman slowly melts into a puddle, without leaving a mess behind. The kit includes reusable melting putty, plus a hat, scarf, eyes nose and arms. The melting putty can be used to create a snowman up to 3-inches in height. The snowman makes a whimsical holiday decoration for a tabletop or desk. Easy to clean up. Leaves no moisture or mess behind. 

QB Hive Rainbow in a Jar - Eye Catching Colorful Zen Bottle - Sparkle Glitter Jar - Sensory Bottle - Meditation & Mindfulness Tool - Great for Focus
Easy to Use - just hold this rainbow bottle up to light to enjoy the beautiful colors and glitter
This shimmering rainbow-themed sensory bottle is sure to please with colorful spheres and iridescent glitter
With eye-catching red, orange, yellow/green, blue and purple, you don't need a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow!
Useful anywhere – use to unwind, add a rainbow theme to your home, bring to the office to reduce stress, use as a meditation & mindfulness tool, as a fidget and focus tool, and more

Klutz Make Your Own Discovery Bottles Science/STEM Activity Kit
Make Your Own Discovery Bottles
Explore sensory play with these easy at-home water-based bottle experiments! Watch your kid’s cares melt away as they’re mesmerized by swirling glitter, or challenge themselves to tilt a fish through a hoop in the 2 provided leak-proof bottles. The fun doesn’t stop there! The included crystal-clear instructions include 4 additional experiments using common household ingredients.
Explore sensory play with these easy at-home water-based bottle experiments! Watch your kid's cares melt away as they're mesmerized by swirling glitter or challenge themselves to tilt a fish through a hoop in the 2 Provided leak-proof bottles. 

Learning Resources Sand & Water Fine Motor Set, Scissor Skills, Construction Toy, Sensory Toy, Toys for Sensory Bin, 4 Pieces, Ages 3+
Add even more fun to your splash-filled adventures! With the Sand & Water Fine Motor Set from Learning Resources, kids discover four new ways to learn in the sand and surf. This set of four toddler-sized tools includes a squeezy bottle, spinner, wavy dropper, and scooper, each of which demonstrates a different physical concept through fun, easy-to-understand interactive play. Made of durable plastic, these tools are tough enough to accompany kids wherever water is found. 

Caydo 350 pieces pipe cleaners set ( 120pcs 12 colors pipe cleaners, 6 size pom poms and 4 size wiggle eyes ) for Christmas craft DIY art supplies.
Features: Use it to create handmade small articles such as Christmas tree, Santa Claus, flowers, etc Share your creations with friends and loved ones You can find more fun with your children in your family time.
Specifications (Pipe Cleaners): Material: Fiber and metal Safety using design: The surface with soft plush won't hurting your hands Dimension: 6 mm x 300mm
Package included:
120 x Pipe Cleaners 130 x Pom-Poms 100 x Wiggle Eyes
Note:Children under 5 years old need to play under adults's supervision! Used for handicrafts, not suitable for cleaning pipes.

MONT PLEASANT Montessori Toys Sensory Bin Toys for 1 Year Old Toddlers, 11pcs Wooden Waldorf Toys Wooden Scoops and Tongs for Transfer Work and Fine Motor Skills Development
These simple toys used for imaginative play or sensory bin play would leave a deep satisfaction on your children’s minds and meet every stage of your child’s growth from 36 months to 4+ years. All the wooden toys made of premium beech and sanded smooth ensure the safety when your children play with them. It is the perfect wooden toy gift for toddlers. The toys set made from premium natural beech.  Best sensory bin tools gift for toddlers to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

These sturdy plastic 3-inch deep storage trays are designed for anywhere you need efficient storage. Use the standard letter-sized trays to neatly organize all your 8.5 x 11 inch handouts, booklets and papers. Trays are stackable with included lids, or nestable when not in use. The bright colors are ideal for STEM or STEAM color-coding for classroom organization. The easy-to-grip comfort edges are perfectly sized for big and small hands.
Bright colors are perfect for STEAM or STEM color coding
Measures 10" long x 13" wide x 3" deep

8oz Calming Glitter Bottle - Red Head
Calming Bottles from The Calm Mom are an original away to gain some calm back in your life. The uses are endless - we’ve had customers use them at doctor’s or dentist’s visits, for dementia patients, as a meditative focus - the uses are endless. *** Attention-grabbing sparkles swirl in the bottle when shaken, then settle towards the bottom when put down. The settling time is about three minutes. Bottles also contain an auditory factor that allows the contents to mix more easily - no more clumped, stuck glitter at the bottom. Bottles are plastic, with caps firmly fused. *** They’re also known as Hush-Bottles, Glitter Bottles, and Sensory Bottles. One bottle is included - 6.9” x 1.75”, 8oz. Item is for Theraputic purposes only. Please do not allow bottle to be dropped or thrown. For ages 12+

Instant Snow Powder
SNOW ALL YEAR ROUND - perfect for sensory product, holiday season decor, making cloud slime or as an accessory for photo shoots. Add a drop of food coloring to the water for colored snow!
SENSORY DEVELOPMENT - perfect for a sensory room or table. Use as a tool to encourage kids or patients to express their emotions as they can't help but get excited watching the snow powder fluff into a white soft and fine texture.
EDUCATIONAL - Great STEM toy. Use to explain elementary physics concepts to your kids or students. Learn about 'absorption', 'osmosis', 'evaporation', and 'physical reaction' vs. 'chemical reaction'.

Polar Animal Sensory Bin Kit, Include 20000 pcs Ocean Sea Water Beads-Emperor Penguin Family Figures and Polar Bear Figurines-Frozen Island-Inflatable Container
AINOLWAY polar animal sensory bin kit comes with kinds of accessories for entertainment and sensory play. This kit includes 1 inflatable container, 6 penguins, 4 polar bear, 2 seal cub, 1 iceberg and 5 bags of snow powder.
These polar bear and penguin toys are great for education purposes, providing an new access to teaching knowledge of polar animals. The combination of ocean and polar animals allows children to better learn and explore the mysteries of animals and ocean.

Educational Insights Playfoam Pluffle Sensory Station, Sensory Bin with Tools, Fine Motor Skills, Ages 3+
All-in-one sensory station includes soft, fluffy Playfoam Pluffle and all the tactile tools preschoolers need to play and develop fine motor skills.
Sensory bin, 2 colors of Playfoam Pluffle, and 3 fine motor tools: handy roller, scissor scoopers, and collection cup.
Sifting, sorting, scooping, and extracting builds the fine motor skills kids need to button their shirts and cut with scissors! And non-toxic Playfoam Pluffle never dries out, so the fun—and learning—never end!
Create your own winter wonderland inside with this totally tactile set perfect for sensory play and fine motor fun for boys & girls

Kidoozie Sand ‘n Splash Activity Table with Storage Compartment and Lid
If you don’t live near the beach, or maybe you just can’t get there enough, the Sand ‘n Splash table is the perfect toy to bring the beach to your back yard. Your kids can play in the sand and in the water with all kinds of beach toys, just like if they were there. When playtime is over just pack everything into the sand and water wells and place the lid on top eliminating it from taking up space in your yard and losing any pieces. It’s also perfect for taking on the go with you so you can have the beach anywhere, anytime. One of the beautiful things about trips to the beach is getting in touch with nature and getting creative with your activities. 

Lovely and cute craft decorations with vivid color are suitable for making Christmas ornaments, sewing, scrapbooks, card making, home and wedding decorations, can also serve as good gift for craft enthusiasts.
Convenient to use:
You can use these ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree, candies, gift bags and so on, can also be useful tools, you can use glue or thread to fix on dolls or clothes and make mini dolls, create beautiful hair clips and so on.
Practical kit:
These Christmas craft ornaments are not only serving as entertainment toys to make children happy, but also can be helpful to improve your kids' hands-on skills, cultivate their practical ability, imagination and patience.

Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set Toy, Fine Motor and Sensory Toy, Fine Motor Games, Ages 3+
GREAT FOR SENSORY BINS: 4 of our finest tools packaged together
KIDS FINE MOTOR TOOLS: Builds fine-motor skills
STRENGTHEN HANDS: Strengthens hand muscles needed for writing
GREAT VALUE: Includes 1 of each tool: Gator Grabber Tweezers, Handy Scoopers, Twisty Droppers, Squeezy Tweezers
Ideal for ages 3+

Sensory-N-Stuff Handmade Christmas Sensory Bin, Sensory Play, Sensory Bins With Colored Rice, Christmas Sensory Bin For Children
Dive into the enchantment of the holiday season with our Christmas Sensory Bin. It's the perfect hands-on experience to celebrate the magic of Christmas with tactile joy. Sensory bins are designed to provide toddlers and small children with a hands-on and immersive learning experience by engaging their senses like touch, sight, and sometimes even smell and sound. Through exploring various materials within the bin, kids enhance their cognitive, motor, and social skills while fostering creativity and sensory awareness. Our sensory bins for toddlers 3-4 are all handmade, and the rice I personally hand-dye using all non-toxic taste taste-safe materials. 

Winter Wonderland Snow Sand Playset, Creativity Toy Sensory Bin with Arctic Animal Figures, 2 Lbs of Sand and Snowman Molds for Boy Girl Kid Toddlers Age 3-8
2 LBS OF SAND AND SNOWMAN MOLDS: This playset includes 2 pounds of sand and comes with snowman molds, allowing kids to build and create their own winter wonderland.
ARCTIC ANIMAL FIGURES: The playset also includes arctic animal figures, providing an additional element of imaginative play and storytelling.
CREATIVITY TOY SENSORY BIN: The Winter Wonderland Snow Sand Playset is designed to stimulate creativity and engage children's senses, providing hours of fun and educational play.
SUITABLE FOR BOYS AND GIRLS AGE 3-8: This playset is perfect for kids aged 3-8, encouraging imaginative play and fostering fine motor skills.

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