Sensory Fidgets & Fidget Kits


Puffer Ball with Big Eyes

Puffer Ball Tactile Fidget

Play Visions Mondo Spaghetti Ball

Octopus Water Stress Ball

Atom Ball Tentacle Tactile Fidget

Hairy Tangle

Posh Snowball Sensory Tactile Fidget

Sensory Squishy Fidget Caterpillars

Snake Puzzle Fidget

Sensory Stretchy Mice And Cheese 

Smiley Face Molecule Stress Ball

 Play Visions DNA Ball

Play Visions Fun Glitter Ball

 Play Visions Spiky Gloves

Push Pop Poke Sensory Fidget

Squishy Mini Meteor Ball

Squishy Jellyfish Tactile Fidget

Mesh Squishy Sensory Tactile Fidget

Bead Gel Stress Ball Fidget Toy

Snap And Click Sensory Toy Fidget 

Light Up Tactile Asterix Ball Fidget

Toysmith Wood Fidget Puzzle 

Monkey Fidgets

Metallic Tangles

Stretching String

Molecule Light Up Stress Ball

 Toysmith Klixx Fidget


Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

Fidget Poppin Peepers Brain

Helix Finger Fidget

Fidget Cube 

Fidget Kits