Sensory Gift Ideas For Children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

I am asked often for suggestions on what smaller sensory gifts parents can give to their children for birthdays and special occasions. After researching, I have done up this list for you and I hope that it is helpful. 

Finding just the right sensory toys, activities and books for your child's special needs can be challenging. This list should make it a little easier. 

Parents often want to find gifts that are therapeutic, comforting, educational and fun. Surprise your child with sensory play time fun and helpful fidgets to fill their sensory diet throughout the year. 

Sensory gifts don't need to be expensive.

The Happy Hair Brush is a very special combination of nylon pins and boar bristles on a large vented curved paddle head which makes brushing knotty, matted or crazy hair drama free. No more tangles. No more tears and fights to brush hair. This brush incorporates a mix of 5 different hairbrushes and combs styles into one. This brush is awesome for any hair (afro, long, thick, thin and whispy, curly, tangled and the best part, it actually works ! We guarantee it.

LilGadets Connect+ Pro
Wired Over-Ear Headphones Designed for Kids Age 6+
Connect multiple headphones to one device, no splitters or special cables needed. It's the buddy system, reinvented.
SoftTouch™ material allows for rugged durability, as well as a delicate feel, and comfortable fit
Studio-grade 40mm drivers render sound more clearly, allowing for lower volume levels
Compact and foldable. Comes with a removable 3.5mm LilGadgets audio cable, and the LilGadgets microfiber travel pouch.
My Sensory Tools Play Dirt looks and feels exactly like real dirt without getting stuck under your nails, staining your skin, or damaging clothing! It is transportable and easy to clean. It is mold-able, pliable, soft and smooth. Provides hours of fun and entertainment for kids of all ages. It is the "Cleanest Dirt on Planet Earth!"   .75 lbs sand included + 1 plastic play worm and 1 plastic play ant
Indoor Dirt that is Easy to Mold
Easy Clean up and Can be Used Over and Over again Shape Dirt To Form Different and Unique Shapes and Patterns Indoors
Safe and Non-Toxic Formula. Made from All Natural Materials
Cleanest Dirt that is Mess and Germ Free
Designed for Children Ages 3 and Up

Fidget Toys 12 Pcs Colorful Sensory Fidget Stretch String Toys for Stress Relief and Reduce Fidgeting. This silicone rope made of thermo-plastic-rubber material, they are hypoallergenic, nontoxic, Safe for kids and adults. Soft material also can DIY different shape, try your best to shape you like; It can be stretched to 300cm without damage, can be use for a long time.

Aroma Dough Aromatherapy Dough - Organic, Non-Toxic, Soy-Free, Gluten Free Play Dough for Kids - All Natural Aromas! - Sensory Playdough 10 Pack
Our aroma playdough 10 pack contains All Natural oils to add a light fragrance which, when inhaled during play, promote a range of calming benefits to your child - including improved focus, alertness and relaxation. This organic non toxic playdough makes the perfect soothing activity for kids with special and emotional needs.
Our nontoxic play dough is proudly non-allergenic and handmade using only the best quality natural organic ingredients, making it safe for kids AND good for the environment.

I Spy Bag, Owl, Rabbit, Girls Themed A fun game for all to play! Eighteen items have been secured inside this flannel fabric bag with a vinyl window to seek and find! Items are mixed with non-toxic poly pellets, and they can be found by moving the pellets through the bag with your fingers and hands. A laminated tag is attached with a listing of all items to look for, easy to identify by the picture. Great to keep little (and big!) hands busy!

There is no greater priority than the safety and security of your child. The Wizard Watch is an affordable, reliable, and fully-featured wearable communications and tracking device that helps parents contact, locate, monitor, and protect their children.

You want to give your child the freedom to explore the world around them, but at the same time, you have concerns about their safety and protection. The Wizard lets kids be kids. and gives parents the confidence to allow their children to explore the world outside, without the stress and fear of wondering where they are or if they are safe.

Ellie Bean the Drama Queen
This cute children’s book helps explain some bizarre or "dramatic" behavior, and gives easy sensory answers to parents and teachers. Written by a mom and special education teacher, this story brings home what it is like to grow up with sensory issues, and helps kids understand that they are not alone. Children will enjoy the fun artwork and empathize with Ellie Bean. By the end of the story, Ellie learns how to cope with her issues and stop being such a drama queen . . . but she does keep her crown.

CalmWear Sensory Shorts | Boys
CalmWear sensory shorts are a popular choice to wear under clothing to assist children that wriggle, to provide calming sensory input and calm their sensory system, help create body awareness plus provide proprioceptive feedback (information received from muscles and tendons, concerning body movement and position).
CalmWear shorts assist children to stay calm, focus and learn and have been designed for comfort with no internal stitching (for a seamless feel), no centre seam and no tags.

Unicorn Chew Pendant Necklace
Munchables kids' products are perfect not only as fashion accessories, but also for children that chew. These durable necklaces are made from BPA-free, child-safe silicone and feature a breakaway clasp for added safety. Munchables pendants come on a long cord that can be easily shortened as desired. This Unicorn Pendant provides a safe alternative to chewing on collars, cuffs, fingers. 

SmartKnitKids Boys Seamless Undies. Completely free of seams! Our patent pending kids’ undies are designed to provide comfort and relief to children who struggle with those bothersome seams.

The Sensory Kid Store 9” Light-up Cosmic Ray Wand
Give this 9 inch wand a tap and it flashes with a 15 second multicolored light show. Shuts off automatically.
Visual Tracking
Helps develop fine motor, grasping skills 

Sensory Theraply Box
Toys to help develop important sensory motor skills & stimulate the senses. Engage your child in fun, silly sensory play!

Boxes ship out the first week of each month
Items are therapeutic & can be calming or help manage anxiety
Curated for children with autism/ sensory needs in mind, but suitable for children of all abilities
Each month's box is carefully curated by a licensed occupational therapist and includes a description card inside 

Original Packages – Neon
The Original Neon Wikki Stix!
Includes 48 eight-inch Wikki Stix in six hot neon colors plus illustrations, play and craft ideas on the back. Perfect for home, school, playtime and more.
Colors include: Hot pink, Brite Yellow, Tangerine orange, Lime Green, Electric Blue and Bright Purple.
Wikki Stix are the timeless toy for hands-on fun and traditional play… plus perfect for educational activities and class projects. More fun than a toy…more creative than a craft! A great tactile and fine motor activity 

Gummy Chic Little Mouse Silicone Toddler Necklace BeaBeads are made out of food grade silicone and FREE from BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead and heavy metals. FDA approved, CPSC compliant. YAY! no toxic materials touching your baby's skin!

Big Strong Tube
Convenient shoulder clip for fast accesss
9/16″ diameter tube- our strongest chew
Most durable tube that is fun to chew
90 Day, No Chew Thru Warranty
3.0 Chew Factor Strong chewers
Helps kids self regulate
Satisfies chewing needs
Increases attention and focus

Prehistoric Putty

Dig for dinosaurs! Delightful jello-like putty comes in dazzling see-through colors and includes a cool little dinosaur hidden inside! This brightly colored unscented, non-sticky putty is just awesome! Makes a great little sensory toy for special needs kids and children who have with sensory differences. FUN!

Sensory Box is a sensory subscription box geared for adults + teens. You will receive box of calming and therapeutic sensory items once every 3 months to help relieve stress and provide different types of much needed sensory stimulation.
A box of calming and therapeutic sensory based items (hand selected by an occupational therapist!) will arrive at your doorstep to help relieve stress and provide all different types of much needed sensory stimulation. Our boxes are perfect for anyone who benefits from a little extra sensory input throughout their day.
At NoNetz, we’ve created the most comfortable bathing suits for boys and men by replacing the net with an anti-chafe, extra soft, antibacterial, water-resistant liner. 

Fortunately, we created a fashionable brand of men’s and boy’s swim trunks that provide nothing but style and comfort.
In addition to the super soft liner, NoNetz swim trunks are designed to please even the most texture-sensitive swimmers. Each design has been time-tested in the autistic community. NoNetz are also water-resistant, which means they dry faster and provide maximum comfort in and out of the water. 

Harry Tangle You’ve never seen Tangle like this before. Now featuring a rubberized hairy texture in bright fun colors, Tangle is more fun than ever. Beneath its squiggly exterior is the same Tangle Jr. that you love with all of the twisty, turn-y abilities that make it your favorite. 
Tangle is dedicated to Peace Through Creativity. It is a toy as well as a form of therapy. The ability to shape, twist, squeeze, and manipulate the Tangle offers users of all ages relaxation and imagination through stimulating both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. 

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty 2" Holiday Mini Tin, Candy Cane Hypercolor
Thinking Putty® is proudly made in the U.S.A. and employs exceptional individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. 

Play Visions 1 X DNA Ball
FunFidgets are popular fidgets, stress-reducers, and hand strengtheners, Non-toxic an latex-free.

Play Visions Mondo Spaghetti Ball
Play Visions Mondo Spaghetti Ball. Enjoy the Mondo Spaghetti Ball. Stretches forever so soft, you just cannot put it down wiggly, jiggly delightful entertaining to the max. 

Sensory Sack Sensory4U 
COMFORTABLE SENSORY EXPERIENCE: Our body sacks are made from stretchy material for limited, yet comfortable movement. It’s 80% nylon and 20% spandex. Unlike other body pods that use scratchy velcro, our body socks use snap closures. Snaps ensure easier removal. The sack measures 47 inches in length and 27 inches in width. It fits most 6 to 9 year olds. It is designed to rest on the shoulders.

My Great Big Feelings: A Story for Sensitive Children
For highly sensitive children and those with sensory processing difficulties. Sweet illustrations and lovely rhymes grace the pages of this special book. Overstimulation and deep empathy are among the many powerful experiences which often accompany being a highly sensitive person. Accepting and embracing heightened sensitivity is one of the most important things we can help our children (and ourselves) learn to do. As we follow along the story of this highly sensitive child, we discover how we can accept, manage and ultimately appreciate possessing this gift of sensitivity. 

Bead Gel Stress Ball
The Bead Gel Stress Ball glides through your fingers and crunches when you squish it. The unique combination of gel and beads makes this stress ball an amazing tactile experience. You may find it hard to put down once you pick it up so make sure your work is done before you do! 

Tangle Textured Original. The Original Size Tangle with Texture
The original Tangle with Texture has fun colors and 5 wonderful textures
Adding great play value as an educational toy or puzzle Provides individuals of all ages the fun and enjoyment of fine-motor manipulation
Therapeutic benefits includes dexterity, added concentration and focus and problem solving
With 18 pieces interconnected, this twisty toy keeps your fingers good and busy 

SmartKnitKids Girls Seamless Undies. Completely free of seams! Our patent pending kids’ undies are designed to provide comfort and relief to children who struggle with those bothersome seams.

Skills In A Box Core Strengthening Box. Curated box by a pediatric occupational therapist filled with activities to promote core strength. Order your box today!
The materials are in the box. The plans are in the box. The only thing left is to work… actually we should say PLAY on developing and promoting core strength!
Having a strong core is fundamental for child development as it impacts every movement and action that the body performs. Your box comes with all the materials you need to complete all activities.
Liquid Motion Bubble Timer - Rectangular Sensory Relaxation Water Toy
  • The descending bubbles have a soothing and mesmerizing effect that will keep kids entertained for hours. These sensory toys can help improve visual tracking skills.
  • Its slow and rhythmic drops have a very appeasing effect and actually help kids with sensory or hyperactivity. Makes perfect autism sensory toys to sooth and remain focused.
  • Endless hours of calming entertainment. 

TruKid Bubble Podz, Natural Bubble Bath for sensitive skin
CHEMICAL-FREE and EXTRA GENTLE TruKid Bubble Podz provide an extra gentle, truly natural, super bubbly bath that pampers children’s sensitive skin.
YUMBERRY SCENTED made only with good-for-you, natural ingredients: no nasty chemicals, leaves no icky or itchy feeling behind.
NATURAL, LONG LASTING BUBBLES - 24 single-use Podz burst into a tubful of super bubbly suds. Pediatrician and dermatologist tested and approved.
NO MESS, NO WASTE TruKid Bubble Podz are pre-measured and ready to use. Biodegradable with 100% compostable packaging.
TRULY NATURAL AND NON-TOXIC- Gluten-, phthalate- and paraben-free. PETA Certified Animal Cruelty-Free. Made in the USA. Packaging May Vary. 

Zimpli Kids Bath Slime Baff 2-Use 300G Box
New slime baff turns ordinary bath water into a gooey slimy adventure, you can pull it, twist it and even stretch it!. 

AUNOOL Fluffy Slime - 10 OZ Fluffy Floam Slime Putty Cool Textures, Super Soft Non Sticky Smell Scented Stress Relief Toy Kids (6 Pack)
JUMBO FLUFFY SLIME: 10 OZ Fluffy Scented floam Slime with colorful foam beads, giving you a wonderful diy slime experience.
SUPER SOFT AND NON STICKY: soft, not sticky at all, smell scented, cool textures when you stretch slime, Stretchy and poke.
NON-TOXIC AND SAFE: ASTM certified, Completely safe floam slime for Kids and Adult. Can't be eaten, not fit under 5 years old kids.
STRESS RELIEF: squeeze, fold, roll, pull the slime, diy slime is great gift for kids, good Ideal for work, office,school projects. 

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, Twilight, 2'' L, Hyper Color
There's so much to do with thinking putty hyper color 2 inch. Made in the USA, this silicone based substance is a unique stress reliever that you can stretch, tear, shape, roll, and squish. It's like chewing gum for your hands rub in your hands to heat up and make a vibrant color, put in the fridge to change it back

Skoolzy Preschool Large Lacing Beads for Kids. 30 Stringing Beads with 2 Strings. Toddler Montessori Toys for Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Skills
This lacing bead set for toddlers & preschoolers is a shelf-ready Montessori Materials toy. The preschool manipulatives are a ready to go toddler educational Busy Bag. Use the fine motor skills toys for 4 year old boys and girls to string beads as a necklace making kit or for counting, sorting, stacking and stringing bead kits. Included are a lot of fun preschool learning games and preschool learning activities in activity ebook to keep your little ones entertained for hours 

Mr. Sketch 1905069 Scented Markers
Unleash your child’s imagination into a world of cinnamon giraffes and apple airplanes with Mr. Sketch Scented Markers. With each color linked to a satisfying scent, you’ll excitedly watch your youngster explore a world where smells and colors combine. And as memories of your own childhood come rushing back, you might even join in on the fun.

The Sensory Kids Store Mesmerizing Fiber Optic Light 
Turn on this lamp and Blue Light emits from the tip of each fiber optic strand on this 13.5 inch lamp. Great for quiet time as well as parties & gatherings.
Can be used indoors or out — any place you want to set the mood! Mesmerizing to watch and beautiful too!
Visually stimulating


Variety Pack, with 15 Different Scratch N Sniff Intense Smells, Awesome Smelly Sticker & Reward Sticker Fun!
SUPER SMELLY! Our Assorted Mega Pack Stickers have long-lasting smells, with each scent separately wrapped in its own sleeve to maintain ultimate freshness! 
45 sheets with 15 stickers each. In each package, there are 3 Sheets of each of 15 completely different smells with 3 different fun designs for each smell! Amazing variety of scents: cherry, banana, peach, strawberry, apple, grape, chocolate, watermelon, cake, lemon, peppermint, corn, orange, raspberry & blueberry - Amazing Scratch And Sniff Value for Teachers, Parents, Kids & Even Adults!

Solar Buddies are a re-useable sunscreen applicator, that allows the consumer to fill with sunscreen of choice.  With is sponge and roller ball combination, it allows for an easy coverage, with less mess and no fuss.  It comes in a handy 100ml size, so great for handbags and hand luggage.  We believe Solar Buddies is a great sun safe teaching tool for children and families and is great for independent use.

Scented Putty: Lavender Fragrance for Calming Therapy and Play
Furnishing a multi-sensory therapeutic experience with touch and smell that will calm as it works hand muscles, this medium-weight putty provides resistance when worked to build hand muscles, arm muscles, dexterity and motor skills. 
As children twist and squeeze the scented putty, it helps children remain calm and attentive during schoolwork, transitions and other situations where focus and calm is needed. 
In addition to its lovely aroma, lavender is known for its soothing qualities. This putty boasts a lavender scent which provides a calming influence that can promote sleep when used before bedtime or naptime. 

My Sensory Tools Soothes, warms and comforts. Use this gently scented cozy plush with relaxing lavender as a lap weight, cuddle up with him as you fall asleep or take him along wherever you go. Contains carefully selected organic flax seed filling material and dried french lavender. Enhance the lavender scent by warming in the microwave. Can be surface cleaned with a damp sponge. Approximate size: 13" tall and weighs approximately 2 lbs 

The Sensory Kid Store Playfoam Pods
Playfoam allows kids to express their creativity—with no mess to clean up afterwards! Just squish the Playfoam up, shape it however you like, squash it back down, and start all over again. Playfoam never dries out so the creativity never ends—and the secret no-stick formula means you can take it anywhere for creative fun on the go!
Help Children explore touch and texture
Wonderful for kids with tactile sensitivity
Creative play

Lessons that will ignite their passion for science
700 science lesson plans and exciting experiments to help you teach with confidence and inspire future generations to explore STEM careers.
For children 4 to 14 years
Join 6,000 fellow home educators and teachers
Create your FREE demo account to get started
If science is not one of your specialist subjects, teaching it at home or in class can be a stressful experience. Helping solve this common problem is at the very heart of Developing Experts. Easy to access and simple to use, our teaching and learning platform empowers teachers and home educators to teach science with confidence.

Epsoak Kids - Soak & Sleep Epsom Salt Bath Soak for Kids
(2lb Bag - Pure & Gentle Formula with Lavender)
EPSOAK KIDS - SOAK & SLEEP - 100% natural bath soak formula for your little one.
DISCOVER WHAT YOUR CHILD'S BEDTIME ROUTINE IS MISSING - An Epsom Salt bath before bedtime helps promote a restful night's sleep for children while soothing and cleansing their skin.

8'' Mini Rainmaker Toy. Rainfall Rattle Tube Rain Stick Shaker. Sensory Auditory Instrument. 
Here Fashion is a family-owned business with a passion for Music, We believe it is a lifetime gift when you learn a baby the love for Music.
Music can make one happy.
The Rainmaker toys are funny and entertaining toys to develop kids' listening and grab ability.
Colorful pattern design makes it an easy job to capture little children' s attention and be having fun with it.
It simulates the sound of raindrop when turning over, crisp and delightful. 

Chubuddy Bumpy Bloks
2.0 Chew Factor for Medium chewers
Fashionable chewing accessory that blends in
Helps kids with autism, ADHD, anxiety and special needs to self-regulate
Satisfies chewing needs
Increases attention and focus

YOGI FUN Kids Yoga Cards Kit with Illustrations, Rhyming Poems, Birthday Activity and 2 DIY Dice
YOGI is a yoga-inspired cards deck for kids (and grown-ups) with countless ways to play. 
Includes 20 artistic illustrations, 20 poems (40 cards), 2 super fun dice and a leaflet with 4 games 
Use it in or outdoors and get your kids moving, concentrating and even relaxing - in a playful way!
Planetary Spinning LED Light Ball Toy Spinner Wand
LED Light Up Galaxy Spinner. Each handheld galaxy spinner has high-powered red, green, blue, and yellow LEDs, when set to spin, give off a fabulous light show that is sure to wow!
Age: 6+ Batteries: 3 AA Batteries Included

DenTrust Surround 3 sided Toothbrush Fun, Easy, Quick and Complete Results.  Specialty Autism Toothbrush.
oral care for sensitive children
3-sided toothbrush guides cleaning and encourages independence
Gently stimulates and massages the gums
Fun and easy to use for kids
Complete tooth coverage 

Skills In A Box. Bilateral Coordination Box. Curated box by a pediatric occupational therapist filled with activities to promote bilateral coordination. Pre Order your box today!
The materials are in the box. The plans are in the box. The only thing left is to work… actually we should say PLAY on developing and promoting bilateral coordination!
Our Bilateral Coordination box is designed to promote a skill that helps us successfully perform daily tasks and activities. Bilateral coordination is fundamental for engaging in both fine motor and gross motor activities such as dressing, using utensils, writing, and participating in sports.

The Therapy Shoppe Plus Plus Snap and Link Sets. Our new Plus Plus Snap & Link Sets have gotten RAVE reviews from our kid-, teacher-, and OT-testers!  These neat 150-piece fine motor fidget tool sets come in a beautiful rainbow assortment of blazing bright colors that are fabulous for fidgeting fun, sorting with tongs, counting, stacking, copy design activities, and so much more.

In need of a night light that will provide visibility in the entire room yet be dim enough for a restful nights sleep? Look no further! The other night lights on the market just don't cut it. They either use blue light sources, are too dim, too bright, do not stay on long enough and the list goes on. See our blog post on how many night lights on the market may be keeping your family from getting enough sleep. Set it and forget it, 30,000 hours or 7 years lifespan, super energy saver, costs less than 10 cents a month!
Proprietary long wavelength LED source promotes sleep, will not affect sleep hormone melatonin production

5 Pc Sensory Processing Disorder Fidget Bundle
This autistic toys combo makes the perfect novice bundle or a great addition to your current sensory toys such as: sensory balls, stress balls, marble fidgets, splat balls, tangle toys, spiky rings, and necklaces.
All items are BPA/Phthalate/Latex-Free. They are durable stress reliever toys that stand the test of fidgety hands while reducing the wiggles and distractions and providing a calm environment. 

Wilbarger Method Therapressure Therapy Brush 
Sensory brush most recommended for the Wilbarger Protocol Therapy
Designed by an occupational therapist
Large handle for ease of use
Soft, dense bristles that give the perfect amount of sensory input for calming
Great for sensory processing disorder or autism spectrum disorder 

Playskool flash cards are designed with easy learning in mind. To start, hold up each card to your child, say the number, letter, color & shape, or word out loud & say, show, or count the objects illustrated. Bright, bold letters, numbers, colors & shapes, & delightful illustrations make learning easy & fun!

Sensory4u Sensory Buckle Pillow Fine Motor Development Toy Activity - Plus Threading Counting and Zipper Skills All in One
Activity Learning Sensory Pillow Toy is uniquely designed with colorful primary bold colors to appeal to any child's early fascination with buckles, zippers, latches and buttons
Perfect for long car rides air planes and church quiet activity, hours of fun for kids of all ages.
Developmental education - Designed to help kids ages 3-7 with fine motor skills and to help with hand eye coordination
Special Education School Supplies Great for Students Sensory Gyms and More

SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks

With their seamless design, SmartKnitKIDS socks are perfect for kids with sensory processing disorder, or for those who just hate socks with seams. No seams to bug ya!

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty 2" Holiday Mini Tin, Snow Angel Holographic Glitter 
Thinking Putty® is proudly made in the U.S.A. and employs exceptional individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. 

Christmas Slime Supplies Kit, 56 Pack Slime Beads Charms - Includes Fishbowl Beads, Foam Balls, Glitter Jars, Fruit Flower Animal Slices, Pearls & Slime Tools for DIY Homemade Slime Fun! Includes fishbowl beads, slime foam balls, glitter sheet jars, pearls, fruits, flowers, animals, smiling face slices and slime tools, for hours of fun for your child or teenager!
You'll have so much fun playing with our squishy, stretchy, non sticky, crunchy variety of slime accessories. Our product is the highest quality available in the USA.
Add varieties of glitter in your slime to make it different and unique. Mix it, mold it, and squish it! Add texture to your homemade slime with this slime kit. Create your own slimy masterpiece!

Pocket Full Of Therapy Fuzzy Jr. Tangle Fidget 
Fuzzy, velvet-like covering for sensory twisty fun!
3 great paks, one low price!
Includes all this…
Nature Pak: 48 eight-inch Wikki Stix in black, white, brown and two shades of green. Ideal for making habitats, animals, bugs, science projects, and more!
Primary Pak: 48 eight-inch Wikki Stix in primary colors. Shape, stick, play and learn! Colors include: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.
Neon Pak: 48 eight-inch Wikki Stix in six hot neon colors. Perfect for home, school, playtime and more. Colors include: Hot pink, Brite Yellow, Tangerine orange, Lime Green, Electric Blue and Bright Purple.
Includes illustrations, play and craft ideas on the back. 

Play-Doh Party Pack 
Play-Doh play lets kids take the lid off their imaginations and explore their creativity Can packs and basic tool sets offer all kinds of open-ended play. Playsets come in many different themes and offer lots of creative role play
Convenient tube is filled with 10 one-ounce cans of Play-Doh compound
Share and create fun with all your friends
Includes 10 one-ounce cans

Love-Some To wear as a bracelet - simply double the necklace and adjust to fit snugly. 

100% cotton fabric necklace with a slip knot adjustable closure for children with special oral needs. This necklace is adjustable by sliding the knots - on an average from 18" - 24" in length (see pics for better detail) 

The Therapy Shoppe Finger Crayons

Build functional finger grasps and fine motor skills with these unique crayons!  Perfectly-sized for little hands, these durable, stackable crayons make coloring extra fun! Kids can put finger crayons on their fingertips or hold them in their palms.  These non-toxic crayons come in gorgeous color assortments and are sold in 10- or 30-packs.  Finger crayons are especially nice for preschoolers just learning to color, for pre-writing skills practice, and for individuals who have difficulty grasping traditional crayons.

12 Pc Sensory Integration Products & Tools; ADHD Toys Variety Pack for Kids - Fidget Toys Suitable for home, school, office; anxiety relief, ADHD fidgeting, autism toys, creative play, business meeting
Educational Insights Playfoam pod; Creativity, self expression, fine motor skills w/out the mess.
Sensory Bundle to meet tactile needs: toddlers, preschoolers, children, teens, adults
This Sensory Bundle Includes (3) Puffer Balls, (3) Therapeutic Sports Squeeze Balls, (2) Mini Knobby Balls, (2) Rainbow Rubix Squeeze Balls, and (2) Mesh Grape Balls

Listening to My Body: A guide to helping kids understand the connection between their sensations (what the heck are those?) and feelings so that they can get better at figuring out what they need. 

This engaging and interactive book guides children through the practice of naming their feelings and the sensations that accompany them. Engages children in easy, kid-friendly mindfulness activities.

Helps kids build on their capacity to be mindful, self-regulate, and develop emotional resilience.

Sensory Softies 
Shakes provides a light vibration when activated by button in ear, and lightly weighted with fidget tag teeth, providing proprioceptive and tactile input on the go!
Lightly weighted for proprioceptive input.
Calming vibration with on/off button in ear
Free drawstring bag...and no worries, we left some room for your electronic devices!
Oodles of tactile input (fidget tag teeth, extra thick stitching, silkens, and we didn't skimp on the fuzzies!

Visual schedules are positive behavioral supports that tap into a child’s visual learning skills to achieve behavioral improvements. Visual schedules use pictures to communicate a sequence of events to a child. They can be used to display anything from a bedtime routine, to a to-do list, to a weekly schedule of extracurricular activities and chores.

Munchables Kids' Dog Tags are ideal for kids that chew their cuffs, collars or fingers. These durable necklaces are made from BPA-free, child-safe silicone and feature a breakaway clasp for added safety. Munchables Dog Tags come on a long cord that can be easily shortened. 

SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks - 3 Pack

With their seamless design, SmartKnitKIDS socks are perfect for kids with sensory processing disorder, or for those who just hate socks with seams. No seams to bug ya!

Indoor Therapy Swing for Kids with Special Needs by Sensory4u
Can now easily hold up to 150 lbs and wont stretch to the ground. Your child will be more completely enveloped in the swing make for a better sensory experience!
Sensory stimulation - endless possible positions - hours of fun! Comforts and swaddles - a therapeutic experience!
Sensory Toys vestibular swing Promotes coordination and balance, strengthens muscles, and improves motor skills!

Squirmy Wormy: How I Learned to Help Myself
Many kids have some form of SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), but who can help them overcome their daily struggles? Wait . . . they can help themselves!
Lynda Farrington Wilson, along with Tyler and some delightful illustrations, help kids help themselves through daily life like no one has before with some great everyday tips and techniques.
Squirmy Wormy is a wonderful little children's book about a boy named Tyler, who has autism and SPD. Together with Tyler, the reader learns about SPD and what easy therapies he can do by himself to feel better.

The Sensory Kid Stores Cando Glitter Theraputty
This is the trusted Cando® Theraputty exercise material—Now with Glitter! Theraputty has become the standard in resistive hand exercise material. Each color-coded putty has a different consistency ranging from XX-Soft for strengthening a weak hand grasp, to Extra-Firm for developing a stronger grip.

Gummy Chic Silicone Sensory Chew Necklace Beads are made out of food grade silicone and FREE from BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead and heavy metals. FDA approved, CPSC compliant. YAY! no toxic materials touching your baby's skin!

SENSORY4U Ocean Water Beads Sensory Bin Therapy Kits - 3 Dew Drop Sets Included - Ocean Explorers, Mermaid Lagoon and Swimming with Sharks.
This bundle include 3 of our themed Sets. Sensory toys water beads sets. Perfect for early childhood education and development and sensory play.
Each Set Includes approximately 10,000 colored beads. Colors vary Depending on the Theme. 

Single Color Packs
You've asked for the ability to buy quantities of Wikki Stix in a single color, and we are happy to introduce single color packages. Thirty-six, 6″ Wikki Stix all in one color. Perfect for school projects, holiday activities…and lots more.
I'm Not Weird, I Have Sensory Processing Disorder
This book was inspired by the author's daughter, Jaimie, who struggles with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) every day. It was written to validate Jaimie's feelings and to show her other children feel things the way she does. This book can help children with SPD learn how to explain their disorder to others; help peers understand what children with SPD go through; and also help therapists, teachers and/or counselors learn how to talk about it. Helping others learn about children with special needs brings understanding to them and help to make them seem less... different.