Sensory Processing Disorder Sensory Play 

Sensory play involves engaging in activities that stimulate the senses and can provide numerous benefits for those with sensory processing disorder. Tactile sensory input is touch to the skin. Tactile defensiveness is the type of sensory dysfunction when tactile sensations cause hypersensitivity, emotional responses and behavioral issues. 

A common type of sensory play are sensory bins. These bins are filled with a variety of materials such as rice, pasta, or sand, and can be combined with small toys or objects for children to explore. The different textures and materials in the bins can help to build tactile skills and also provide a calming and soothing effect for those with sensory processing disorder. Sensory bins can also have themes, making them a versatile activity for children of all ages.
a young child with sensory processing disorder with messy dirty hands from sensory play

Sensory bins can help your child with fine motor, gross motor development, fidgeting, exploring their senses, self regulation, language development, learning to tolerate new textures, hand and eye coordination and build self confidence. 

Using a sensory bin can stimulate all of your child's senses including tactile, olfactory, auditory, visual  and gustation. 

Sensory bin contents can be put in a Rubbermaid type of storage container but you can also use a sensory table too. Any inexpensive container from your local dollar store will work. You want to choose a container that is large enough so that your child will have space to play. 

three children playing on a diagram that says benefits of sensory play sensory processing disorder
Sensory bins should have tools that will help your child play with the sensory bin contents. Children's play tweezers, scoops, cups, spoons, droppers and grabbers. This will also assist your child with fine motor development. 

If a child is sensitive to touch, they may benefit from activities that involve different textures and temperatures, such as playing with sensory dough or using finger paints.

 This type of play can help children become more comfortable with different sensations and develop coping strategies.

One of the benefits of sensory play is the ability to improve sensory processing processing. Engaging in activities that stimulate the senses, children can learn to process and respond to sensory information. Children are naturally curious and sensory play allows them to do so in a fun and engaging way. This can help to build confidence and self-esteem, as well as promoting independence and problem-solving skills.

A common sensory play activity is playing with sensory rice. This is rice that has been colored and scented with essential oils, making it visually appealing and offering a soothing scent. Sensory rice can be used in a variety of activities, such as filling a sensory bin or adding it to a sensory bottle. 

A popular sensory play activity for children is homemade sensory dough. Sensory dough can be made at home with simple ingredients and can be customized with different scents and textures, making it a versatile and affordable option for sensory play. It can also provide a calming and therapeutic outlet for children with sensory differences.

No one knows your child's sensory needs better than you. Some parents use only edible items in a sensory bin because their child may have pica and eat non food items and some parents will use non edible items. What you choose to do is completely your choice based on your child's sensory needs. You can also ask your child's Occupational Therapist what they would recommend for your child too. 

Sensory Play Tactile Tools 

Fluffy Butter Slime, Scented Stretchy Lemon Slime, Super Soft and Non-Sticky
Comes With Scented Fluffy Slime and Lemon Charms, Foam Beads. Super Soft and Non-sticky. 200ml.
Absolutely Safe Slime for Kids and Adults. ASTM certified, completely safe for children. Cannot be eaten, not for too small kids

Educational and Stress Relief Slime. Since this slime is extremely resistant and thick it provides a great deal of deep pressure and joint compressions, As you squeeze, fold, roll, and even pull the slime, you are sending signals to your brain that are calming and organizing

Crazy Aaron's Putty Color Shock & Holo Mini Tins (.47oz Each) Sun Beam, Coral Reef, Eternal Flame & Moonlight Gift Set Bundle - 4 Pack
Crazy Aaron's Putty Color Shock & Holo Mini Tins (.47oz each) Sun Beam, Coral Reef, Eternal Flame & Moonlight Gift Set Bundle - 4 Pack, is AWESOME!
his is an amazing set of 4 (2 Inch, .47oz) Mini Tins from Crazy Aaron! HOLO - Holographic glitter and sparkle! - Color Shock - New technology features two colors in one! HOLO - Holographic glitter and sparkle!
Color Shock - New technology features two colors in one! Gluten free, latex free and amazing for special needs, party favors & much more!

Therapy Shoppe Alphabet Sensory Noodles
NEW!  Alphabet Sensory Noodles are terrific for tong play scooping activities, sorting, crafts, and lacing.  They also make an ideal medium for sensory bins which provides opportunities to explore / learn through hands-on play that engages the senses.  Sensory play can also help support the development of fine and perceptual motor skills, language, tactile discrimination, and other sensory processing skills.  This colorful new set includes ½ lb. of assorted dry alphabet noodles: the perfect amount to fill the bottom of a sensory bin. Just add a few tongs and some manipulatives, and you’ve got the makings for a terrific self-contained tactile activity set for all your kiddos!  Sensory bin tubs and tongs are not included.  *Please note Alphabet Sensory Noodles are not for consumption. For ages 3+.

Therapy Shoppe Water Beads
NEW!  Water beads are perfect for sensory bins and tactile sensory play!  Just add water and they expand to make 6 cups of irresistibly feeling gel-like beads!  These reusable water beads come in a handy little plastic tube.  Sensory Bins provide children with oppoortunities to explore and learn thru hands-on play that engages multiple senses.  This type of play often supports and encourages many different areas of development:  fine motor skills, language, sensory modulation, self regulation, and more.  Add a few of our Therapy Shoppe tongs for kids, scoops, and/or manipulatives – and you've got a great sensory activity set!  You'll love these versatile Water Beads that are recommended for ages 6-up. 

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin: Race Track - Fine Motor Skills Toys for Kids, Pretend Play Preschool Toys for Toddlers Ages 3+4
Start your engines to zip, zoom and race around a DIY car track in a play bin filled with sensory sand, gravel, 2 race cars and more! This self-contained car playset is a hands-on pretend play experience for toddlers ages 3+
Sensory bins allow toddlers to discover, imagine and learn while engaging their senses. Place the self-contained sensory bin on a tablecloth or towel to scoop, sort and build for easy clean up and endless hours of hands-on pretend play!
Enjoy hours of imaginative play while building fine motor skills and promoting sensory development. Create cognitive tasks for your preschooler as you sort, categorize, count and engage in hands-on play with your sensory bin

Educational Insights Playfoam Pluffle Sensory Station, Sensory Bin with Tools, Fine Motor Skills, Ages 3+
All-in-one sensory station includes soft, fluffy Playfoam Pluffle and all the tactile tools preschoolers need to play and develop fine motor skills.
Sensory bin, 2 colors of Playfoam Pluffle, and 3 fine motor tools: handy roller, scissor scoopers, and collection cup.
Sifting, sorting, scooping, and extracting builds the fine motor skills kids need to button their shirts and cut with scissors! And non-toxic Playfoam Pluffle never dries out, so the fun—and learning—never end!
Create your own winter wonderland inside with this totally tactile set perfect for sensory play and fine motor fun for boys & girls

Sense & Grow Sensory Sand Activity Kit - Sand Bin with 6 Farm Animal Figurines and Accessories Included - Educational STEM Learning Toy for Children - Fine Motor Montessori Sensory Toys for Kids 3+
Contain(er) Your Sand For Mess-Free Fun: Explore the wonderful texture of sand with a unique activity kit that indulges the sense of touch; Play with farm animal figurines inside of the provided container so nothing gets lost or messy; Read all about the benefits of this kit with the Sense & Grow guide to sensory play that’s attached to each box
Treat Your Senses: Develop coordination, exploration and color recognition with the Sense & Grow Products; Improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity and fine motor skills as you explore the sense of touch

The double-basin 24″ Children’s Factory blue Neptune Table is a great way to let children explore the properties of water and sand without making a big mess. The two basins in the table are divided by a waterfall to allow for observation of water flow. Each basin has a drain and a bottom textured with fish crabs and starfish. This sand and water sensory table promotes fine motor skills development, self-esteem, confidence and social interaction. Rain or shine, winter or spring, kids will always be excited to play at the water and sand table. The large table has four casters for easy movement with two casters locking for stability providing for hours of fun both indoors and outdoors. The possibilities are endless for engaging sensory activities.

Learning Resources Sand & Water Fine Motor Set, Scissor Skills, Construction Toy, Sensory Toy, Toys for Sensory Bin, 4 Pieces, Ages 3+
Add even more fun to your splash-filled adventures! With the Sand & Water Fine Motor Set from Learning Resources, kids discover four new ways to learn in the sand and surf. This set of four toddler-sized tools includes a squeezy bottle, spinner, wavy dropper, and scooper, each of which demonstrates a different physical concept through fun, easy-to-understand interactive play. Made of durable plastic, these tools are tough enough to accompany kids wherever water is found. 

Therapy Shoppe Rainbow Sensory Rice
NEW!  Rainbow Sensory Rice is the perfect hide 'n find medium for sensory bins and tactile activities!  Tactile sensory play helps support and encourage the development of sensory processing skills, tactile discrimination, fine and visual perceptual motor skills, and lots more.  Create your own sensory activity kit by adding a few tongs, scoops, and manipulatives.  This irresistibly tactile and colorful 1 lb. set of sensory rice is great for home play, school classrooms, OT and art activities, and sensory break corners (but is not for eating).  For ages 3+.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty 4" Tin - Mystifying Mermaid Hypercolor - Color Changing Putty, Firm Texture - Never Dries Out
Mystifying Mermaid changes color with heat and includes beautiful, iridescent sparkles! Collection: HYPERCOOL | Cool Color: Seafoam Green | Warm Color: Aquamarine Blue
Stretch it, bounce it, pop it, tear it, and sculpt it! Fun for ages 3+
Includes 1/34 lb. (0.47 oz) of Genuine Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty
Thinking Putty is manufactured with the help of exceptional individuals challenged with disabilities
Made in the USA from nontoxic silicone and never dries out

Star Essence Awesome Aromatherapy Star Putty COMFORT + BALANCE
Let your child knead, roll or pinch this all natural putty to help comfort, reduce tension and create a sense a balance for themselves. The blend of pure essential oils along with the sensory therapy help to relax and uplift.
All raw materials used in Star Essence Energy Aromatherapy Putty are researched to ensure a safe, non toxic sensory tool that a child will enjoy while self-regulating throughout the day.

Star Essence Awesome Aromatherapy Star Putty

Tonlead Mint Green Butter Slime Scented with Leaf, Fluffy Floam Slime
Super Cool Texture Slime - We made this new texture and recipe slime different from other usual butter slimes! This cotton premade slime is super stretchy with very good smell, and is so enjoyable to squeeze, swirl and pop. Extremely fluffy and drizzly! Non-sticky cream slime offers you a great cool feeling on the grip of your hand, never get stick onto your hands. Let’s have fun!

High Quality Slime Container - It’s a PET food grade putty cup, non-toxic, thick, safe and leakproof. Please store it back into the container in time when you don't play it. 

Activity Plastic Tray - Art + Crafts Organizer Tray, Serving Tray, Great for Crafts, Beads, Orbeez Water Beads, Painting
This tray is made of polypropylene (PP) plastic number 5.  
Perfect for classroom, daycare, kindergartens and homeschool, to organize art materials, collaging, crafting, beading, science experiments, water works, loose parts education, sorting legos, playdoh, montessori snack preparation, dollies art, finger painting, color mixing and many processed based creative invitations. 

Educational Insights Playfoam Combo 8 Pack
Playfoam that never dries out! Just squish up the Playfoam, shape It however you like, Then squash it back down and start all over again!
Sculpt anywhere! No-stick Playfoam is perfect for sculpting squishy, squashy creations anywhere and anytime! Play foam's non-toxic, no-stick formula never dries out, so the creativity never ends! 

Small 4 Liter Portable Sand Tray with Lid
For sand play therapy with children
Small size is perfect for travel or when space is at a premium
Stackable, waterproof, durable
Handles lock lid securely in place
This convenient sand tray is translucent blue with a clear lid. Handles on the tray lock the lid securely in place for portability. The blue color of the tray can represent water or the sky.

Learning Resources Mix & Measure Activity Set
Stir up some fun with the Primary Science Mix & Measure Set. Introduce the concept of measurement while mixing up mystery goo, puffy paint, slime, and more. Set includes 10 activity cards, a scale, bowl, 6 cups, and 3 spoons, specially contoured for little hands and specifically designed to provide a clear visual of quantities. Suitable for kids ages 3 and up, this set makes a great addition to any toy chest and a fabulous sensory table or center activity in the classroom.

New!  Sparkling Emerald Green Thinking Putty is the color of the emerald green city from the Wizard of Oz movie! Thinking putty is an amazing sensory tool and office desk toy for fidgeting, strengthening fingers, as a calming self-regulation solution, and for providing tactile sensory input. This beautiful therapy putty makes a wonderful silent classroom fiddle for fidgety students who need something in their hands to help keep their minds more focused. 1.6 ounce tin. Designed for ages 3-up.

Shiny and squishy, ooey gooey (but not sticky) fidget putty that feels cool to the touch! Squish it between your fingers, squash it between your hands... knead it, fold it, pull it apart, then smush it back together again! Tactile sensory seekers and visual fidgeters are in for hours of fiddling fun. The cool new metallic slime putty comes in assorted gorgeous luminous colors that burst to life in your hands. Do not use on cloth, porous, or varnished surfaces as manufacturer notes it may stain surfaces. Adult supervision is needed.

Star Essence FOCUS Aromatherapy Putty
Let your child or student knead, roll or pinch this all natural putty to help recharge and focus on the task at hand. The blend of pure essential oils along with the sensory therapy help to produce a sense of balance and improves alertness.
Clary Sage
All raw materials used in Star Essence Energy Aromatherapy Putty are researched to ensure a safe, non toxic sensory tool that a child will enjoy while self-regulating throughout the day.

Original Stationery Unicorn Slime Kit Supplies Stuff for Girls Making Slime
Our unicorn slime kit is the perfect combination of fun and learning. Slime making has been proven to aid a child's development and greatly enhance creativity.
Inside our Unicorn slime kit, you'll find a helpful guide with fun and proven recipes on how to make amazing slimes. Go crazy with inks to make unicorn colors, splash some scents for a delicious smell, and add glitter flakes for extra sparkle. Add beads and pearls or go wild with the ooey-gooey foam balls, squishy jelly cubes, and snow powder.
Make over 100 different combinations. Curious about how many variations of squishy slimes can be made? We know one thing for sure, she’ll have a ton of fun finding out!

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin: Ice Cream Shop Playset - Pretend Play, Early Learning for Girls and Boys
SCOOP AND LEARN - Create your own play and pretend cool treats with the ultimate sensory experience! Engage the senses with a play space that's packed with easy to mold sensory sand in 3 colors, pom poms, rainbow beads, ice cream cones, bowl and more
SENSORY BIN - Sensory bins allow children to discover, imagine and learn while engaging their senses. Place the self-contained sensory bin on a table cloth or towel and scoop, sort, dig and build for easy clean up and endless hours of hands-on play!

Monkey Foam SO MUCH FUN RIGHT OUT OF Kids will love what this foam can do. Parents will love just how quick and easy it is - simply unwrap the foam blocks, squish them up and kids will be playing and shaping in no time Won't dry out or harden - keep on squishing and squeezing. All the fun without the mess - won't stick to furniture or carpet. The perfect art supply for countless hours of play that you can take with you wherever you go!
Develops artistic skills and creativity, great for sensory and tactile stimulation. Perfect for art projects, classrooms, parties & more.

Educational Insights Playfoam Pluffle 4 Pack: Non-Toxic, Never Dries Out, Sensory Play, 2.5 oz per Tube
The squishologists at the play foam wacky Workshop have formulated a brand new squish-sensation! Introducing play foam pluffle - the new mesmerizing, mixable, can't resist, feel-good fluffy stuff that never dries out! Mix your favorite colors together to create your own cool combinations then give it a squish and watch if flow. Perfect for tactile learning and fun, play foam pluffle is fluffy and doesn't dry out. Take play foam pluffle out of the container and squish & release to see the magical movement. Or keep it in the tube and flip it for some lava lamp-like flowing action. Brought to you by the makers of play foam.

This 5 in 1 Kids Activity Table Set was designed to inspire creativity and grow with your child. The inside makes a great water table for hours of fun and doubles as a storage space for building bricks and other toys. The Building Brick side provides a surface on which your child can build fun, imaginative worlds. And the smooth side is the perfect place to make crafts, draw masterpieces, and more!
5 IN 1 TABLE will entertain kids for hours as a water table, building block table, drawing and crafts table, sensory (sand, rice, slime) table, and storage unit. Inspires imaginative play as your kids splash, build, and create!

Wikki Stix Single Color Packs
You've asked for the ability to buy quantities of Wikki Stix in a single color, and we are happy to introduce single color packages. Thirty-six, 6″ Wikki Stix all in one color. Perfect for school projects, holiday activities…and lots more.
Wikki Stix Learning Toys are the original — trusted by parents, schools, and teachers everywhere. Wikki Stix are more than a craft toy and more than a learning toy, they're a powerful interactive teaching tool! Wikki Stix Learning Toys conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in the schools. Recommended for ages 3 & up.

Crayola Relaxation Aroma Putty, Silly Putty Alternative, Gift, 6Count
CRAYOLA AROMA PUTTY: Bring home the 6ct Relaxation putty collection featuring Lavender, Frankincense, clove, coconut, tea tree, and chamomile.
Portable and fun Relaxation gifts for women, men, and teens.
Specially designed containers add texture to putty and fit nicely in a purse or pocket.
SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Aroma putty doesn't leave residue on hands, and is safe and nontoxic. 

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin: Outer Space - Preschool and Toddler Sensory Toys, Fine Motor Skills Toys and Sensory Activities for Kids Ages 3+
Blast off on a intergalactic mission with a galaxy play bin filled with glowing stars, 2.5 lbs of space rocks, astronaut, squishy alien and more! This self-contained space toy is an out of this world unique tactile sensory experience
All sensory bins fillers are carefully selected and tested to provide the best at home play activities for toddlers. Since 1976, Creativity for Kids has proudly made fun and creative experiences today to nurture children's confidence for life

Nature Pak: 48 eight-inch Wikki Stix in black, white, brown and two shades of green. Ideal for making habitats, animals, bugs, science projects, and more! Primary Pak: 48 eight-inch Wikki Stix in primary colors. Shape, stick, play and learn! Colors include: Red, Blue, Yellow and Green.Neon Pak: 48 eight-inch Wikki Stix in six hot neon colors. Perfect for home, school, playtime and more. Colors include: Hot pink, Brite Yellow, Tangerine orange, Lime Green, Electric Blue and Bright Purple. Includes illustrations, play and craft ideas on the back.

Dinosaur Play Sand Kit 
SOFT AND SENSORY: The play sand feels like soft, wet sand and sticks to itself to maintain its shape. It works wonderfully with the 2D dinosaur molds to form all kinds of shapes and designs while staying where it should. The sand box is made for both creative building and digging. Make tunnels, mountains or a dinosaur village. Bury the dino skeletons and discover them all over again. Play with the sand set either inside or outside.
SAFE AND NON-TOXIC: The play kit is a great tactile experience for kids. The eco-friendly sand and toys provide a safe environment for creative play. Makes a great gift. Recommended for ages 3+. 

Children’s Factory Large Sensory Table Fill with Water, Sand, Beads and More
SENSORY EXPERIENCE: The sensory table provides children with a relaxing and stress-reducing sensory experience. Sensory tables promote fine motor skills development, self-esteem, confidence and social interaction.

INDOORS OR OUTDOORS: Rain or shine, winter or spring, kids will love exploring at the sensory table. The large table has four casters for easy movement with two casters locking for stability providing for hours of fun both indoors and outdoors. 

Made By Me Explore + Create Dino Galaxy Sensory Bin, Fun Sensory Bins for Toddlers 1-3, All-in-One Tactile Sensory Toys, Learn Through Play Toys, Unique Fine Motor Toys & Dino-Mite Sensory Experience
Open up the bin to find 1 lb. of moldable, stretchable, sand, a shovel, dozens of bumpy beads, dinosaur figurines, tongs, and more — play inside the case, then use it as a storage space!
Get hands-on with play sand, beads, figurines, and pebbles — dump, scoop, shovel, and pinch them with the shovel and pair of tongs, or play a round of sensory iSpy with the brush!
Bring all kinds of dinos to life by packing sand inside the mold, using the impression roller to create dinosaur tracks, or the volcano for a sandy landscape!

Sand and Water Adjustable Activity Play Table Center with Lids
Sand and water play centre
Promotes tactile discovery, fine motor skills and social interaction
Features strong, steel legs that are adjustable
Includes two stations with lids

The ECR4Kids 2-station, modular Sand and Water Play Center promotes tactile discovery, fine motor skills, and social interaction. Each station features a removable basin for easy draining and cleaning, and translucent lids to keep the unit clean when not in use. Stations feature strong, steel legs that are adjustable and can also be added to other ECR4Kids square sand and water stations

Large grain high-quality cassia toys, special sensory sand, fun and interesting sensory toys and games, and small items are only suitable for children over 3 years old.
High quality and comprehensive tactile sensory stimulation, a toy set that every child will like when they see it, sensory toys for autistic children, suitable for sensory classroom, home games, school teaching, etc.
1 plastic inflatable pool+16 pounds of cassia sensory sand+2 sets of beach sand toys+30 pit balls for kids+1 Manual inflation pump. Special reminder: due to the weight limitation of single shipment, the number of cassia seeds in the set is relatively small, and more cassia seeds need to be purchased separately according to the actual situation.

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty 2.75" Tin - Bubblegum Scented Putty
Crazy Aaron's SCENTSory Thinking Putty / Gumballer: Bubble Gum Scented
Color: White with Primary-colored Orbs | Scent: Bubble Gum I Texture: Light & Soft
New Size! The collectible 2.75" size sits somewhere between our classic Mini & full sized Thinking Putty tins, making them great on the go!
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is manufactured with the help of exceptional individuals challenged with disabilities

Made in the USA from nontoxic silicone and never dries out / Safe for Ages 3

Learning Resources Helping Hands Fine Motor Tool Set Toy, Fine Motor and Sensory Toy, Fine Motor Games, Ages 3+
GREAT FOR SENSORY BINS: 4 of our finest tools packaged together
KIDS FINE MOTOR TOOLS: Builds fine-motor skills
STRENGTHEN HANDS: Strengthens hand muscles needed for writing
GREAT VALUE: Includes 1 of each tool: Gator Grabber Tweezers, Handy Scoopers, Twisty Droppers, Squeezy Tweezers
Ideal for ages 3+

Neon Bouncing Putty – (Bulk Pack of 12) Fluffy DIY Slime Ball Sensory Toys for Kids
Bedwina fluffy slime putty is made from high quality non-toxic materials and can be used over and over again for endless amounts of fun! Store putty in its container to prevent it from drying out. Recommended Ages 3+
With so many possibilities you'll mold and make a bouncing ball, play, squeeze, stretch, fold, roll, or pull for hours of fun with this amazing toy for kids. It's also great to play with as a stress reliever or sensory fidget toy

Crazy Aaron's SCENTSory Thinking Putty / Orangesicle: Orange Cream Scented
Color: Light Orange with White & Orange Speckles | Scent: Orange Vanilla Cream | Texture: Light & Soft
New Size! The collectible 2.75" size sits somewhere between our classic Mini & full sized Thinking Putty tins, making them great on the go!
Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty is manufactured with the help of exceptional individuals challenged with disabilities

Made in the USA from nontoxic silicone and never dries out / Safe for Ages 3+ 

Coloriffic Sensory Pellets
A rainbow assortment!
Colorful plastic pellets are a fun and safe alternative to sand, oatmeal, or rice
A perfect addition to your sensory tubs and tables and easy to sanitize
Pellets in a rainbow of mixed colors
5-lb. bag
Colorful plastic pellets are a fun and safe alternative to sand, oatmeal, or rice! A perfect addition to your sensory tubs and tables and easy to sanitize! 5-lb. bag of pellets in a rainbow of mixed colors. 

This deluxe set comes with everything you need to bring home the beach without the mess! Every 32-piece set comes with 6 castle molds, 4 sets of number molds, 5 carving tools, 1 shovel, 1 hand pump, 1 inflatable sandbox, 3.3lbs of magic play sand and a durable carry bin for easy transport and storage.
Magic play sand is odor free, non-toxic, tasteless and safe for kids. Stimulate your children’s imagination and spark their creativity with engaging play time! Sensory play supports development of fine motor skills, concentration and cognitive thinking. 

Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand-and-Water Sifting Funnel
Kids age two and up bring excitement, imagination, and movement to the beach or sandbox with this colorful sand and water funnel. Pour water or sand through this whimsical tower of sea creatures, then watch as the different layers funnel, tip, spin, and sift! The bright colors and sea creature decorations add to the fun, and the carry handle adds to the convenience. This toy encourages hands-on exploration and outdoor play and inspires creative fun in the sand and water.  

Here are some more helpful Sensory Processing Disorder Resources

DISCLAIMER: I am not an Occupational Therapist. I am an adult who has Sensory Processing Disorder, a sensory parent and a Grandma. The information on this website is not medical advice and does not replace the information that your child's therapists gives you. These are just ideas and information that I have learned myself over the years of being a parent and an adult living with SPD. If you are concerned for your child, please always seek medical attention through a family doctor, pediatrician or therapist. This website is for suggestions and informational purposes only. Each child is different and what works for one child may not for another because all children have different needs. Please always consult with a professional.

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