Sensory Processing Tactile Defensiveness 
Slime, Dough & Putty Play 

Some children who have Sensory Processing Disorder struggle with sensory tactile defensiveness and it can cause them significant difficulties in their daily lives. 

The goal to doing tactile activities with your child is to decrease their sensory tactile  defensiveness. Tactile defensiveness affects how a child responds to touch. Children with tactile defensiveness may experience extreme discomfort to being touched or touching different textures. 

Engaging in sensory play activities like playing with slime, putty or sensory play dough can provide so many benefits for children with tactile defensiveness.

Tactile sensory input is touch to the skin. Tactile defensiveness is the type of sensory dysfunction. 

Tactile defensiveness is when a child feels a negative response to touch. This response can be mild or severe causing discomfort, anxiety or panic. A child will avoid or resist being touched. They may pull away or cry when touched. Some children will react strongly to different textures and may be sensitive to specific fabrics, tags and food textures.

Children who struggle with tactile defensiveness sometimes have difficulty with self-care like brushing their teeth, washing their hands and getting dressed in the morning can be very  challenging for them. They may become anxious, irritable and aggressive in response to sensory tactile input. 

When your child tells you that something that is touching them hurts or is uncomfortable, they are being truthful. They are having a negative response to the tactile sensory input. Sensory play is when a child engages in sensory activities that stimulate the senses like touch. Playing with slime, putty and sensory play dough provides children with tactile defensiveness with several benefits. 

Tactile sensory activities expose children to tactile input in a gradual way. They can start small and gradually increase the sensory input as they become more comfortable. Children can develop increased tolerance for tactile input. This will reduce their sensitivity and discomfort.

There are many daily activities that can cause a child to become tactile defensive such as brushing teeth, getting dressed, cutting nails, washing themselves or brushing their hair.

Sensory play can help children with tactile defensiveness learn to self-regulate their responses to touch. They can learn to calm themselves down and cope with overwhelming sensory input. 

Playing with slime, putty, and play dough can be calming and therapeutic for children with tactile defensiveness. It provides a safe and controlled way for them to experience touch without the anxiety or discomfort they may experience in other situations.

These sensory activities help children become more aware of their own bodies and sensations. They can learn to identify and differentiate between different textures and pressures.

Tips for Using Slime, Putty, and Play Dough with Tactile Defensive Children

Start gradually:
Introduce the activity slowly and with small amounts.

Choose appropriate materials:
Select slime, putty, or play dough with textures that are tolerable for the child.

Provide support: Observe the child's reactions and provide encouragement or support as needed.

Allow for breaks:
 If the child becomes overwhelmed, take a break and try again later.

Make it fun: Engage the child in playful activities that make sensory play enjoyable.

Sensory play activities, particularly those involving slime, putty, and play dough, can provide numerous benefits for children with tactile defensiveness. These activities can help reduce sensitivity, improve regulation, enhance self-awareness and relieve anxiety. 

When a child who has sensory processing disorder plays with different tactile sensory activities that their occupational therapist has included in their sensory diet, children with sensory tactile defensiveness can overcome sensory challenges. 

50 Tactile Sensory Activities

1. Exploring and playing in sensory bins 

2. Painting with finger paints
3. Playing in a sand box 

4. Writing and playing in shaving cream 

5. Using fidgets

6. Making and playing with slime 

7. Making cookies with cookie dough

8. Squeezing, rolling and squeezing play dough 

9. Apply different lotions to the body 

10. Play using puppets with different textures
11. Make mud pies 

12. Use different textured fabrics to touch skin 

13. Wearing sensory friendly clothing 

14. Games with contact (piggybacks/wrestling)

15. Back rubs

16. Bear hugs and tight squeezes 

17. Rolling different textured balls over the body 

18. Wear compression clothing 

19. Use a weighted vest 

20. Heavy work activities 

21. Play with water beads 

22. Use a vibrating hand massager

23. Jumping in leaves and throwing them in the air 

24. Gardening and playing in the dirt 

25. Use different textured brushes or cloths at bath time 

26. Apply different textured sensory brushes to the skin 

27. create art using Wikki Stix 

28. Wilbarger brushing 

29. Wrap up in a compression sheet 

30. Roll up like a hotdog in a blanket 

31. Sit in a sensory pressure canoe (Peapod/Cozy Canoe) 

32. Write or draw on a chalk board using chalk 

33. Play with jello
34. Roll over body with deep pressure rolling pin 

35. Swing in a caccoon swing 

36. Play in sensory rice and add different textured toys 

37. Water play 

38. A walk in nature and exploring different textures 

39. Explore using kinetic sand 

40. Holding a tactile sensory vibration pillow 

41. Dance around on textured floor tiles 

42. Explore with sensory sequin tools (fidgets/lap pad) 

43. Snuggle up in a weighted blanket 

44. Add paint in a ziplock bag and explore the texture 

45. Washing dishes 

46. Make sensory balloon fidgets with different fillings 

47. Squeezing therapy putty or digging in putty to find objects 

48. Moving and dancing in a sensory body sock 

49. Playing in cooked/uncooked pasta

50. Sitting on a bean bag chair 

Sensory Putty, Slime, Play Dough & Sensory Kits 

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