Sensory Stuff Under $20 

Sensory toys and equipment can be very expensive. I wanted to create a page on my website for parents that list some more affordable items for their kids. 

Sometimes it can be very overwhelming as a parent who has a child with Sensory Processing Disorder. Especially when you're trying to find sensory toys. 

There's so many products out there today and several stores that it can get confusing where to buy sensory diet tools and equipment. 

I have created this list to make it easier for you to find everything you need for your child's sensory diet. 

So much fun, they won't even know it's therapy! 

HandiThings Fun, Learning & Fine Motor Development come together in a quiet attention focusing activity!
A fun interactive maze; the Marble Maze 2™ is is a stretch fabric mat with a stainless steel Marble encapsulated inside. The user works the Marble throughout the maze with their fingers until they reach the end, then repeats in reverse. The Marble Maze 2 is a more intricate and challenging maze than the Marble Maze 1.
Provides Proprioceptive Feedback
Facilitates Pincer Grasp
Improves Finger Manipulation
Develops Finger Strengthening
Increases Bilateral Manipulation
Stimulates Visual Tracking

 Laminate Girl Cartoon Daily Visual Schedule Kit -Great Behavior Tool for All Children to Learn and Gain Independence & Structure
Why Use Visual Schedules ????? Everyone needs a schedule and children often rely on visuals to gather information to understand their daily task. If your child works well with a daily schedule as a pose of a weekly planner this schedule is perfect for you. Very simple and easy to use. Childs day becomes predictable, which can ease anxiety and manage undesired behaviors. Makes abstract time concepts more concrete. With the ability to put the finished task in an all done box, children gain greater sense of gratification and completion. Encourages children to independently accomplish their daily tasks without constant verbal reminders. Motivates children to stay organized, builds self-esteem. 

Brili Routines For Kids 
Helping you and your children get things done, daily. Say hello to healthy habits and structured days based on routines with Brili. An app that has helped thousands of families with ADHD discover and initiate on the power of routines!
Is your child struggling with daily routines and time management? Brili Routines is an app solution developed mainly for families facing neurodiversity challenges like ADHD. It supports parent and child routine management, teamwork and habit tracking.
Brili has served the ADHD community for many years now and incorporated expert advice, user feedback and latest research in this app for teenagers and adults to reach one goal: Help you to start your day with less stress and lift the weight of daily chaos off your shoulders.

Gamecraft Safety Guard Scooters Designed for indoor play, there is very little need to worry about scuffing up your floors. The wheels are constructed of sturdy plastic which won’t mar most flooring, including gymnasiums, tile, or hardwood
Ideal for play and strengthening exercises, the scooter is so much fun, most children won’t even realize they’re actually building core muscle groups while they’re playing.
Physical education teachers use the scooter to help students work on coordination, motor skills, and balance, while they’re racing, pushing, and gliding.

ARK's Pencil Tip Attachment for The Z-Vibe for Sensory-Friendly Handwriting
ARK's Pencil Tip turns any Z-Vibe into a vibrating pencil! Use it to teach writing skills to young children, or to provide therapeutic relief for older hands and avid note-takers. Kit includes: 6 golf pencils and 1 pencil adapter that easily screws into any Z-Vibe handle (Z-Vibe sold separately). Colors may vary. Caution: contains small parts that pose a choking hazard. Must be supervised at all times. Recommended for ages 6-7 years up.

Puzzle Pieces Rainstick
Original twirly whirly Shaker toy for kids. This plastic Rainmaker toy produces the gentle sound of a water cascade - Soothing Sounds and a Colorful Enchanting sight.
This magic Twirly Whirly Rattle Rainmaker is a great tool for developing a musical ear and ability, and for improving gross motor skills.
This kids rainstick Rainbowmaker adds a pleasant rustling sound to any family band and makes the child feel like a real musician.
This rainfall rattle tube shaker toy is an attractive percussion instrument and a bright colorful toy at the same time. This color toy rainstick develops Gross Motor Skills and Hand-Eye Coordination.

Munchables Dog Tags are a discreet option for older children. These chewy tags feature a raised border with writing on one side and a raised star design on the opposite side. Each order comes as pictured with two tags strung on one cord. These are ideal for mild-moderate chewers.

Munchables sensory chew necklaces, bracelets, zipper pulls and pencils toppers offer a stylish solution for chewed shirts, pencils and fingers. We’ve poured our hearts into creating the highest-quality, most stylish chewable jewelry available. 

HandiThings Fun, Learning & Fine Motor Development come together in a quiet attention focusing activity!
The Follow The Leader is a ​stretch fabric playmat with 5 beads captivated within a continuous sewn in maze. The beads can be separated and moved through the maze individually, or the last bead can be worked along pushing the other beads together in a line. The maze is a continuous loop, so there is no beginning or end therefore the user can keep working them around and around.
Provides Proprioceptive Feedback
Facilitates Pincer Grasp
Improves Finger Manipulation
Develops Finger Strengthening
Increases Bilateral Manipulation
Stimulates Visual Tracking
Promotes Lead-Assist Hand

HandiThings Fun, Learning, Buttoning & Fine Motor Development all come together in a quiet attention focusing play mat!
A kid favorite! The Wacky Web is a colorful eye catching 2 sided play mat with a plastic smiley face bead captivated on a cord that is woven through buttonholes throughout the mat. The user maneuver the bead along the cord, buttoning it from one side of the mat to the other until reaching the end, then repeats in reverse. A great handheld quiet activity for the classroom,at home or even in the car!  
Provides Proprioceptive Feedback
Facilitates Pincer Grasp
Improves Finger Manipulation

Clary Sage + Cypress Essential Oil FOCUS Rollerball Blend
Clary Sage + Cypress Essential Oil FOCUS Rollerball Blend
Apply FOCUS Rollerball Blend - part of the Star Essence Line of products - to your pulse points before heading out the door in the morning. Stay alert and sharp during that big meeting or to help you power through and get your projects completed.
Safe and developed for children. FOCUS Rollerball blend will provide a sense of relaxation combined with the ability to maintain concentration. Use before a test or a big assignment to help your student stay balanced. 
Clary Sage oil promotes a sense of well being and relaxation.
Cypress essential oil is grounding and helps with emotional stability.
Peppermint Oil improves memory and alertness.

Kritter Kids 3-Pack Cartwheel Shorts
Shorts hit above the knee. 
NO TAGS on the inside, making them sensory friendly.
Made with luscious, flowing, Milk Silk.
What is Milk Silk? It's a ridiculously soft, stretchy, light-weight fabric that can withstand running through the flowers or climbing a tree, all while feeling like you're wearing pajamas!

hand2mind Express Your Feelings Rainbow Sensory Fidget Tubes, Calm Down Corner Essentials, Sensory Toys for Sensory Play, Play Therapy Toys, Calming Toys for Kids with Anxiety, Mindfulness Toys
Our double-sided, My Feelings Rainbow Fidget features a smooth flow of colors coming from the happy cloud and choppy drips of colors coming from the sad cloud.
Each set includes one My Feelings Rainbow Fidget that's a securely sealed tube that won't break when dropped and includes an activity guide to help facilitate discussion about emotions and self-management strategies.
The flow of liquid from the two clouds represents the feelings of happy and sad.

Special Supplies Therapy Brushes Colorful 6-Pack + Removable Handle, Calming Occupational and Sensory Tools with Deep Pressure Massage, Soft Bristles, Stimulates and Calms Kids or Adults, Latex-Free
Deep Pressure Sensory Therapy – Our adults and kids occupational therapy equipment helps calm those with autism who struggle with touch or coordination challenges and provides them an outlet for sensory processing issues.
Soft, Dense, Flexible Bristles – Each sensory brush is designed with BPA-free bristles that bend and flex across the skin while providing moderate pressure that can help reduce fear or discomfort that comes with being touched directly.

Star Essence Awesome Bubbles FRESH + FUN
Bubbles with benefits! Your child can enjoy the sensory activity of blowing and chasing bubbles while delighting in the aromatherapy advantages of the Awesome essential oil blend.
The curated combination of oils reduce reduce fatigue and provide a sense of balance.
Safe for children 2 years and older.
Available in a 4 oz plastic container with a bubble wand.

Learning Resources Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog, Sensory, Fine Motor Toy
Build fine motor skills with chunky, peg-shaped pieces that fit to the back of this friendly hedgehog. Also use Spike as for occupational therapy exercises!

Spike the Hedgehog helps kids build up hand muscles and fine motor skills as they replace the chunky, peg-shaped 'quills' within the holes that dot the smiling hedgehog's back. Once playtime is over, the Hedgehog is a snap to clean up—each piece is made of plastic that can be easily wiped clean, and the quills stow snugly inside the Hedgehog body

Novelty Expandable Ball Fidget Sphere Toy (Colors May Vary)
EXPANDABLE BALL, COLORS VARY - Our Expandable-Ball toy comes in a unique, award winning geometric shape, it expands from 5.6 inches to 12 inches. It’s enchanting and captivating
BREATHING VISUAL - Great as a visual for breathing exercises for kids & adults alike. Also used for Yoga.
FIDGET TOY - It’s good for fidgety children or hands that need something to play with to stay occupied.

Innobaby Bathin' Smart Silicone Fish Antimicrobial Bath Scrub
Soft enough for even the smallest babies and gentle on your newborn's delicate skin. Our Silicone Fish Scrub also helps remove stubborn cradle cap and exfoliates dry skin.
Silicone is naturally mold and mildew resistant and easy to clean, plus it can be boiled for a deep cleaning.
Thousands of soft silicone bristles massage and soothe baby for a calming bath time experience.

Spinning Light-Up Wand for Kids, Rotating LED Toy Wand for Boys and Girls Sensory Toys. Mesmerizingly fascinating. 7.5” light-up wand is a recipe for intriguing fun! Powered by 3 x AA batteries (not included), it creates a spinning display of multi-color LEDs with a simple press of a button. It’s perfect for aspiring magicians and wannabe princesses engaging in pretend play, and children with
autism or other special needs seeking for a sensory fix. Adults love it too! 

Hide N Side 6ft Crawl Through Play Tunnel Toy, Pop up Tunnel for Kids Toddlers Dogs Babies Infants & Children Gift Indoor & Outdoor
Hide N Side Premium collapsible Tunnels are made with the highest quality 190T soft polyester fabric and thick steel wiring, assuring your kids or dogs a SAFE, LONG LASTING, and ENJOYABLE play experience.
Pop-up design allows for hassle free assembly. Simply pop open the tunnel and youre ready to go No need for tools! When play time is over the tunnel folds flat for easy storage.
Climb into a new adventure in your own living room. This pop-up play tent is the ultimate play space for kids to enjoy year-round play.

24 Pack Bundle Sensory Fidget Toys Set-Liquid Motion Timer/Grape Ball/Mochi Squishy/Stretchy String/Flippy Chain/Easter Egg/Marble Mesh/Squeeze Bean/Cube for Autistic Kids, ADHD, Anti-Stress Toys
This fidget toys set for sensory kids is packed in a transparent storage box, convenient for collecting these hand toys after play with. Can take around as fidgets for classroom to students as prize, cool travel gargets toys for kids teen girls and boys.
This sensory toys set is also best calming stuff and stress relief toys for teens, adults, great gadgets for autistic kids, or people with ADD or ADHD and OCD or high stress/anxiety levels, autism stim toys. By squeezing, stretching and flipping with these fidget toys, can relieve anxiety well. And the same time develop the children creation, visual training, desktop fidget toys for adults.

Can't get your child ready for bath time? If your child refuses to wash their hair because of stinging and soapy eyes. Don't fear the Lil' Rinser has come to your rescue. This ergonomically engineered visor like guard is designed to keep water, sham. 
Its soft rim contours fit smoothly yet snuggly against a child's head and channels water and soap away from sensitive areas
Lil Rinser is a water tight, form fitting solution for keeping soap, water and shampoo out of a young child's eyes, ears and mouth
A convenient and comfortable soft grip handle allows parents to hold the Lil Rinser in place
Lil Rinser is made of firm, yet flexible plastic.

Oranurse 50ml Unflavoured Toothpaste
This unflavoured toothpaste was initially developed as a result of autistic children who have a problem with taste, even to the extent of not liking the taste of water. This has resulted in a paste with no flavour or sodium lauryl sulphate and with 1450ppm fluoride. Other possible outlets for unflavoured paste include, people who simply don't like the taste of mint, children who need to increase their fluoride from 500-600ppm to an adult dose, as very often low fluoride paste is banana or strawberry flavoured.

Our fire truck busy board is a perfect toy for your baby who likes anything that buckles. It is carefully handmade without any sharp edges and durable enough to hold up to toddlers' use. Designed in varying difficulty levels, so it is suitable for toddlers 2 3 4 years old. It can help them develop essential life skills early when using this amazing educational toy.
Busy board items develop toddlers' basic skills. Toddlers will learn how to open/close a zipper, button their clothes, tie their shoelaces, buckle their belts, play with gears, and other learning activities that they will pretty much enjoy.

Therapy Shoppe Save paper and eliminate copying costs with these reusable wipe clean worksheet covers! Clear, 9”x12” sleeve-like covers turn coloring pages and worksheets into infinitely reusable activities. Great for tracing, dot-to-dots, mazes, math problems, overhead use, and much more! Use them with our dry-erase markers or dry-erase crayons. High-quality worksheet covers designed to last for years. Awesome! *Accessories pictured not included.

Emagine A Sleep Aid Night Light - Amber In need of a night light that will provide visibility in the entire room yet be dim enough for a restful nights sleep? Look no further! The other night lights on the market just don't cut it. They either use blue light sources, are too dim, too bright, do not stay on long enough and the list goes on. 

Shiny and squishy, ooey gooey (but not sticky) fidget putty that feels cool to the touch! Squish it between your fingers, squash it between your hands... knead it, fold it, pull it apart, then smush it back together again! Tactile sensory seekers and visual fidgeters are in for hours of fiddling fun. The cool new metallic slime putty comes in assorted gorgeous luminous colors that burst to life in your hands. Do not use on cloth, porous, or varnished surfaces as manufacturer notes it may stain surfaces. Adult supervision is needed.

Gaiam Kids Balance Ball - Exercise Stability Yoga Ball, Kids Alternative Flexible Seating for Active Children
Perfect for sitting, playing, or improving stability and balance through exercise, this child-sized 45cm balance ball is an essential for active, high-energy kids as it reduces restlessness and fidgeting while promoting a healthy posture and getting the 'wiggles out'. When used as a seat or desk chair, the exercise ball promotes constant movement that increases blood flow to the brain, leading to better focus and concentration in class or at home. 

HandiThings Fun, Learning, Buttoning & Fine Motor Development come together in a quiet attention focusing activity!
Our most interactive mat! The Dolphin Playground is a colorful eye catching play mat with 24 multi-colored felt loops, 6 tunnels & 6 buttonholes for the dolphin charm to "swim" through. The user "swims" the dolphin along the white satin cord throughout the loops, tunnels and buttonhole slits until reaching the end and then repeats in reverse. An interactive play mat that helps develop fine motor and buttoning skills while at play.
Provides Proprioceptive Feedback
Facilitates Pincer Grasp
Improves Finger Manipulation
Develops Finger Strengthening
Promotes Lead-Assist Hand Patterns
Increases Bilateral Manipulation
Stimulates Visual Tracking
Buttoning Skills 

A HandiThings™ orginal! Created, Patented and hand made in the USA by HandiThings LLC (Patent# 5980257) to help develop a proper tripod grip.
The HandiWriter™ ​is designed to facilitate the correct positioning and holding of a writing tool. It is recommended for use with children of any age who have inappropriate grasp patterns. Our “Writers” are being used in classrooms, clinics and homes all over the world, and have proven beneficial to all children who are learning to write. They can be used with many of the pencil grips currently available.​ The HandiWriter™ features a wrist loop, writing utensil loop and dolphin charm on the cord for grasping. It comes in a variety of colors and package options. See below for color/charm & packaging options.

AnanBros 23 Pieces Beach Sand Toys Set, Sand Molds and Tools Kit Plus Sand Tray Mat
Create many variations of shapes and projects by using 18 molds and 5 tools! The project really holds the small details of the molds and would not fall off even you move it from here to there.
AnanBros sand molds and tools kit is compatible with all branded play sand. Include but not limited to cool sand, Magic sand, Brookstone, and other play sand.

Endless possibilities for loads of fun, the only limitation is your imagination!  

Waliki Toys Chair Ball with legs for children
While seating the legs fold and don’t offer any resistance, allowing students to calmly release their extra energy, and strengthen their core. But when the children stand up (after the bell rings), the Chair Ball's feet will keep it from rolling away, helping maintain a clean and tidy classroom or homework area.
Waliki’s Stability ball chair is designed for teachers in need of Flexible Classroom Seating to engage high-energy students, helping them concentrate and maintain a healthy posture
The Exercise Ball with Feet for kids comes in two sizes. 18”/45CM for ages 3-5, and 20”/50CM for ages 8-12. Inflation will determine the final size, enabling students or kids at home to find their perfect fit. Time to reward them? Turn the ball over, grab two handles, and it doubles as a Hopper Ball!

Munchables Dragon Chew Necklace in black and red strung on a black cord.
The Munchables Dragon Chew Necklace was inspired by the Final Fantasy video game. Our Dragon design is slightly inset and the reverse side features a raised flame outline for added sensory interest. This Munchables exclusive, patented style is appropriate for mild-moderate chewers.
Munchables chew necklaces, bracelets, zipper pulls and pencil toppers act as stylish sensory aids that not only divert chewing, but provide a focal point which can help kids filter out excess sensory information. This can help children with self-regulation and encourage calm and focus. Munchables can be especially beneficial for children with ADHD, anxiety, autism or sensory processing disorder.

Munchables Dino Skull Chew Necklace in Black and Green
The Munchables Original Dino Skull Pendant has an inset skull design and features a reverse side with raised bumps in the outline of two bones, which is ideal for added sensory interest. This exclusive, patented Munchables sensory chew necklace is appropriate for mild-moderate chewers. 

Munchables chew necklaces, bracelets, zipper pulls and pencils toppers offer a stylish solution for chewed shirts, pencils and fingers. We’ve poured our hearts into creating the highest-quality, most stylish chewable jewelry available. 

Crayola Relaxation Aroma Putty, Silly Putty Alternative, Gift, 6Count
CRAYOLA AROMA PUTTY: Bring home the 6ct Relaxation putty collection featuring Lavender, Frankincense, clove, coconut, tea tree, and chamomile.
Portable and fun Relaxation gifts for women, men, and teens.
Specially designed containers add texture to putty and fit nicely in a purse or pocket.
SAFE AND NONTOXIC: Aroma putty doesn't leave residue on hands, and is safe and nontoxic. 

EZ Sox Aliens & Robots
Ez Undeez training pants are made with ‘Ez Technology’, embroidered oval handles that are sewn into our soft wide waist band. This unique patented feature allows your child to pull up his or her underwear easily and straight each and every time.
Our toddler training underwear are made with a breathable natural absorbent layer that helps with small accidents as your toddler learns to potty train.

EZ Sox Garden Friends-4pk
Ladybug, Butterfly, Kitty, Mouse Socks (4 Pairs) 
The garden is where all these little critter friends love to hang out together. It seems like spring every day with this delightful colorful 4 pack.
Ladybug: White, Red, Yellow
Butterfly: Purple, Pink, Yellow
Kitty: Pink, Purple, White 
Mouse: Purple, Pink, Light grey
Pull up loops for an easy grip
Seamless toe for extra comfort
Non skid bottoms for slippery surfaces

ThinkFun Yoga Spinner Yoga Game for Kids Age 5 and Up - Award Winning Game for Yoga Loving Parents and their Kids
Yoga Spinner is a delightful introduction to yoga that encourages teamwork and healthy physical activity. Give the spinner a whirl and perform the pose on the corresponding Yoga Pose Card. If you can hold the pose for 10 seconds, you keep the card, and the first player to collect a card in each color wins! You'll need a little luck and teamwork, and a bit more flexibility and balance to win this entertaining yoga game.

Therapy Shoppe Your favorite silent classroom foot fidget now also comes in an extra-tough, super high resistance version! Wrap them around your chair or desk legs... students keep their feet busy and stay more focused as they kick, push, or pull on their Fidgeting Foot Band™. Makes a great office fidget toy for workstations, too. The XT version is especially nice for older teens-adults. These quiet bouncy foot band fidgets for your feet keep minds focused, bodies relaxed, and restless feet busy.

144 Wikki Stix (in the recommended colors)
Created in cooperation with Occupational Therapists and other professionals in the field of special needs.
144 Wikki Stix (in the recommended colors)
6 Activity Cards (including 2 face drawings for non-verbal expression of mood)
Grid board for construction and structured learning
OT Therapy Bag bonus unit
36-page Resource Manual
Wikki Stix provide a tactile and sensory experience, ideal for fine motor skills, kinesthetic learning, working with the visually impaired, as well as the entire autism spectrum. Here is a kit with components designed for structured and unstructured activities.

SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Undies are perfect for kids with sensory processing disorder, or for those who just can't stand undies with seams. The patent-pending form-fitting design of SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Undies ensures that they fit like a second skin—they won't wrinkle or bunch. The top and leg openings of SmartKnitKIDS Seamles Undies are also elastic band-free, which helps prevent the annoying and sometimes painful indentations on the legs and waist.

Fluffy Slime
Comes with blue, pink, green and purple, 4 colors for your fun and play. It will become a new color if you mix up the 4 colors together. This fluffy slime is incredibly satisfying to play with - squeeze it, twist it, smash it or create arts with it, super soft and stretchy, wonderful stress and anxiety reducer
Absolutely Safe Slime for Kids and Adults. ASTM certified, completely safe for children. Cannot be eaten, not for too small kids
Non Sticky Slime. Pinch it or pull it over and over, absolutely won't stick to your hands, giving you the most wonderful slime experience. 

Super soft, non-binding seamless boxer brief undies are perfect for kids who hate bothersome seams.
SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Boxer Briefs are perfect for kids with sensory processing disorder, or for those who just can't stand undies with seams.
The patent-pending form-fitting design of SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Boxer Briefs ensures that they fit like a second skin - they won't wrinkle or bunch. 

Gaiam Kids Peanut Balance Ball
This peanut shaped balance ball is a fun way to encourage kids to build a healthy posture and improve balance. The constant ball moves increase blood flow and help children get the 'wiggles out', leading to better focus.
This ball also offers more stability than traditional balance balls because of the unique cradling shape.
Encourages kids to build a healthy posture and improve balance and blood flow
Fun way to get the "wiggles out"
More stability than traditional balance balls
Unique design cradles the body

Ideal for ages 5-8

Therapy Shoppe polyethylene scooterboards with non-marring casters and two built-in safety handles; perfect for children who have sensorimotor challenges.  These smooth-riding scooter boards are wonderful for building gross motor skills, core strength, motor planning, bilateral coordination, for providing vestibular input, and developing upper body and lower extremity strength.  A fun sensory therapy toy that kids can use in sitting, kneeling, or in a prone position (lying on your tummy).

Shake & Rattle Rainmaker Hape Toys is one of the world's largest producers of toys made from sustainable materials. Hape is guided by the philosophy that the future belongs to our children and creates toys that inspire play, learning and exploration of the world we live in. All of the products meet the strictest international standards for quality and safety. Hape Toys represents the next generation of play.Gross Motor Skills
Hand-Eye Coordination
Visual Sensory Development
Auditory Sensory Development

A soothing rain stick-like sound

Funky Toys Echo Mic For Kids & Toddlers By Magic Microphone Toy With Multicolored Flashing Light
Operating on a multisensory level, this versatile battery-operated kids' microphone with
multicolor flashing light and rattle (and battery conveniently included) is guaranteed to
provide hours of pleasure and fun.
At the same time, it encourages the development of free expression through speech and

song, and visual, auditory and tactile stimulation for children of various ages.

Learning Resources Steggy the Fine Motor Dino, Montessori Toys, Color Recognition, Developmental Toys, Fine Motor Toy, Ages 2+
Your Fine Motor Friend! Discover Steggy the Fine Motor Dino's 3-in-1 learning fun - build fine motor skills, early color matching, and number recognition!
Built-In Storage! Steggy's spikes store inside, making cleanup a snap when playtime's done!
Sized For Little Hands! Steggy helps little ones boost their pincer grasp, hand strength, and more with his pinchable, pullable spikes!
Steggy the Fine Motor Dino Steggy the Fine Motor Dino includes 10 numbered spikes in 5 bright colors, and is made from durable, wipe-clean plastic.

The tribal-inspired Munchables Scorpion Sensory Chew Necklace features sensory nubs in the shape of a stinger on the reverse side for added interest. This Munchables exclusive, patented style is appropriate for mild-moderate chewers.

Munchables chew necklaces, bracelets, zipper pulls and pencil toppers act as stylish sensory aids that not only divert chewing, but provide a focal point which can help kids filter out excess sensory information. This can help children with self-regulation and encourage calm and focus. Munchables can be especially beneficial for children with ADHD, anxiety, autism or sensory processing disorder.

The Munchables Original Rectangle Pendant is a discreet design that many older children, teens and adults seek. It features a tire tread design on the front and matching raised texture on the reverse side for increased sensory interest. This Munchables exclusive style is ideal for mild to moderate chewers.
Munchables Chew Necklaces are recommended by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists to safely divert chewing.
Promotes attention and focus – Our chewelry provides a calming and focusing response, which can improve self-regulation. OTs recommend Munchables for children who tend to chew on items when seeking increased oral sensory input.

The Munchables Rectangle Teen Chew Necklace is a discreet black rectangle with slightly rounded edges and a coloured tire track design on the front side. It is strung on a black cord.
Knot Genie Teeny Detangling Hair Brush for Kids (Blue Skies) | Perfect Detangling Brush for Curly Hair, Gently Separate Tangles, Leaves Hair Smooth and Shiny | The Pain Free Knot Detangler
PAIN FREE: Our unique mix of bristle lengths allow the hair brush to gently, quickly, and painlessly pull apart even the wildest tangles.
ADAPTABLE: With Knot Genie, you can easily work with curly, wavy, straight, or even synthetic hair AND you can use our hair brush either wet or dry.
FUN: With so many fun patterns and colors, we have the perfect girls hair brush for everyone.

Nuk Brush
Wonderful tools for oral motor stimulation and desensitization. 
Offers valuable sensory input
Provides calming benefits for a sensory diet.
Item not refundable
Latex free

Great oral motor tool for preparing little ones to get acquainted with the feel of a tooth brush. The NUK Brush is a wonderful tool for oral motor stimulation and desensitization. Use also before eating to stimulate chewing and biting.

Tactile Tiger Brush This Small Tactile Brush Packs a Huge Sensory Punch
This sensory brush has a bristled tactile surface on one side and a raised tiger design on the other, making both sides useful and attractive to sensory seekers. Designed for use at home or in a clinic, this brush can be used by individuals or by parents and therapists who want to provide extra sensory input to others. Replace brush when it starts to show signs of use.
Provides tactile sensory input wherever it’s needed
For anyone with sensory processing disorder or autism
Convenient size for purses and pockets
Age 6 months+

Fine Motor Skills Toys - 50 Jumbo Lacing Beads for Toddlers and Kids - Color Sorting Toy
Get back to basics with this classic lacing toy that inspires learning, creativity, & fine motor skill development. The large, chunky plastic beads and easy to handle strings are blazing with color — and just right for curious little hands!

Want to encourage your toddler's learning and development without skimping on the fun? 3 Bees and Me Jumbo Linking Beads is a timeless toy for preschoolers and toddlers that delivers hours of engagement while helping your child cultivate essential skills. 

Learning Resources Avalanche Fruit Stand, Fine Motor/Grip Game, 42 Piece Set, Ages 3+
Help children develop fine motor skills, especially the all-important pincer grasp that prepares children for handwriting. Also reinforces color and fruit vocabulary. Perfect for teachers, specialists and occupational therapists. Includes 40 fruit counters, 2 tweezers, picture spinner, and adjustable cardboard stand.
Spin the wheel - then use the jumbo tweezers to pick or place fruit

Promotes fine motor skills, especially the pincer grasp

Alpine Pluggies Kids Ear Plugs – Noise Cancelling Ear Buds for Kids Age 5-12 – Ear Plugs for Small Ear Canals – Kids Ear Protection for Flying and Swimming - Hypoallergenic Reusable Earplugs for Kids
Listening to music right in front of the speakers, having fun in the swimming pool or drawing with full concentration. Small children play and learn every day. Unfortunately, one in eight kids suffers permanent hearing loss. The reason for this is that children are extra sensitive to noise. To this end, Alpine has developed Pluggies Kids earplugs for children between the age of three and twelve. These multifunctional hearing protectors can be used for multiple applications. They absorb too loud ambient noise, prevent water from penetrating the ear, improve the concentration and prevent ear pain while flying. An all in one earplug for kids! 

Puffer Ball - 8 inch, Two Tone
Giant puffer ball has soft rubber spikes and a super-squeezable texture. When you squeeze these puffer balls, an air bubble emerges Fidgets are a self-regulation tool used with children who have a difficult time sitting still or focusing. Fidgets help promote focus and concentration, and keep the body (fingers) busy so they can still sit and focus! Fidget toys are also great for strengthening hand muscles and building fine motor and finger dexterity.

Star Projector with Bluetooth Speaker, KAHE LED Night Light with Remote Control, Colorful Nebula Galaxy Light Projector for Bedroom
1 x Star Night Light Projector
1 x AC Power Adapter
1 x Remote Control with Lithium Battery
1 x User Manual
1 x USB Charging Cable
The remote control contains battery. Please take care to remove the insulating film before using.

Model of battery for remote control : CR2025 3V Lithium Button Battery

Brightlines Paper (non raised) Say Goodbye to White Lines and Hello to Brightlines!
Do your children or students have difficulty forming their letters properly and leaving enough space between letters and words when they write on plain white paper? Brightlines paper solves this problem by providing visual cues to writers that indicate the proper writing area for lowercase and uppercase letters. Each writing line has ample space in between to make it easier for kids and adults to read the words and solid lines at the end of each writing line create a clear stopping point.
Choice of different spacing for students at all levels
Ideal for new writers and those with weak writing or fine motor skills
Age 3+

Genuine Fred DINNER WINNER Kids' Dinner Tray In order to woo your picky eater you need a great game plan. DINNER WINNER turns mealtime into a fun board game. It is a healthy race to the finish where a special covered treat awaits!
Each DINNER WINNER tray provides eat-as-you-go action that helps even the fussiest eaters make it though a meal. The tray divides into eight portions, with an extra covered portion for dessert.
You can trust the Genuine Fred brand to deliver safe products made from quality materials; DINNER WINNER is constructed from 100% virgin melamine that is BPA-free, certified food-safe, phthalate-free, and dishwasher safe!

Wikki Stix You've asked for the ability to buy quantities of Wikki Stix in a single color, and we are happy to introduce single color packages. Thirty-six, 6″ Wikki Stix all in one color. Perfect for school projects, holiday activities…and lots more.

Wikki Stix Learning Toys are the original — trusted by parents, schools, and teachers everywhere. Wikki Stix are more than a craft toy and more than a learning toy, they're a powerful interactive teaching tool! Wikki Stix Learning Toys conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in the schools. 

Blue Toobaloo Auditory Feedback Phone - Accelerate Reading Fluency, Comprehension and Pronunciation with a Reading Phone.
Ease reading, speech, comprehension and pronunciation challenges with the Toobaloo. Created by a teacher, the Toobaloo is an educational tool designed to provide auditory feedback which helps children learn to read, increase fluency and comprehension and meet special needs such as autism, APD, stuttering and dyslexia.
By speaking into the Toobaloo, children hear themselves (auditory feedback) and can make adjustments to fluency, pronunciation and even increase comprehension. 

Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector 360 Degree Rotation
The night light is ideal for a baby's or kid's bedroom. The Relaxing Sky Starlight Projector Pot is an innovative light that projects star light and moonlight around a room, thereby transforming the room into a relaxing sky-like environment at night. 
How to Use the Star Projector Night Light
Button A - Press this button to control the white hard light.
Button B - Press this button to change the light color conversion.
Button C - Press this button to control the rotation mode.

Snap And Click Fidgets, Set Of 6 Twist And Shape Puzzles For something that so many of us do, the reasons kids fidget during the day are surprisingly unstudied. it’s a common coping mechanism for kids with sensory or ADD/ADHD. Fidgeting with a toy in the hand is mildly stimulating, interesting, or entertaining allows the brain to become fully engaged and sustain focus. This amazing click and shape keeps kids busy by stimulating their sensory by creating and twisting it in different shapes, designs and create color patterns and enjoying this little toy for hours. With a set of 6 each of them comes with 24 links with designed joints to shape into an endless variety of designs.

Laura, the owner of Munchables, created this fun Bubble Popper Chew Necklace® to act as either a fidget toy or a chew necklace.  It is the perfect 2-in-1 sensory aid!  One touch and your fingers can't stop pushing, poking, and popping! Please note that this patented popper fidget makes an a
udible pop sound. Unlike the many handheld poppers on the market, this style is made of high-quality silicone that is safe to chew on.

Retro Light Up Kids Toys Includes 8 Inch Gyro Wheel and 8.5 Inch Rail Twister - Fun Gift for Boys and Girls - Great Sensory Toy with Spinning and Flashing Light Effects
These magnetic gyro wheels don’t easily come off, feature well-aligned rails, and are fitted with LEDs that don’t prematurely short out. This gives the two light up toys durability to make for countless hours of play. The magnetic gyro wheel also presents the perfect opportunity to give your little one a fun science lesson. The fascinating lighting effects and movement create a soothing effect that can help curb hyperactivity. These retro-inspired spinning toys encourage enhanced motor skills and valuable hand exercise during play time. 

My Great Big Feelings: A Story for Sensitive Children
For highly sensitive children and those with sensory processing difficulties. Sweet illustrations and lovely rhymes grace the pages of this special book. Overstimulation and deep empathy are among the many powerful experiences which often accompany being a highly sensitive person. Accepting and embracing heightened sensitivity is one of the most important things we can help our children (and ourselves) learn to do. As we follow along the story of this highly sensitive child, we discover how we can accept, manage and ultimately appreciate possessing this gift of sensitivity.

Therapy Shoppe Thinking putty is like chewing gum for your fingers! Turn on your brain and melt away some stress with this cool sensory fidget putty. Comes in assorted vibrant colors and handy little pocket-sized tins. Great for handwriting warm-ups and as a sensory diet focus tool for keeping busy fingers happy! Thinking putty is a timeless silent fidget tool and sensory fidget toy. 

Grape ball can be randomly squeeze to any shape.
Helping you relax your hands and promote the blood circulation.
Interesting grape ball style can stress relieving when you squeeze toy.
Made of environmentally soft rubber and liquid filler, don't squeeze the same part for a long time or use a sharp thing to stab it.
If you're not satisfied product for any reason, please contact us to resend new one or full refund, no need return goods.

Therapy Shoppe Tongs and Tools Sampler Kit™  This money-saving kit includes one of each of our most popular tong-type tools: Teeny Weenie Tongs, Skinny Mini Squeezers, Mighty Teeny Tongs, Skizzor Tongs, Zoo or Fish Sticks, Wooden Tongs, Wire Wizard, Squeezy Finger Dropper... plus an 80-pk of Glitter Pom Poms for sorting and placing fun!

Therapy Shoppe This neat skill-building kit contains 200+ vibrantly colored mini plastic shapes, a deluxe stringing lace, and a Skinny Mini Squeezer Tongs. Sort them, count them, hide the colorful shapes in putty, or lace them on pipe cleaners... the possibilities are sky high! This kit is excellent for working on fine motor, bilateral, and eye-hand coordination skills. You'll find a ton of therapeutic uses for our exclusive Itty Bitty Stringing Shapes Kit that features 8 different shapes in 7 assorted colors.

Therapy Shoppe Bendeez  Imaginations soar as the hours fly by bending this 15" rubbery band into infinite shapes and designs!  This awesome sensory toy is a great silent fidget toy for school classrooms, traveling, waiting rooms and restaurants... it's safe and easy to take just about anywhere.  Wrap it around your pencil for one fun sensory pencil grip!

Creativity for Kids Sensory Bin: Outer Space - Preschool and Toddler Sensory Toys, Fine Motor Skills Toys and Sensory Activities for Kids Ages 3+
Blast off on a intergalactic mission with a galaxy play bin filled with glowing stars, 2.5 lbs of space rocks, astronaut, squishy alien and more! This self-contained space toy is an out of this world unique tactile sensory experience
Sensory bins allow toddlers to discover, imagine and learn while engaging their senses. Place the self-contained sensory toy on a table cloth or towel and scoop, sort, dig and build for easy clean up and endless hours of hands-on play!
All sensory bins fillers are carefully selected and tested to provide the best at home play activities for toddlers. 

2-Pack Original Monkey Fidget Star Kid Sensory Toys to Help Calm & Focus - 3D Star Shaped Fidget Toys for Stress Relief in Children - Multi-Color Fidget Toy Pack for Mesmerizing Hours of Fun

Stop Your Kid From Monkeying Around – Our fidget pack is for children who need a little distraction to help channel their energy. The bright blue and yellow colors of this fidget set will help stimulate their creativity while providing tactile fun

Stress-Relieving 2 Pack – These mesmerizing anxiety relief toys will help keep your child calm and focused. With a fidget pack of 2, keep one at school and one at home. Create stationary stars or move them into fascinating telescope positions

Munchables Purple Unicorn Chew Necklace features a white unicorn with a three coloured mane, a purple eye and a yellow horn strung on a light purple cord.
Unicorn Pendant Munchables kids' products are perfect not only as fashion accessories, but also for children that chew. These durable necklaces are made from BPA-free, child-safe silicone and feature a breakaway clasp for added safety. Munchables pendants come on a long cord that can be easily shortened as desired. This Unicorn Pendant provides a safe alternative to chewing on collars, cuffs, fingers.

CHEW STIXX Pencil Toppers

The sensory university has created an all new pencil topper using its top selling product. If your child bites, chews, or grinds, give them something safe to chew on. The CHEW STIXX pencil topper fits any number 2 pencil, decreases lead exposure, is safe for teeth, is socially acceptable, is allowed in classrooms, increases attention, lowers anxiety levels, and has been proven to improve concentration skills in children constantly seeking sensory input. Excellent for streamline and special needs children. Package includes one smooth and one knobby surfaced topper. Not for use with children under 4 years of age.

Designed Patricia Wilbarger, this brush has many improvements over the Pressure Brush ("corn brush"). Oval in shape, the brush has a greater density of bristles for more consistent treatment. Comes with a comfortable handle.

About the Designer: Patricia Wilbarger, MEd, OTR, FAOTA, is known for developing the Wilbarger Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Technique (DPPT) and the Oral Tactile Technique (OTT) also known as the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol or WBP. Wilbarger, is an occupational therapist and clinical psychologist who has been working with sensory processing theories for over 40 years. 

Colorful Sensory Fidget Stretch Toys-Stretchy Strings Fidget Toy for Relaxing Therapy (12 Pack 6 Colors) - for Adults and Kids-Stress Toy Helps with ADHD ADD OCD Autism
These sensory toys are made from non-toxic, non-allergenic materials, free of BPAs, phthalates and latex. Safe for kids and adults.
Our stretchy strings are 13 inches long and stretches over 10 feet, wow! Amazing in the classroom, home or office, they're great for students, parents, teachers, and even professional therapists
These stretch fidget string toys can relieve stress and anxiety and increase patient. Fantastic for kids with ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or people with high anxiety. They can help calm them down and focus attention

KidsFunwares Me Time Meal Set Dump Truck) 3-Piece Set for Kids and Toddlers
Kids love to eat out of divided plates which not only keeps food separate, but the partitioned walls will also allow your child an easier time pushing food onto the spoon and sticking food with a fork, giving them an edge when scooping rolling peas or sticking tricky, tangled noodles. 

Super Z Outlet Liquid Motion Bubbler for Sensory Play, Fidget Toy, Children Activity, Desk Top, Assorted Colors (1 Piece)
The descending bubbles have a soothing and mesmerizing effect that will keep kids entertained for hours. Gravity will guide the colored droplets travel down at slow motion pace. These sensory toys can help improve visual tracking skills.
Its slow and rhythmic drops have a very appeasing effect and actually help kids with sensory or hyperactivity issues. Makes perfect autism sensory toys to sooth and remain focused.

Kinetic Sand Sandcastle Set with 1lb of Sand, Molds and tools. 
Kinetic Sand is the squeezable sand you mold with your hands! Squish it! Mold it! Love it! You’ll never want to put it down!
Use the included molds and tool to create amazing sand castles and fun beach-themed shapes inside the sand castle tray.
Kinetic Sand stimulates children’s creativity, is made from 100% natural sand, never dries out, easily cleans up and it sticks to itself, not to you! 

Inflated Stability Wobble Cushion, Including Free Pump/Exercise Fitness Core Balance Disc
Balance disc promotes core stability, strengthens muscle tone, improves balance and body posture.
Used as a wiggle seat to provide sensory input, and to help calm children that have a hard time sitting still.
Ergonomic seating, relieves back pain and shoulder aches
Balance cushion provides an unstable surface to exercise on, requiring you to use more muscles to stay balanced.

Fidget Pack Box for Boys Girls, FunKidz Stress Relief Toys for Kids Adults Sensory Kit with Pop Bubbles Liquid Motion Bubbler Squishy Balls Packed in Plastic Portable Storage Box
FunKidz big fidget pack is suitable for all kinds of people at any occasion, especially for office worker and school students. Also the Good choice for party, festival, classroom rewards and teacher tool box.
Hold the stress relief toy in your hand, squish it or deform it, Which is an effective means to soothe stress and appease worries through keeping the brain focused and calm.
All fidget toys could be easily packed in a pretty storage box after playing. It can also be carried to any place like office, home, church, libraries, classrooms, etc.

BLEUMER TUMBLE SHORT You wears a uniform and wants that extra layer. You are worried that a gust of wind might reveal too much. You just feel more confident wearing shorts under your favorite dress or skirt.
Ultra-soft and stretches to fit your growing body. Lightweight & breathable as the perfect extra layer. Moisture-wicking & performance fabric to keep you extra cool 
Minimal seams and tag free for comfort
Wide elastic waist band provides a comfy and flexible fit for active girls
You need to focus on competing, performing, dancing, jumping and playing without worrying you'll show you undies. Nothing should inhibit or slow you down! 

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids Fun and Safe Pogo Stick for Toddlers, Durable Foam and Bungee Jumper for Ages 3 and up, Supports up to 250lbs
Boing, boing, squeak! The My First Flybar foam pogo stick is hours of healthy, bouncy fun. Crafted from durable foam, this is an ideal first pogo stick for kids; each jump makes a fun squeaky sound
Use anywhere: We’ve designed our kids jumper for indoor and outdoor use, and unlike inferior jumping toys, this pogo jumper for kids is made to last! A great boys or girls toy for ages 3 and up
Train balance: Pogo sticks make great active toys for kids because they help train hand eye coordination, balance, and gross motor skills; Give your kid a headstart in life with a toddler pogo stick

EZ Sox Argyles-Solid Blue & Stripe-4pk
Monster Truck, Hot Rod Truck,
Racing Car, Police Car
You little boy can be styling in this updated boys fashion 4 pair pack. A fun modern style argyles are paired with our classic solid and blue stripe socks. Your kids will definitely look sharp.
Argyle Socks:
Black, Pistachio Green, Purple, White, Red, Navy, Cobalt Blue, Grey
Solid Blue & Stripe Socks: Navy, Green, Grey, Black
Pull up loops for an easy grip
Seamless toe for extra comfort
Non-skid bottoms for slippery surfaces

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