Sensory Stuff Under $20 


 Sensachew Pendant - Pink

The Sensachew Camo Pendant is a great oral input device for those children who seek out chewing or oral input. Made from 100% food grade silicon, they are great for home, school, when in the car or when out. Designed by an Occupational Therapist, the Sensachew pendant is designed to be used with either the Sensachew Lanyard or the Sensachew Retractable Keychain (sold separately). For use with children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADD/ADHD or any child that seeks out oral input.

Designed Patricia Wilbarger, this brush has many improvements over the Pressure Brush ("corn brush"). Oval in shape, the brush has a greater density of bristles for more consistent treatment. Comes with a comfortable handle.

About the Designer: Patricia Wilbarger, MEd, OTR, FAOTA, is known for developing the Wilbarger Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Technique (DPPT) and the Oral Tactile Technique (OTT) also known as the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol or WBP. Wilbarger, is an occupational therapist and clinical psychologist who has been working with sensory processing theories for over 40 years. 

 WriteRight Pencil and Grip - "the Shark" - New!
Using the “shark-like” Write Right pencil grip to develop a mature and efficient dynamic tripod grasp is as easy as, “pinch the eyes, cover the mouth and wrap your fingers around the tail.” These design features act as visual cues to aid in proper finger placement. rmine size.

 Blue Light emits from the tip of each fiber optic strand on this 13.5 inch lamp. Requires 3 AA batteries not included.

• multi-color light
• Activates by way of a push switch
• Requires 3AAA Batteries (Not-included)

 Bubber, the award-winning and lightest modeling compound on earth! This easy-to-use product feels great in your hands, and since it is so lightweight, you can mold just about anything. Bubber is a super-soft compound that leaves clean, sharp lines and takes amazing imprints.

 Bubber is non-toxic, leaves no stain or residue and never dries out, so you can play with it over and over. It is great for developing fine motor skills! Bubber is available in six beautiful colors and comes in a handy bucket for easy storage.

 Spot it! is the award winning, addictive, feverishly fun matching game for every generation. The first thing to know about Spot it! is that there is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any two cards.

Got it? Now all you need is a sharp eye and a quick hand to play all five party games packed into the grab 'n' go tin. Including up to eight players, Spot it! is a cinch to learn, plays fast, and is irresistibly fun for all ages!.


 Kid 0 to 9 Magnatab
Trace the lines with the magnetic stylus and follow the arrows to learn the fundamentals of number writing. Perfect for your early mathematician, the sensory reinforcement will help with early arithmetic lessons. Erase with the tip of a finger.
• Fine Motor Skills / Tracing
 • Tactile / Light Touch
 • Motor Planning / Writing Skills
 • Early Learning / Letters & Numbers

 Pluï is a charming new water toy that's guaranteed to add plenty of fun in the bath tub or at the swimming pool. Immerse it in water to fill up and then let it rain. The key is how you control the flow of water simply by sealing or opening the top nozzle with the tip of your finger. Kids will have a ball and playfully learn about basic physical principles. Pluï arouses curiosity and stimulates the kids' imagination and senses

Fun for parties! Travel! And great to have on hand for boring down times!

12 individual Mini Play Paks, each featuring an interesting animal in connect-the-dot form, plus 8 Wikki Stix for completing the design.

Informative, too…each playsheet offers a Fun Fact about the featured animal.

You've asked for the ability to buy quantities of Wikki Stix in a single color, and we are happy to introduce single color packages. Thirty-six, 6″ Wikki Stix all in one color. Perfect for school projects, holiday activities…and lots more.

Wikki Stix Learning Toys are the original — trusted by parents, schools, and teachers everywhere. Wikki Stix are more than a craft toy and more than a learning toy, they're a powerful interactive teaching tool! Wikki Stix Learning Toys conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in the schools. 

 Squish it, shape it, save it…..or smoosh it and start all over again! With PlayFoam, your child has hours of creative fun on their hands! This lightweight, colorful foam sculpting material won't crumble, and it won't stick to skin or surfaces -- so there's no cleanup required.

Non-toxic, no gluten, no protein, no worries!

Activity Set  Parents’ Choice Classic Toy Award Winner!
 Contains 84 Wikki Stix in 16 colors and two sizes (48- 8-inch and 36 -6-inch), plus multi-use playboard, handy storage bag and eight page booklet of fun ideas and illustrations. The Wikki Stix Activity Set is ideal for younger children, ages 3-5 or so, as there is no right or wrong way to play. They can use the playboard to learn letter formation…or simply “smoosh” the Wikkies down, and peel them back up!

 Photos of seven basic emotions appear in this feeling-filled Fun Deck. The photo cards have no labels, so they can depict a wide range of emotions. All photos have white backgrounds. There are four different pairs each for happy, sad, surprised, scared, thoughtful, tired, and angry.


 Sensachew Pendant  100% Food Grade Silicone
Great Oral Input Device For use with the safety lanyard or retractable keychain
The Sensachew Camo Pendant is a great oral input device for those children who seek out chewing or oral input. 

My Calm Day

This may help with meltdowns, anger, aggression, and just keep your body calm overall.


SmartKnitKIDS This unique under shirt hugs the torso providing gentle compression. Featuring breathable material, seamless torso, and soft edging, the Compresso-T offers children superior comfort in a compression garment. 

SmartKnitKIDS Undies  NO SEAMS TO BUG YA. Completely free of seams! Our patent pending kids’ undies are designed to provide comfort and relief to children who struggle with those bothersome seams. 

SmartKnitKIDS Undies  NO SEAMS TO BUG YA. Completely free of seams! Our patent pending kids’ undies are designed to provide comfort and relief to children who struggle with those bothersome seams.


 SmartKnitKIDS socks! TRULY SEAMLESS. Completely free of seams, our patented product is knit like a cocoon, starting from the toe up, providing comfort and relief to children who struggle with “bumps & lumps” in their socks. UNIQUE NO HEEL DESIGN. “No heel” design allows children to put on socks with confidence and keeps little feet from outgrowing their socks so quickly. 

Peaceful Place

This may help with anxiety and helping your body to relax and reduce the anxiety.



This may help with relaxing the body to help you fall asleep.


 Kids Soft Fleece Headphones - Yellow Smiley

ULTRA THIN SPEAKERS and a durable EXTRA LONG 52" BRAIDED CABLE. These earphones are the perfect alternative for kids who hate earbuds and struggle with bulky over the ear headphones. Lightweight, comfortable and washable headband with adjustable speakers provide the perfect fit.

 Whatif Monster - Kids Headband Headphones


Inspired by the book "Jonathan James and the Whatif Monster" by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt (not included).

Includes Free Whatif Monster Activity E-Book with video links (PDF sent by email).

 Undercover Tape™ - Ditch the Itch! 
Ditch the itch, the scratchies, the whining and the breakdowns caused by wearing clothes with an irritating tag, label or seam. Undercover tape even takes care of those maddening edges left when, in desperation, you cut the label out of your child’s clothing! To use, simply remove tape from liner, place flat on irritating spot and rub with pressure to adhere tape. Use the 15 band-aid sized pieces of tape on the garment or directly on skin. Leaves no sticky residue and can be cut if smaller areas need to be covered. 

Join Kimberly Dye on site at Children For Learning Differences on Mercer Island, WA where she leads a group of 8-10 yr. old children with sensory processing difficulties in BodySox movement exercises that encourage:

  • Core strength
  • Development of spatial boundary
  • Self-expression
  • Group cooperation.