Sensory Stuff Under $20 

Therapy Shoppe Bendeez  Imaginations soar as the hours fly by bending this 15" rubbery band into infinite shapes and designs!  This awesome sensory toy is a great silent fidget toy for school classrooms, traveling, waiting rooms and restaurants... it's safe and easy to take just about anywhere.  Wrap it around your pencil for one fun sensory pencil grip! 

The Sensory Kid Stores Cando Glitter Theraputty
This is the trusted Cando® Theraputty exercise material—Now with Glitter! Theraputty has become the standard in resistive hand exercise material. Each color-coded putty has a different consistency ranging from XX-Soft for strengthening a weak hand grasp, to Extra-Firm for developing a stronger grip.
Wikki Stix Travel Fun Kit
The answer to "Are we there yet?"
Keep the kids busy for hours while you travel! Affordable, educational, and fun!
8-page booklet of travel-related activities
Lightweight playboard
24 Wikki Stix
Easy to take along in the car or plane!
The Pocket Occupational Therapist (OT) 12 Months of Life Skills Printable Packet
This packet of 39 pages includes colorful life skills 8 x 11 posters for each life skill.
Descriptions of how to teach each skill are provided and include tips and tricks from a veteran pediatric OT.

Manic Scents Scentsy Essential Oils Twinkle Twinkle 100% Natural Oil
Soothe them to sleep with chamomile, eucalyptus and lavender.
Unicorn Pendant Munchables kids' products are perfect not only as fashion accessories, but also for children that chew. These durable necklaces are made from BPA-free, child-safe silicone and feature a breakaway clasp for added safety. Munchables pendants come on a long cord that can be easily shortened as desired. This Unicorn Pendant provides a safe alternative to chewing on collars, cuffs, fingers.
Gummy Chic Dinosaur Silicone Teether
  • Handmade item
  • Materials: BPA free clip, silk cord, silicone teether, Silicone dinosaur, Silicone beads

KeNeer 7Pack Stretchy String Fidget Sensory Toys 
  • Made of safe material: These sensory toys are made from non-toxic, non-allergenic materials, free of BPAs, phthalates and latex. Safe for kids and adults.
  • These stretch fidget string toys can relieve stress and anxiety and increase patient. Fantastic for kids with ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or people with high anxiety. They can help calm them down and focus attention.
KidsFunwares Me Time Meal Set Dump Truck) 3-Piece Set for Kids and Toddlers
PERFECT FOR PICKY EATERS: Kids love to eat out of divided plates which not only keeps food separate, but the partitioned walls will also allow your child an easier time pushing food onto the spoon and sticking food with a fork, giving them an edge when scooping rolling peas or sticking tricky, tangled noodles.
Chubuddy Bumpy Bloks
Bumpy Bloks are a fun to chew shape that has 2 distinct textured chew zones for satisfying chewing.  They are made of BPA-free, phthalates-free, lead-free, PVC-free, non-toxic materials.  They are also top rack, dishwasher safe.
Li’l Gen Water Beads with Fine Motor Skills Toy Set, Non-Toxic Water Sensory Toy for Kids - 20,000 Beads with 2 Scoops and Tweezers for Early Skill Development. 
  • HAND-EYE COORDINATION: The two scoopers and two tweezers enhance hand-eye coordination through motor skills. They can scoop, tweeze, and grab their way to a well-rounded development!

Liquid Motion Bubbler for Sensory Play or Fidget Toy  The descending bubbles have a soothing and mesmerizing effect that will keep kids entertained for hours. Gravity will guide the colored droplets travel down at slow motion space. These sensory toys can help improve visual tracking skills.
Kinetic Sand Sandcastle Set with 1lb of Sand, Molds and tools. 
  • Kinetic Sand is the squeezable sand you mold with your hands! Squish it! Mold it! Love it! You’ll never want to put it down!
  • Use the included molds and tool to create amazing sand castles and fun beach-themed shapes inside the sand castle tray.
  • Kinetic Sand stimulates children’s creativity, is made from 100% natural sand, never dries out, easily cleans up and it sticks to itself, not to you! 
AppleRound Air Stability Wobble Cushion, Blue, 35cm/14in Diameter, Balance Disc, Pump Included. 
Helps improve balance, coordination and flexibility; Good for active sitting, muscle strengthening, and joint stabilization.

Sensamart The Sensachew Camo Pendant is a great oral input device for those children who seek out chewing or oral input. Made from 100% food grade silicon, they are great for home, school, when in the car or when out. Designed by an Occupational Therapist, the Sensachew pendant is designed to be used with either the Sensachew Lanyard or the Sensachew Retractable Keychain (sold separately). For use with children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADD/ADHD or any child that seeks out oral input.

Munchables Toolbox Pencil Toppers (Set of 4)

These lightweight, colorful pencil toppers fit on any standard sized pen or pencil. Each set contains 4 different styles. They are NOT chewable as they are made of plastic. Toolbox Pen Toppers weigh 4g each and are 4.5cm (2") long.

Aloha Feet is a patent-pending sensory fidget for your feet. It features nubs that stimulate your feet whenever you need and wherever you are. Aloha Feet is discreet and effective.
Gummy Chic Kid Sensory Necklace
  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Food grade non toxic silicone, silk cords, break away clasp, BPA free silicone

Designed Patricia Wilbarger, this brush has many improvements over the Pressure Brush ("corn brush"). Oval in shape, the brush has a greater density of bristles for more consistent treatment. Comes with a comfortable handle.

About the Designer: Patricia Wilbarger, MEd, OTR, FAOTA, is known for developing the Wilbarger Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Technique (DPPT) and the Oral Tactile Technique (OTT) also known as the Wilbarger Brushing Protocol or WBP. Wilbarger, is an occupational therapist and clinical psychologist who has been working with sensory processing theories for over 40 years. 

Pocket Full Of Therapy WriteRight Pencil and Grip - "the Shark" - New!
Using the “shark-like” Write Right pencil grip to develop a mature and efficient dynamic tripod grasp is as easy as, “pinch the eyes, cover the mouth and wrap your fingers around the tail.” These design features act as visual cues to aid in proper finger placement. rmine size.

Manic Scents Scentsy Essential Oils Eucalyptus Lavender Mint 100% Natural Oil Soak in a fragrant whirlpool of relaxing lavender flower, uplifting mint, energizing eucalyptus and encouraging nutmeg.

Manic Scents Scentsy Essential Oils Lemon Essential Oil 100% Natural Oil Crisp, rejuvenating citrus lemon keeps your senses sharp.

Munchables Kids' Dog Tags are ideal for kids that chew their cuffs, collars or fingers. These durable necklaces are made from BPA-free, child-safe silicone and feature a breakaway clasp for added safety. Munchables Dog Tags come on a long cord that can be easily shortened.

Tongs and Tools Sampler Kit™

This money-saving kit includes one of each of our most popular tong-type tools: Teeny Weenie Tongs, Skinny Mini Squeezers, Mighty Teeny Tongs, Skizzor Tongs, Zoo or Fish Sticks, Wooden Tongs, Wire Wizard, Squeezy Finger Dropper... plus an 80-pk of Glitter Pom Poms for sorting and placing fun!

Thinking putty is like chewing gum for your fingers! Turn on your brain and melt away some stress with this cool sensory fidget putty. Comes in assorted vibrant colors and handy little pocket-sized tins. Great for handwriting warm-ups and as a sensory diet focus tool for keeping busy fingers happy! Thinking putty is a timeless silent fidget tool and sensory fidget toy. 

Manic Scents Scentsy Essential Oils Marine Cypress Lavender 100% Natural Oil

Refined aquatic notes drift with cypress and lavender.

Chubuddy Strong Tube Regular 1/2″- Blue Color
*Convenient shoulder clip for fast access
*Most durable tube that is fun to chew
*90 Day, No Chew Thru Warranty
* 3.0 Chew Factor Strong chewers

The Pocket OT 

Our unique BORED activity cards are wonderful for giving children a visual representation of things to do when given down-time or when they complain of boredom.

The cards are color-coded to match the letter representations in the word BORED.

Easy to use for typical children, those with autism, or special needs to provide a visual reminder of how to work independently without grown-up assistance.

May also be used for sensory activity breaks.

Prehistoric Putty

Dig for dinosaurs! Delightful jello-like putty comes in dazzling see-through colors and includes a cool little dinosaur hidden inside! This brightly colored unscented, non-sticky putty is just awesome! Makes a great little sensory toy for special needs kids and children who have with sensory differences. FUN!

Hand Held Sensory Brush Massager

New! Tactile sensory seekers will LOVE this nifty little hand held "sensory brush" massager that features extra thick rubbery bristles that provide firm, vibrating sensory input to palms, arms, legs, and back! Uses 2 "AAA"batteries that are included. Has a comfy, easy-grip handle that comes in assorted colors.

The Pocket OT 

200+ Brain Break, Sensory Activities, YOGA moves, Activity Break Cards.  Quick and easy!

Each card has simple instructions. Movements can be done seated, standing, individually, or in groups. Contains sensory activities such as using a stress ball and putty, using a calm-down jar, doing wall push-ups, stretching, deep breathing, alternative seating pictures, and so many more.

Chubuddy Tube Zilla, Red On Clip-on FOR STRONG, MEDIUM AND LIGHT CHEWERS! Before Zilla, Strong Chewers had to chew on very hard, non-responsive chewies.  Now Strong Chewers have a choice!  They can chew Zillas.  But because Zillas are SOFT, they can really be for any type of chewer at any age!  Zilla is the king of chewies.

 The Sensory Kid Store Kid 0 to 9 Magnatab
Trace the lines with the magnetic stylus and follow the arrows to learn the fundamentals of number writing. Perfect for your early mathematician, the sensory reinforcement will help with early arithmetic lessons. Erase with the tip of a finger.
• Fine Motor Skills / Tracing
 • Tactile / Light Touch
 • Motor Planning / Writing Skills
 • Early Learning / Letters & Numbers

Munchables Long Stretchy Fidgets

Pull, twist, coil and squish these plastic fidgets. Each set contains 5 coils.Small loops weigh 3g each and have a circumference of approximately 45cm.

Senseez Handheld Vibrating massager Lil Turtle
Each one requires 2 "AA" batteries (that are not included); adult supervision is needed with children.  Each Soft & Furry Handheld Animal Massager measures 5" x 3". 

The Sensory Kid Store Pluï is a charming new water toy that's guaranteed to add plenty of fun in the bath tub or at the swimming pool. Immerse it in water to fill up and then let it rain. The key is how you control the flow of water simply by sealing or opening the top nozzle with the tip of your finger. Kids will have a ball and playfully learn about basic physical principles. Pluï arouses curiosity and stimulates the kids' imagination and senses

Love-Some Gear 100% cotton fabric necklace with a slip knot adjustable closure for children with special oral needs. This necklace is adjustable by sliding the knots - on an average from 18" - 24" in length
To wear as a bracelet - simply double the necklace and adjust to fit snugly. 
The Sensory Kid Store Starlight Mini Fiber Optic Lamp
Turn on this lamp and light will emanate from the tip of each fiber optic strand. Great for quiet time as well as parties & gatherings. Choose between Pink or Midnight Fibers with matching base. Can be used indoors or out — any place you want to set a calming or visually stimulating mood!

The Sensory Kid Store b4Adventure NinjaLine Ninja Climbing Rope with Foot Holds, Red/Brown, 8'
Climbing rope has never been more fun and easy than with the Ninjaline 8’ Ninja Rope with foot holds…

Hang it from a ceiling-mount swing hook, a tree branch, play structure, or add it to another Ninjaline™ hanging backyard obstacle course

Love-Some Gear Tube Chewy Necklace
Great for those with a desire for moderate chewing.
Length is approximately 18".
These are a more socially appropriate way to provide oral motor input for kids who crave oral stimulation. 
Break away safety clasp (clasp is not for chewing on)
Helps with self regulation, anxiety, oral sensory needs
Safe for kids and stylish, too!
100% food grade tubing

Wikki Stix Fun for parties! Travel! And great to have on hand for boring down times!

12 individual Mini Play Paks, each featuring an interesting animal in connect-the-dot form, plus 8 Wikki Stix for completing the design.

Informative, too…each playsheet offers a Fun Fact about the featured animal.

Wikki Stix You've asked for the ability to buy quantities of Wikki Stix in a single color, and we are happy to introduce single color packages. Thirty-six, 6″ Wikki Stix all in one color. Perfect for school projects, holiday activities…and lots more.

Wikki Stix Learning Toys are the original — trusted by parents, schools, and teachers everywhere. Wikki Stix are more than a craft toy and more than a learning toy, they're a powerful interactive teaching tool! Wikki Stix Learning Toys conform to ASTM D-4236, the safety standard for use in the schools. 

SchKIDules 42 Pc School Collection
The School Collection is a 42 piece set that includes traditional school subjects and daily activities and is available to support the easy creation of a visual schedule. Simply use them on any of SchKIDules Magnetic Displays, or on any magnetically receptive surface to communicate the day’s events to a child. 

The Sensory Kid Store Playfoam allows kids to express their creativity—with no mess to clean up afterwards! Just squish the Playfoam up, shape it however you like, squash it back down, and start all over again. Playfoam never dries out so the creativity never ends—and the secret no-stick formula means you can take it anywhere for creative fun on the go!

Wikki Stix Activity Set  Parents’ Choice Classic Toy Award Winner!
 Contains 84 Wikki Stix in 16 colors and two sizes (48- 8-inch and 36 -6-inch), plus multi-use playboard, handy storage bag and eight page booklet of fun ideas and illustrations. The Wikki Stix Activity Set is ideal for younger children, ages 3-5 or so, as there is no right or wrong way to play. They can use the playboard to learn letter formation…or simply “smoosh” the Wikkies down, and peel them back up!

The Sensory Kid Store Photos of seven basic emotions appear in this feeling-filled Fun Deck. The photo cards have no labels, so they can depict a wide range of emotions. All photos have white backgrounds. There are four different pairs each for happy, sad, surprised, scared, thoughtful, tired, and angry.

Senseez Handheld Vibrating massager Lil Cow
Each one requires 2 "AA" batteries (that are not included); adult supervision is needed with children.  Each Soft & Furry Handheld Animal Massager measures 5" x 3".
SchKIDules 18 Pc Specials Collection
The Specials Collection is an 18 piece set designed to complement the home or school collection for kids who need extra magnet activities from the special needs category. Simply use them on a SchKIDules Magnetic Visual Schedule Board, or on any magnetically receptive surface to communicate the day’s events to a child.
Fred DINNER WINNER Kids' Dinner Tray 
  • Even fussy eaters will clean their plate when you turn mealtime into a board game
  • The goal is to get to the finish line, where a special covered treat awaits
  • Molded from 100% virgin melamine
  • Tray divides food into eight portions, with an extra covered portion for dessert
KidsFunwares Chew-Chew Train Place Setting, Blue - Transforms from a Train into a Functional Meal Set - Includes Bowl, Small Plate, Plate, Fork, Spoon, and Cup PERFECT FOR PICKY EATERS: Kids will look forward to meal time with the Chew-Chew Train which includes rectangular plate with spill-resistant side rims, shallow tray and lidded compartment for side dishes and desserts, and fork, spoon and round cup with easy-grip handle.

Sensachew Pendant  100% Food Grade Silicone
Great Oral Input Device For use with the safety lanyard or retractable keychain
The Sensachew Camo Pendant is a great oral input device for those children who seek out chewing or oral input. 

Gummy Chic Sensory Necklace
  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Food grade non toxic silicone, silk cords, pink star, teal star, purple star, BPA free star pendant

SchKIDules 18 Pc Feelings Pack
This accessory pack comes with 16 different “feelings” magnets and 2 sentence starters. The “I feel” sentence starter magnet is a great way to help a child finish the expression. The “I want” sentence starter magnet accomplishes the same with any of our activity magnets such as “snack”, “puzzles”, or “bedtime”.
Sensory Stylin' Tangle Jr. with texture This is the perfect play thing, fidget toy and stress reliever. Great for classroom use.
Assorted colours.18 interconnected twistable 2.5 cm pieces. With bumps and grooves, this Tangle provides tactile and visual sensory stimulation making it impossible to put down. Ages 3 +

SmartKnitKIDS This unique under shirt hugs the torso providing gentle compression. Featuring breathable material, seamless torso, and soft edging, the Compresso-T offers children superior comfort in a compression garment. 

The SPD Shop 

Diggin' Up Dino Fossils with Growing Dino Eggs

All of my bins come in with two 22 gram bags.

One bag of fossils

One bag of growing dino eggs (soak in water 4-6 hours to watch dino hatch)

Sensory Stylin' Desk Buddy Multi Textured Tactile Chewable Ruler
If your child constantly fidgets in his or her desk, or at home while doing homework, the Desk Buddy® Sensory Bar is for them. A team of Occupational Therapist, School Teachers, and product engineers combined efforts to create this product for use both at home and in the classroom. For children who are constantly looking for different textures to touch or “fidget” with, the Desk Buddy® is both practical and socially acceptable in a school setting.
Kozie Clothes Highest Quality, Top of the Line Fabric makes for the BEST soft, sturdy, protective, absorbent G-Tube Pads.  Stands up to repeated wash and use.  Kozie G-tube pads are designed to be worn around the G-tube which helps absorb leaks from formula and stomach fluids. Say goodbye to gauze.  They are washable (suggest a laundry bag and if sensitive skin use detergent for sensitive skin) and can be used over and over.  So soft, three layers thick, to absorb, wick away moisture, and repel fluid.  So many designs to choose from. 
The SPD Shop Reversible Sequin Pillow
Pillow features the word "hello" in shiny sequins for an eye-catching display. Brush your hand across the fabric and change the look of the pillow. Sequins change colors, but the word "hello" remains intact. When you want to erase your design, just slide your hand over the sequins in the opposite direction.

SmartKnitKIDS Undies  NO SEAMS TO BUG YA. Completely free of seams! Our patent pending kids’ undies are designed to provide comfort and relief to children who struggle with those bothersome seams. 

Therapy Shoppe polyethylene scooterboards with non-marring casters and two built-in safety handles; perfect for children who have sensorimotor challenges.  These smooth-riding scooter boards are wonderful for building gross motor skills, core strength, motor planning, bilateral coordination, for providing vestibular input, and developing upper body and lower extremity strength.  A fun sensory therapy toy that kids can use in sitting, kneeling, or in a prone position (lying on your tummy).
Therapy Shoppe Your favorite silent classroom foot fidget now also comes in an extra-tough, super high resistance version! Wrap them around your chair or desk legs... students keep their feet busy and stay more focused as they kick, push, or pull on their Fidgeting Foot Band™. Makes a great office fidget toy for workstations, too. The XT version is especially nice for older teens-adults. These quiet bouncy foot band fidgets for your feet keep minds focused, bodies relaxed, and restless feet busy.

SmartKnitKIDS Undies  NO SEAMS TO BUG YA. Completely free of seams! Our patent pending kids’ undies are designed to provide comfort and relief to children who struggle with those bothersome seams.

The SPD Shop  Licking Ring-Around-The-Mouth Healing Salve

Is your child a mouth licker? Do they end up with a nasty rash around their mouth? Try this unique blend of all organic products and essential oil. Use sparingly as a preventative on typically affected areas. Use more liberally and increase the frequency of use for pre-existing rashes.  Licking Ring-Around-The-Mouth-Healing-Salve contains beeswax, Shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin e and lavender essential oil in BPA free, cosmetic grade packaging.

The SPD Shop Adjustable bath hat for kids
It is available for 0-6 years' kids
Make bath time and hair cuts an easier experience for kids
When wash your child's hair, water will not run to the child's face
No need to close your eyes when washing hair
4 buttons design, easy to adjust head circumference
Multi-function, can be used as shower cap, hair cutting protect and sun helmet
Environmental material, soft touching feeling, durable Dimension:29 cm
Therapy Shoppe Save paper and eliminate copying costs with these reusable wipe clean worksheet covers! Clear, 9”x12” sleeve-like covers turn coloring pages and worksheets into infinitely reusable activities. Great for tracing, dot-to-dots, mazes, math problems, overhead use, and much more! Use them with our dry-erase markers or dry-erase crayons. High-quality worksheet covers designed to last for years. Awesome! *Accessories pictured not included.
Emagine A Sleep Aid Night Light - Amber In need of a night light that will provide visibility in the entire room yet be dim enough for a restful nights sleep? Look no further! The other night lights on the market just don't cut it. They either use blue light sources, are too dim, too bright, do not stay on long enough and the list goes on.  
Pocket Full Of Therapy (PFOT) Pencil Topper Chewy's
These Chewy's were designed to fit onto the eraser end of pencils. 2 Styles available- each a double pack, each with different textures and features. Supervision and caution at all times.
Pocket Full Of Therapy (PFOT)  DNA Balls
Filled with mini spheres in hot neon colors, this ball is a little bit squishy, a lot bumpy and very pretty to look at! Mosaic like pattern of the mini balls changes with each squeeze, so happy squeezing!
Pocket Full Of Therapy (PFOT)  The Senso Brush can be used to directly stimulate areas of the mouth both inside and out. The alternating textures make it helpful for children with feeding difficulties by introducing new textures into their mouth easily in a controlled manner. Also provides a source of sensory stimulation for children who seek input from grinding teeth or chewing on items such as pencils, fingers, clothing etc. Made from FDA approved latex BP and Phthalate free materials.
Senseez Handheld Vibrating massager Lil Jelly
Each one requires 2 "AA" batteries (that are not included); adult supervision is needed with children.  Each Soft & Furry Handheld Animal Massager measures 5" x 3". 

 SmartKnitKIDS socks! TRULY SEAMLESS. Completely free of seams, our patented product is knit like a cocoon, starting from the toe up, providing comfort and relief to children who struggle with “bumps & lumps” in their socks. UNIQUE NO HEEL DESIGN. “No heel” design allows children to put on socks with confidence and keeps little feet from outgrowing their socks so quickly. 

Therapy Shoppe This neat skill-building kit contains 200+ vibrantly colored mini plastic shapes, a deluxe stringing lace, and a Skinny Mini Squeezer Tongs. Sort them, count them, hide the colorful shapes in putty, or lace them on pipe cleaners... the possibilities are sky high! This kit is excellent for working on fine motor, bilateral, and eye-hand coordination skills. You'll find a ton of therapeutic uses for our exclusive Itty Bitty Stringing Shapes Kit that features 8 different shapes in 7 assorted colors.