Sensory Tactile Tools For Children 

Sensory processing disorder is when the brain has difficulty receiving and responding to information that comes in through the senses. This can result in difficulties with daily activities and can impact a child's life. One of the most common sensory differences seen in children with sensory processing disorder is tactile sensitivity, which is an aversion or hypersensitivity to touch. (tactile defensiveness) To help children with sensory differences manage their tactile sensitivity, sensory tactile tools have been developed and are widely used in therapy and for at home too.

Sensory tactile tools are toys, equipment, and activities that provide a variety of tactile sensations to a child's hands and body. These tools are used to help children with sensory processing disorder learn to process and respond to different tactile sensations in a more comfortable and effective way. 

They can also be used to provide calming and organizing input to the nervous system, helping children with sensory difficulties regulate their sensory responses.

Tactile toys come in a variety of textures, shapes, and sizes, and are designed to provide different tactile sensations to the child's hands and fingers. Some examples of sensory tactile toys include textured balls and squishy fidgets too. These toys can be used in a variety of ways, such as squeezing, rolling, or rubbing, to help children explore and become more comfortable with different tactile sensations.

Sensory tactile activities are designed to engage a child's senses and provide a variety of tactile experiences. Examples of sensory tactile activities include finger painting, playing with shaving cream, and making sensory bins filled with different materials such as rice, beans, or sand. These activities not only help children become more comfortable with different textures but also provide a fun and engaging way for them to explore their senses.

Sensory tactile therapy equipment that is used by therapists to help children with sensory processing difficulties. These tools are specifically designed to provide different levels of tactile input and are often used in a therapeutic setting. Examples of sensory tactile therapy equipment include weighted blankets, vibrating pillows, and brushing that can be used to provide deep pressure.

Tactile tools have been proven to have many benefits for children with sensory differences. They can help them regulate their sensory responses, making them more comfortable and less reactive to different tactile stimuli. This, can help them participate in daily activities that they may have previously found overwhelming or uncomfortable. The use of sensory tactile tools can also help improve a child's fine motor skills, as they learn to manipulate and explore different textures and shapes.

Children with sensory processing disorder often struggle with anxiety due to their sensory differences. The use of sensory tactile tools can help them feel more in control of their sensory experiences, reducing their anxiety and promoting a sense of calm.

Sensory tactile tools are an important part of therapy for a child who has sensory processing disorder. These tools provide children with opportunities to explore different textures and sensations in a safe and comfortable environment. 

There are so many physical and emotional benefits to using tactile sensory tools and toys. They also make therapy and play more enjoyable for children with sensory challenges. Using the right sensory tactile tools, children with sensory differences can learn to manage their tactile sensitivity and engage in daily activities with more confidence.

Anyways Tank Dress 
All of Anyways' products can be worn inside-out and backwards!  Any way children choose to wear these pants is the right way!  Make hectic mornings easier with the quick, convenient, easy way to get kids dressed! PLUS kids look adorable and feel comfortable when they’re in their Anyways!  
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Wash Cold, Dry Low
Items will experience some shrinking in a normal wash and dry cycle
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Fun a Ton Stretchy Balls Stress Relief (Pack of 1) Soft Dough Stress Ball Pull and Stretch. Hand Therapy or Sensory Fidget Toy, Squishy Anxiety Relaxing Toy. 
Squeezable Stress Ball! A great tool that serves as a coping skill for anxiety, ADHD and helps with motor skills development. Its bright colors encourage kids to play with it and keep themselves entertained. Great for Sensory Toys for Classroom or Classroom Fidget, Sensory Processing Disorder Toys, Stress toy for kids, Autism sensory toys, Stress Relief, Hand Therapy, Stress Reliever, Sensory Fidget Toy. For Kids, Toddlers, Adults, Boys Girls. Make Relaxation Simple. Great tool For Therapists Anxiety relief or exercise ball.

Crazy Aaron's Putty Color Shock & Holo Mini Tins (.47oz Each) Sun Beam, Coral Reef, Eternal Flame & Moonlight Gift Set Bundle - 4 Pack
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Spring Sensory Rice, Colored Rice, Easter Sensory Rice, Sensory Bin Filler, Sensory Table Play Rice, Sensory Table Filler, Play Rice for Kids, Arts and Crafts for Kids (12 Cups)
Fun naturally scented spring sensory rice is perfect for a DIY spring sensory bin and or Easter sensory bin. Sensory rice is wonderful for open ended play. Sensory bin fillers are great year-round and can be stored away once not in use. Kids will love to use scoops, cars and much more to play. **DOES NOT INCLUDE WOODEN TRAY
Sensory bins give children the opportunity to imagine, create, discover while engaging their senses. Colored rice also makes a great tool as occupational therapy toys.

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Comfort On The Spectrum 
Discover a new level of comfort with our kids Soothe Step Sensory Socks. Designed to redefine your sensory-friendly footwear experience. Enjoy the luxury feeling of softness, lightweight breathability, and a seamless, weightless sensation that becomes unmistakable the moment you slip them on. These seamless socks for kids, made from bamboo cotton eliminate discomfort, leaving your little ones with nothing but blissful feels 🙌 ... We've taken care of all the annoying bits so your feet can relax in uncomplicated comfort. Treat your feet to the happiness they deserve! 

Bumblito T-shirt
this tee features our soft and stretchy bumblito fabric in combined prints and solids. these tees are stretchy, buttery soft, and made to move and grow with your child. our tees can be paired with our bumblito bottoms to perfectly complete an outfit.

Parker & Talia The Everday Tee *Customizable*
The Everyday Tee is a must-have item for kids' daily wear. Designed to be sensory friendly! Choose from seven different color options, each with its own unique color meaning.
** Now customizable! Add your child's artwork, or their favorite picture or phrase, and make it your own one-of-a-kind keepsake! **
Made from our signature, super-soft bamboo fabric.
No tags or exposed seams, perfect for kids with sensory processing issues
7 different color options
The Everyday Tee is made from the same soft and comfortable bamboo jersey fabric as our other products, and it’s perfect for everyday casual wear. It is tag-free, has no exposed seams or tags that can irritate the skin, and is available in a variety of bright colors.

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No Slip
The underside is a super grippy textured foam surface. These things seriously don't budge!
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FLAT SOCKS create a moisture-wicking barrier that saves your shoes from becoming a stinky swamp!
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SENSE-ATIONAL YOU Stimuli- Reducing Hoodie
Our sensory- friendly hoodie now with hidden function!
This hoodie has an eye mask (can be pulled down or folded up) and a sound-reducing hood (with a weighted feel).
Also featuring magnetic closures and faux drawstring hood.
Made out of 85% cotton 15% polyester French Terry with a loop back.
The constellation print is custom-made by an autistic graphic designer. Learn more about this amazing artist on a card in your order!

Comfort On The Spectrum 
This Jumpsuit is the perfect outfit for your sensory-sensitive kiddo. Super comfy and easy to wear, this jumpsuit for teens and kids will keep your little one feeling cozy and secure. With its one-piece-style, you don't have to worry about wandering hands or undressing.
Sensory Jumpsuit Features:
Super Soft Fabric - 95% Bamboo 5% Spandex
Flat Seam Stitching 
No Tags, Zips, Plastic Graphics 
Skin-friendly and eco-friendly
Two Snap Buttons on the Back - to assist with dressing ease
Loose Fit - No restrictive Bands  Side Pockets

Wikki Stix are a tactile, sensory and engaging product which can be used to help children and adults with special needs…in myriad ways.
Made in the USA, Wikki Stix are non-toxic of course, and bring a fun and colorful approach to challenging issues. Because Wikki Stix are easy to peel up and reposition, they are virtually “mistake-free” which helps build self-esteem.

Using Wikki Stix as a tactile sensory toy will help create new opportunities for fun learning and the development of fine motor skills.Many children are tactile learners and need this hands-on involvement to become engaged in the learning process.

Therapy Shoppe Rainbow Sensory Rice
NEW!  Rainbow Sensory Rice is the perfect hide 'n find medium for sensory bins and tactile activities!  Tactile sensory play helps support and encourage the development of sensory processing skills, tactile discrimination, fine and visual perceptual motor skills, and lots more.  Create your own sensory activity kit by adding a few tongs, scoops, and manipulatives.  This irresistibly tactile and colorful 1 lb. set of sensory rice is great for home play, school classrooms, OT and art activities, and sensory break corners (but is not for eating).  For ages 3+.

Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table
This fun kids' water table is loaded with features and ways to play. Toddlers will improve fine motor skills, sharing skills and their imagination while having a splashing good time. See how the water makes the wheels turn, or just splash around outdoors with the Spiralin' Seas Waterpark. This dynamic water table for toddlers is just the right height and they will play for hours!

The Spiralin' Seas Waterpark ball drop water table will provide kids with hours of fun as well as help develop their motor skills. 

Educational Insights Playfoam Shape & Learn Alphabet Set Tactile and Sensory Learning
Tactile play rules with Playfoam! Kiddos can squish, squash, roll, and sculpt while molding the muscles they need to write, draw, and manipulate objects with their little hands.  
Perfect for Preschoolers, Playfoam can be squished and squashed again and again for hours of creative tactile play! Playfoam never dries out so the creativity never ends—and the secret no-stick formula means you can take it anywhere for creative fun on the go.
Psst. They're Learning Develops visual artistic ability. Encourages creative play. Promotes tactile exploration. A great sensory learning tool.

Let your child or student knead, roll or pinch this all natural putty to help recharge and focus on the task at hand. The blend of pure essential oils along with the sensory therapy help to produce a sense of balance and improves alertness.
Cypress, Peppermint and Clary Sage
All raw materials used in Star Essence Energy Aromatherapy Putty are researched to ensure a safe, non toxic sensory tool that a child will enjoy while self-regulating throughout the day.

This Step2 kid-favorite is an elevated sand table that keeps the sand at convenient level for toddlers. The Naturally Playful Sand Table comes with an accessory set that includes two shovels and claw rakes and a bucket, and a protective lid with elastic ties helps keep sand clean and dry. It also features molded-in roadways on the lid for even more imaginative play. The Sand Table's smooth, wood textures blend in with traditional residential landscapes. It can hold up to 40 pounds of sand, which is not included. 

SmartKnitKIDS Seamless UNDIES are perfect for kids with sensory processing disorder, or for those who just can't stand undies with seams.
The patent-pending form-fitting design of SmartKnitKIDS Seamless UNDIES ensures that they fit like a second skin - they won't wrinkle or bunch. The top and leg openings of SmartKnitKIDS Seamless UNDIES are also elastic band-free, which helps prevent the annoying and sometimes painful indentations on the legs and waist.
SmartKnitKIDS Girls' Seamless Low Rise Boy Cut Seamless UNDIES Feature:
Completely free of seams - No seams to bug ya! Soft material "Hugs" little bottoms for a form-fitting design
Comfortable, non-binding waist & legs - no elastic

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From top to bottom, you'll be covered in our super soft, performance heather fabric so you'll stay cool and comfy all day.
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This dress features our buttery soft & stretchy poly/spandex fabric, which provides comfort but also holds up to toddler play and washing. The ruffle on the bottom of the dress will make your little one want to twirl all day. Dress features two pockets, one on each side for storing treasures. Dress should fit at the knee for a child on the smaller of the size range & above the knee for a child at the top of the range.  Twirls can be pair well with our cartwheel shorts. 

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give you. These are just ideas and information that I have learned myself over the years of being a parent and an adult living with SPD. If you are concerned for your child, please always seek medical attention through a family doctor, pediatrician or therapist. This website is for suggestions and informational purposes only. Each child is different and what works for one child may not for another because all children have different needs. Please always consult with a professional.

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