SPD is..... SPD is NOT.....

SPD is NOT.....

1. SPD is NOT a disease.

2. SPD is NOT your fault or anyone's fault.

3. SPD is NOT something to apologize for.

4. SPD is NOT the end of the world, it's a new beginning.
5. SPD is NOT bad parenting.

6. SPD is NOT made up by overactive parents.

7. SPD is NOT contagious.

8. SPD is NOT a bad child, not bad parenting, not intentional behavior, not for the faint of heart.

9. SPD is NOT lack of discipline.

10. SPD is NOT an easy road for the child or the family, but worth it.

11. SPD is NOT embarrassing!

12. SPD is NOT something they cannot control.

13. SPD is NOT bipolar disorder or autism.

14. SPD is NOT lack of social skills.

15. SPD is NOT race or gender specific.

16. SPD is NOT something they will just "get over!"

17. SPD is NOT something you outgrow.

18. SPD is NOT Oppostional Defiance Disorder.

19. SPD is NOT being over dramatic.

20. SPD is NOT naughty.

21. SPD is NOT imaginary.

22. SPD is NOT terminal.

23. SPD is NOT curable.
24. SPD is NOT the latest fad.

25. SPD is NOT it's not something to be ashamed of.

26. SPD is NOT a lie.

27. SPD is NOT a spoiled child.
28. SPD is NOT fully understood.

29. SPD is NOT just "kids being kids".

30. SPD is NOT cured by "a good spanking"....

31. SPD is NOT a label.

32. SPD is NOT something that can be turned off.

33. SPD is NOT hopeless.

34. SPD is NOT an excuse.

35. SPD is NOT easy.

36. SPD is NOT what defines ME.

SPD is......

1. SPD is misunderstood.

2. SPD is a disorder that affects a persons senses.

3. SPD is a different way of learning.

4. SPD is our "normal".

5. SPD is I would say something positive, but the only thing I can think of at the moment is "exhausting".

6. SPD is challenging for everyone involved.

7. SPD is a blessing in disguise.

8. SPD is teaching me new things daily.

9. SPD is something to take it seriously......

10. SPD is an amazing way to experience the world from a perspective most people never see.

11. SPD is very real!!!

12. SPD is never easy.

13. SPD is learning more from your SPD kid than they learn from you.

14. SPD is an adventure.

15. SPD is something that makes our kids extra special.

16. SPD is never a dull moment!

17. SPD is always educating for parents to understand their children.