Visual Picture Schedules & Schedule Tools 


What is a picture schedule?

A Picture Schedule is a series of pictures that are sequenced in an order either horizontally or vertically for a specific purpose. They can be used in many different ways. Some may show a series of tasks to complete a job or a sequence of activities to do. Picture Schedules can be applied to behavior, curriculum, and therapy.  There is clear research evidence regarding the benefits of using visual schedules with individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  It tells your child what is going to happen and the order of events. Some of you may have children that are able to memorize a sequence of events. The problem with this is that (especially as they get older) most things in life do not happen in the same order or at the same time every day. This can then lead to behavior problems when unexpected changes occur. Using a visual schedule can develop a positive routine of looking for information and thus increase flexibility and the ability to cope with life’s ups and downs in the future. 

What types of picture schedules are there?

-Object schedules:  These are most appropriate for individuals who have few language skills and are mostly non-verbal. The simplest way to use an object schedule is for the parent to hand an object to their son or daughter just before they are about to move to the next activity. The individual then takes the object and uses it in the activity. The main thing to think about with an object schedule is making a list of which objects you are going to use to represent each activity.

-Picture schedules:  You will know if your child is ready for a picture or photograph schedule if they can consistently match pictures or photographs. Your child pulls off the first picture and then goes to the activity that it represents. If your son or daughter is distractible, and likely to lose focus on the way to an activity, you can use a matching picture schedule. In this type of schedule, you place an identical picture in the area they are going to (or at the doorway if for example they are going outside). They then take their picture and match it to the one you have mounted in the area. Velcro can be used to make the pictures stick to each other.

-Sequence picture schedules: This is used with 2 or more pictures with empty boxes above.  Then the child or parent puts them in order of what activities they will perform first, second, and third.

-Strip picture schedules:  The most common ones are steps to completing potty training, hand washing, getting dressed, etc. There is a series of pictures on a strip and after each step has been completed on they take off the picture on the strip.

-Checklist picture schedules: For this picture schedule, there is a list of pictures that are put down vertically.  Then there is an empty box next to each picture.  This is helpful for morning chores, shopping list, steps to be successful in a store or in a restaurant.
You can make a picture schedule for almost any task, chore, schedule.

Who creates the picture schedule?
-Occupational Therapist
-Speech therapists
-Behavior Coaches

Steps to be successful:
-Be consistent. Use it religiously.
-Break down each task to individual steps.
-Make it positive    

Schkidules Visual Picture Schedules

 Visual Schedules are positive behavioral supports that use pictures to communicate a sequence of events to a child. Children are visual learners and can navigate the world around them better when they can see what you are telling them. Picture schedules help to put the child and the adult on the SAME PAGE with better communication, organization and predictability. Because of this, they are known to reduce stress, build confidence, improve self management and increase compliant behavior.

 Visual Schedules are very popular in classrooms and day cares. SchKIDules offers both individual sized and larger group sized magnets and displays so whether you need one for just one student or to guide your whole class, we’ve got what you need. Our all magnetic design comes with colorful popular school activities as well as activities for kids in special education classes and activities

Why Choose SchKIDules?

SchKIDules is NOT a calendar. There are plenty of magnetic calendars on the market that display things like the month, the weather, the holidays, etc. Instead, SchKIDules is a positive behavioral support and parenting tool that helps kids with independence, executive functioning, coping, anxiety, working memory, focus and much much more.

SchKIDules is VERSATILE.  One board with one look can only support one objective in a fixed stage of your child’s life.  Our goal was to provide a visual schedule that adapted to your child’s developmental growth and allowed the user to advance from momentary goals, to daily goals to weekly goals.  The combination of our tri-folding, two sided board and our magnetic headings provide unlimited set up possibilities.

SchKIDules is INTELLIGENTLY DESIGNED. Our icons are colorful and relatable enough that kids love them, but are also simple and clear enough that kids understand the action they communicate.

SchKIDules is INCLUSIVE of different needs.  Visual schedules are used by the MAJORITY of children.  Walk into any kindergarten classroom and you will see a visual schedule showing the kids what they are doing that day.  From that point forward, how long a child uses a visual schedule and for what reasons vary greatly.  SchKIDules offers activities for kids young and old, for kids with special needs or without, and for kids who need help expressing feelings. There are plenty more, but at the end of they day we like to say they just HELP KIDS…because no kid is just one “label” but a combination of strengths, weaknesses, traits, talents, and personalities that makes each one of us an individual.


Need a little help with morning or bedtime routines? Have a “type A” toddler or a child who frequently engages in power struggles? If you answered “yes”, a visual schedule may be the solution to taking those struggles down a few notches. Not only do children comprehend better with pictures, but you’ll be surprised just how much less you have to repeat yourself when you’ve got a kid-friendly, simple to follow, picture based instruction board doing it for you.

Visual Schedules can be especially helpful if your child has a diagnosis like Autism, Asperger's, or even ADHD. Chances are you’ve seen your child use one at school and your teacher or therapist has recommended implementing one at home.  The problem is, it’s not an easy task.  Locating, printing, cutting, and laminating all the pictures, followed by figuring out how to display them on a board is a lot of work.  Our all magnetic, ready to go, customized system is not only good looking and easy to use, but has no distracting velcro dots or strips and offers a clean slate surface that can be easily changed as your child develops.

Visual Schedules At Home

From toddlerhood through elementary ages, SchKIDules can make life at home run much smoother. Need a little help with establishing and sticking to healthy daily routines? Have a “type A” child who frequently engages in power struggles? Want help introducing chores or a reward chart? How about organizing weekly activities? SchKIDules has home-themed activity magnets for all of the above! Our picture magnets serve as friendly reminders of what’s next or what’s expected. Kids love them and parents enjoy not having to repeat themselves as often.

Visual Schedules at School 

Visual Schedules are very popular in classrooms and day cares. SchKIDules offers both individual sized magnets and displays for a single child as well as larger sizes for group use. If you home school, this is a great organizational tool to visually communicate the schedule/topics for the day. Our school-themed magnets include all the usual school subjects and events you’d expect to experience in a typical school week. If you need to go step further, we also offer a Specials Collection that when paired with the school collection, creates a great special education set.

Visual Schedules for Autism, ADHD and other Diagnoses 

Visual Schedules are especially helpful if your child has a diagnosis like Autism, Aspergers, or even ADHD. Visuals can help with positive reinforcement, cognitive clarity, receptive and expressive communication and redirection. Psychologically, visual schedules can even lower anxiety and improve confidence. Children feel more secure in the world when they can accurately anticipate what will happen next. Without this, they can feel anxious and be prone to acting out when something unpredictable occurs. SchKIDules have been known to alter behavior so successfully that parents feel they have a whole new child on their hands.

2-in-1 Board and Magnets Home Bundle
SchKIDules 2-in-1 Home Bundle includes SchKIDules’ 18” trifold board, 72 Pc Home Collection, 21 Pc Headings Sheet and 36 magnet stars. It is the perfect instant visual schedule for your home that grows with your child. The blue side is designed for a parent to set up routines, sequences, to do lists and daily schedules. The yellow side is perfect for when your child moves up to a weekly view for chores, time management, and reward charts. 

153 Pc Complete Collection Combo Pack
The Complete Collection is a 153 piece set that combines 132 activities from the Home, School and Specials Collections PLUS our 21 piece headings sheet for easy customization and set up. It’s made available to support the easy creation of a visual schedule. Simply use them on a SchKIDules Magnetic Visual Schedule Board, or on any magnetically receptive surface to communicate the day’s events to a child. Visual schedules are helpful behavioral supports that assist parents in managing things such as routines, communication, expectations, predictability, independence, improving memory, decreasing tantrums, introducing chores and much more. 

18 Pc Feelings Pack
This accessory pack comes with 16 different “feelings” magnets and 2 sentence starters. The “I feel” sentence starter magnet is a great way to help a child finish the expression. The “I want” sentence starter magnet accomplishes the same with any of our activity magnets such as “snack”, “puzzles”, or “bedtime”.

Feelings Magnets are 2″x2″. Sentence starters are approx 4″x2″. Feelings included are Happy, Sad, Excited, Scared, Nervous, Wiggly, Overwhelmed, Hurt, Embarrassed, Mad, Frustrated, Confused, Sick, Bored, Worried and Tired.

SchKIDules Single Magnets
Listed alphabetically, you can shop this area to add extra magnets or create your own collection. Use the quick search bar above to find what you are looking for or scroll through all of our options.

Digital Photo Magnet Set
Looking for icons specific to your child's life? Now you can order photo magnets that have people, places, food and activities that you need to complete your set. Take photos or use icons you find online. We can make magnets out of either. Because this is a custom product it will take between 2-14 days to complete and ship depending on how many other custom order we have at the time.

After your purchase you will receive an email inviting you to send us your files. We will print WHAT YOU SEND US so please make sure you send us high quality photos or images (i/e hi res, bright and clear). We will send you a proof to approve before print. There are no returns on custom work once the project has begun.

SchKIDules V-Kit
Our new V-Kits are a Velcro version of our magnetic visual schedules with some new neat possibilities. First, our loop boards are EXPANDABLE! Use the extra adhesive hook dots in the kit to attach one board to another. Also, the strip provided to hang your board also works as a 3 ring binder insert strip so your visual schedule can instantly be taken ON THE GO!

Each V-Kit Comes with one 8″x11″ hard backing board, one self adhesive 8″x12″ sheet of specialty black loop fabric, 22 laminated activity icon sheets containing 132 images, 135 adhesive hook dots to stick to the back of your icons, and 3 pocket pages to hold cards and an adhesive binder strip that gives you the option to hang the the board or insert into a 3 ring binder. 

Entire Gallery Cards with Dots included
This set is the laminated card equivalent to our "Entire Gallery" product on the magnetic side. It contains all 132 activity icons plus the self adhesive Hook dots to put on the back. Simply cut and apply the dots provided and use with any visual schedule set up or with SchKIDules all receptive Loop Board

Octopus By Joy Schedule Products

Octopus Watch Motion Edition is the first icon-based watch that empowers kids by teaching good habits and the concept of time, while also encouraging them to stay active with its new fitness tracker.
• It links time to events thru 2000+ icons*, making it the first clock that young kids can actually read and understand.
(*Additional icons and photo-to-icon tool available with an active Octopus Premium subscription)
It's a scheduler for children that fosters responsibility, independence and self-esteem.
It's an assistant that helps parents prioritize expectations and stay consistent with daily routines.
It's a fitness tracker that tracks physical activity and more.

Octopus Chart Adaptive Daily Routine Chart for Kids - 175 unique magnetic icons representing tasks, chores and time periods to help foster responsibility, independence and self-esteem.

Using our magnetic icons and your fridge or favorite magnetic surface (not included), you can create and customize a visual schedule of your child’s daily routine.
Changes can be made quickly and easily, without affecting the rest of the schedule. The icons are reusable and the possibilities are endless.

Included in the kit are:
• 525 activity, task, and chore themed magnetic icons (175 unique icons)
• Reward themed magnetic icons
• Days of the week, time and blank customizable magnetic icons
Using our magnetic icons and your fridge or favorite magnetic surface (not included), you can create and customize a visual schedule of your child’s daily routine.
Changes can be made quickly and easily, without affecting the rest of the schedule. The icons are reusable and the possibilities are endless.