Weighted Vests And Weighted Clothing For Children  

Weighted vests have been gaining popularity in recent years as a tool for sensory processing disorder (SPD) in children. Sensory processing disorder is a condition where the brain has difficulty receiving and responding to information that comes through the senses. It can manifest in different ways, such as being overly sensitive to sensory input or seeking out sensory stimulation. Children with sensory differences may have trouble with daily activities and struggle with emotional regulation.

Weighted vests are vests that have small weights sewn into them, typically ranging from 2-5% of the child's body weight. The weight is evenly distributed throughout the vest, providing deep pressure and proprioceptive input to the body. This can help calm and organize the sensory system, making it easier for children to engage in daily activities.

Weighted vests can help children with sensory differences  regulate their sensory system. The deep pressure and proprioceptive input provided by the vest can have a calming effect on the nervous system, reducing sensory seeking or sensitivity. This can help children with sensory processing disorder better focus and participate in activities without being overwhelmed by sensory input.

Weighted vests can also help with emotional regulation in children with sensory challenges. Many children with SPD may struggle with regulating their emotions and may have frequent meltdowns. The calming effect of the weighted vest can help children regulate their emotions and feel more grounded, reducing the likelihood of meltdowns.

Weighted vests can improve body awareness and coordination. The added weight can help children better understand where their body is in space, leading to improved coordination and motor skills. This can be especially beneficial for children with sensory differences, as they may struggle with motor skills and coordination.

Weighted vests can also be used as a tool for self-regulation. Children with sensory differences  may have difficulty self-regulating their sensory system, and the weighted vest can provide a tool for them to use. They can put on the vest when they feel overwhelmed or seek it out when they need some extra sensory input.

When choosing a weighted vest for a child with sensory processing disorder, it is essential to consider the weight and fit. The weight should be a percentage of the child's body weight and should be evenly distributed throughout the vest. The vest should also fit snugly but not be too tight or restrictive. It is very important to consult with an occupational therapist or other healthcare professional to determine the appropriate weight and fit for each child.

In addition to sensory processing disorder, weighted vests can also be beneficial for children with other sensory-related conditions, such as autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

It is essential to note that weighted vests should be used as part of a treatment plan and under the guidance of a healthcare professional only. Always consult with an Occupational Therapist. 

Weighted vests for children have numerous benefits for those with sensory difficulties. They can help regulate the sensory system, improve emotional regulation, and enhance body awareness and coordination. 

When used correctly and under the guidance of a healthcare professional, weighted vests can be a valuable tool for children with sensory processing disorder to better engage in daily activities and improve their overall well-being.

Kozie Clothes Signature Denim Weighted Vest
For Children with Special Needs/Proprioceptive Therapy for SPD 
This adorable, relevantly styled weighted vest comes with FIVE hidden inside weights placed in our 5 inside pockets, which can also house additional accessory weights (sold separately). Consult with a Sensory Occupational Therapist or contact us with questions for more information.
Colors Available: Denim Blue
Fabric / Material: 100% Cotton Denim
No tags (one tear away tag) to limit sensory sensitivity increasing calmness and focus capabilities of child.
Zipper with water resistant neoprene pull that doubles as a “chewy”.

Kozie Clothes Girls Sensory Weighted Vest - Sofia For Children with Special Needs/Proprioceptive Therapy for SPD 
It is so amazing and exciting that you can receive sensory benefits from the right Clothing. The deep pressure sensory input from our weighted vests can give the child’s body what they crave.   The Deep pressure from our precious girls “Sofia” Weighted Vest often increases our Happy hormones such as serotonin and dopamine while also slowing down our involuntary functions such as heart rate, blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol. There are so many benefits of deep touch pressure such as reducing anxiety, improving attention, decreasing hyperactivity, improving body awareness, assisting with self-regulation and much more.  
There are many conditions that could benefit from deep pressure sensory input.

ZooVaa Children's Weighted Sensory Sherpa Hoodie, Soft Fleece Hooded Jacket w/Bear Ears - Compression Coat w/Removable Weights for Kids (Medium)
Unlike traditional, bulky jackets, the stylish ZooVaa child size fleece jacket Children’s Weighted Compression Sherpa Hooded Jacket by ZooVaa is light and easy to carry. Use the zipper to easily put on or remove the jacket. The plush and warm jacket exterior is made from 100 percent polyester for a comfortable and cute design. Take advantage of the elastic siding that forms to your child’s size. This compression jacket is a unique tool that allows the child to feel pressure across the torso and back, which mimics the pressure a hug.

Explorer's Weighted Vest
Calming Weight Vest with Pockets for Everything!
Be prepared for all of life’s adventures with our safari-style weighted vest for kids! Comfortable and stylish, our khaki cotton vest boasts many pockets inside and out. In addition to removable weights, stash your own chewies, fidgets and toys in the pockets (sold separately). Perfect for kids who need proprioceptive input to calm and organize. Zipper and hook-and-loop closures encourage fine motor skill development. Use the zipper to open and close the vest and the hook-and-loop closure to open and close the pockets.
Provides proprioceptive feedback to help focus and self-regulate
Supports calm and focus for kids with ADHD, autism and sensory processing disorder
Made by Fun and Function

ZooVaa Kids Compression Sensory Jacket w/Hood | Boys Weighted Jacket with Soft Microfiber Fleece Sweater for Children – Removable Weights Unlike traditional, bulky jackets, the ZooVaa child size fleece jacket is stylish and designed with a neutral grey and black exterior. The convenient zipper makes putting on or taking off the jacket easy.
Made from 100% polyester for a comfortable, yet stylish design, it has elastic siding that forms to your child’s size. The full-length zipper provides easy temperature regulation when you zip or unzip. This compression jacket is a unique tool that allows the child to feel pressure across the torso and back, simulating the pressure a hug.

Kozie Clothes Unisex Children's Denim Sensory Weighted Vest
For Children with Special Needs/Proprioceptive Therapy for SPD 
The vest comes with Three inside weights placed in our inside pockets which can also house ADDED accessory weights (sold separately). Consult with a Sensory Occupational Therapist or contact us with questions for more information.
No tags (one tear away tag) to limit sensory sensitivity increasing calmness and focus capabilities of child
Contrast placket
The inside vest is lined with a light weight cotton fabric containing 5 pockets where weights can be added transitioning the vest to a “Weighted Vest” performance garment.

ZooVaa Weighted Jacket for Kids - Children's Weighted Compression Puffer Jacket w/Hoodie and Removable Weights
The ZooVaa Children’s Puffer Jacket is warm, comfortable, and secure (with a compression fit). Its elastic siding moves with your child as they play, ensuring the compression fit is always present.
The jacket has sleek, black nylon exterior, cozy polyester interior, and an easy-to-use front zipper. Keep your child cute and cuddly with the buttoned font pockets and weighted compression. The black color is ideal for both girls and boys. The jacket is also available in small and medium sizes.

Honeycomb Weighted Vest
The Stylish Weighted Vest with Tactile Fabric
This fashion-forward weighted vest has added tactile input for sensory-seeking kids. Run your fingers over the bumps and grooves of the textured honeycomb material to organize and self-regulate. The grounding weight provides proprioceptive input to the trunk, helping to ease anxiety, improve focus and encourage calm in stressful, sensory overloaded situations. Vest has easy zipper closure and two exterior pockets for stashing chewies or fidgets. The interior is lined with pockets for removable weights.
Provides proprioceptive feedback and added tactile input to help focus and self-regulate
Supports kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder or autism
Made by Fun and Function

Therapy Shoppe Fringy Fidget™ Weighted Vests NEW!  Your favorite denim weighted vests with silky fidgeting fringe on the front side! Our exclusive new Fringy Fidget™ Weighted Vests are perfect for providing calming, organizing proprioceptive, focusing tactile input.  These one-of-a-kind sensory vests provide a discreet way to keep fidgeting fingers happily engaged while promoting focus and concentration. These premium weighted vests come in your choice of 5 different children's sizes.  Each one includes 4 weights that are interchangeable with other sizes. Unisex lining colors and patterns will vary.  *Extra weights are sold separately below. Available exclusively at therapyshoppe.com. Lovingly handmade in the USA.

Fun and Function - Red Weighted Compression Vest for Kids & Adults - Calming Weighted Vest for Kids with Sensory Issues - Compression & Kids Weighted Vest - Toddlers, Kids, Teens & Adult Sizes
Our weighted pressure sensory vest was created with your child’s needs in mind. Providing both comforting compression & soothing weight all at once, this adjustable vest is sure to help kids get the sensory input they need
Putting on this weighted vest for sensory kids feels like a cozy hug, perfect for helping kids calm down and focus in stressful situations. Try our calming vest for kids at home, at school or while traveling
These deep pressure vests for children come in multiple sizes & are adjustable with a simple hook & loop closure. Weights (totalling 2 lbs) are safely positioned in pockets inside the vest & can be added or removed as needed

DISCLAIMER: I am not an Occupational Therapist. I am an adult who has Sensory Processing Disorder, a sensory parent and a Grandma. The information on this website is not medical advice and does not replace the information that your child's therapists gives you. These are just ideas and information that I have learned myself over the years of being a parent and an adult living with SPD. If you are concerned for your child, please always seek medical attention through a family doctor, pediatrician or therapist. This website is for suggestions and informational purposes only. Each child is different and what works for one child may not for another because all children have different needs. Please always consult with a professional.

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